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Vacation, day 1

There’s a story happening on my window sill this morning. The spider, the fruit fly and the cat who’s over the moon. With joy. To be sitting outside. 884 more words


A life arrested

There’s a theory that a person’s emotional development stops at the age at which one starts taking drugs.

Maybe this same theory can be expounded upon to include the whole of a life halted in its development due to a variety of reasons, whether family dysfunction or other external factors – arrested in a paradigm much like Bill Murray’s character’s was in Groundhog Day, manoeuvring through the same damned day until he finally gets it right, gets to move on to the next step, and the next, and so on. 704 more words


Wind: An Unstoppable Force. 

Photo from a Google.com search which lead to http://www.adriansommeling.com

Time once again to take as many of the Daily Post Prompt Words and weave them together into a literary piece of beauty. 82 more words

Farewell TWSO, hello world

Wow. I can’t believe that I’m at the tail end of my writing program. The year whipped by fast, and the constant production of writing has (I think, I hope) finally gotten me to a consistent writing practice and given me more confidence in my ability as a writer. 191 more words


My Someday

Sitting on the back porch, trying to catch a breather from the piles of work I have to complete, the impending deadlines screaming as loud as the high-pitched voices of my two children. 70 more words


Why You Should Hire Me

Everyone has something they’re good at. Whether you’re providing a particular product or service, starting a new business, or building a personal brand, you are selling your unique expertise to potential future clients. 635 more words

Brand Marketing

The Great Balancing Act

Happy Memorial Day, and God bless all those who have served in the American Armed Forces. May we remember with respect and gratitude all that they sacrificed for our freedoms. 1,043 more words