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My Love and Hatred of Language

A friend recently read the new FAQ articles at Not Two, and offered this with his feedback:

“As much as you claim syntax and vernacular is a hindrance, I think you really, really LOVE language.” 1,613 more words

Waldo Noesta

To Autograph or not?

I have several friends planning to buy Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams and Unexplainable. It seems surreal that I was chosen out of thousands of submissions and published in a traditional medium. 248 more words


Finding Letters Again

I know I am certainly not the first person to dread checking the mail. I actually don’t even check it every day because there is hardly ever anything in there that I want. 968 more words

Daily Celebrations


Emotions are my weakness. They leave me feeling vulnerable and cloud my judgment. As a kid, emotion got me into trouble more than once. So, for the majority of my life, I’ve avoided emotion.  221 more words


A New Writing Venture

We all know that writing doesn’t always produce a steady stream of income. Some months you’ll fill your wallet and other months you’ll be sitting at your church’s food pantry. 175 more words


Pre-Release Jitters

25 days until Chicken Soup for the Soul: Dreams and the Unexplainable is released! I’m both excited and nervous. This is my most acclaimed writing accomplishment so far to date. 187 more words