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Fixed Income

Hillary redefines “living on a fixed income.”

Hillary Clinton recently described herself and Bill as “dead broke” after they left the White House, even though they were both… 299 more words


ARTICLE PREVIEW: The Lost Scriptures of Tindr: Reading Between the Lines

In addition to creating fine vittles and foodstuffs for baller-style consumption, I am also a writer, professionally, and on the personal front, habitually. Lately I’ve been fascinated by the Tindr dating fad that has emerged alongside the creeping death of traditional norms and practices of dating. 557 more words


The End of the Beginning of the End

once again the day started with a spin
twisted thoughts ever racing
confusion about the good times passing
When will the fates give me a win? 123 more words


Project 15: Whither Goest Thou

Hello, dear friends, gentle readers, and curious onlookers. It is time once again for a look under the hood of the setting I am preparing for this year’s National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) challenge. 1,272 more words


Project 15: Build an Ark

Yes, my friends, it is time for another installment in my ongoing series. For those of you just joining us, I am preparing for this year’s National Novel Writers Month challenge by sharing with you, the good readers, the world building and back story for the novel I will attempt to write in November. 1,084 more words


Flash Fiction: A New Category has Appeared!!

What do you want to do?

Fight        ->Write

Item              Run

It’s super effective!

Flash Fiction is the art of writing a complete story within as few as 100 words and in no more than 1000 words. 566 more words