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Performance Art in the Ivory Tower

In Rapunzel’s remote tower of western fable, a king imprisons his daughter to keep her innocent of the world.  While she longs for society, she busies herself with solitary preoccupations.  880 more words


10 minutes

“Hey buddy, can you spare a dime?”

Would you take ten minutes of your time
stop to listen
pay attention
or would you simply shrug… 541 more words

Writing Prompts


Faceless nameless
easily lost on the breeze
for she is mute as she hoards and hides
in the reams and sheaths
of papers bound in tidewater… 109 more words

Writing Prompts

Walking, remembering, the footsteps of those that came before us

One of the cats, Leia, awoke me at the crack of dawn this morning. She didn’t know that today should be treated as a weekend day, and was up at the same time as usual, protesting about her food bowl not being filled with enough food, quickly enough. 1,297 more words


Vacation, day 1

There’s a story happening on my window sill this morning. The spider, the fruit fly and the cat who’s over the moon. With joy. To be sitting outside. 884 more words


A life arrested

There’s a theory that a person’s emotional development stops at the age at which one starts taking drugs.

Maybe this same theory can be expounded upon to include the whole of a life halted in its development due to a variety of reasons, whether family dysfunction or other external factors – arrested in a paradigm much like Bill Murray’s character’s was in Groundhog Day, manoeuvring through the same damned day until he finally gets it right, gets to move on to the next step, and the next, and so on. 704 more words


Wind: An Unstoppable Force. 

Photo from a Google.com search which lead to http://www.adriansommeling.com

Time once again to take as many of the Daily Post Prompt Words and weave them together into a literary piece of beauty. 82 more words