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The Dreaded, Wonderful Outline

First off: See that pic? That’s another copy of my book in the wild, being inhaled by a new reader! You’ve no idea how big a grin that gives me. 3,429 more words


Sound Off!

There’s been a meme knocking around the various feeds lately that sparked my interest, particularly given my morning tradition. It listed off the “top coffee drinkers”; a top-down listing of professions based on their consumption of blessed java. 1,189 more words


Fresh Perspectives

My favorite class in my Master’s program many (!) years ago was linguistics.  My happiest take home from that class is the discipline of looking closely at an author’s words or phrase or sentences and chewing over their clarity, accuracy, and beauty of expression. 674 more words

Living As Apprentices

The Xero is Patched

Gonna be a short one today. I’m on day 3 of being back on the patch to quit smoking, and the first few days always play merry hob with my work schedule. 330 more words

Real Life

Sympathy for the Devils

Hey you, sitting in your computer chair, or sitting on your couch, or perched with your fingers in a steeple atop the dark amalgam of flesh, blood, and bone from which you will enact your masterstroke that will lay this reality low. 2,730 more words


Shall we listen to a game?

Good morning, ye denizens of The Tubes. I’m up, coffee is in hand, and the most important ingredient of my writing day is already queued up in the list: music. 1,351 more words


I Should Be Writing

I should be writing.

You should be writing.

We should be writing.