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New beginnings?


When roaring flames have died away

And just the chars remain

Beneath the surface embers glow

That may ignite again

So while all seems but cold and dead… 105 more words

That Day

The day I told you that you didn’t need to make me my morning coffee, which, at your insistence, you’d made every single morning and left by the bedside with a kiss before you left ever earlier for work, that day I knew something changed. 23 more words

Recipe Fail: Cauliflower Gnocchi

I had scoured Pinterest for a cauliflower-only recipe for gnocchi and couldn’t find any that were only cauliflower, or looked relatively easy, and only using ingredients I already had. 342 more words

Low Carb

hi and stuff

Hello and welcome to my blog! Here, I will be tracking, preparing, and critiquing the food I make for my two kids and diabetic husband. Three different types of eaters, one tight budget, one cook in the kitchen…. 24 more words

Wordy Stuff


The 70th anniversary of VE Day was yesterday. This was somewhat overshadowed by election results but there have been many reminders and it prompted me to ponder awhile on the sacrifices made all those years ago. 289 more words

It's been a while..

Been a bit preoccupied recently and realised I’d been a bit quiet here for a while, so just to prove I’m still here I thought I’d share a memory that just came back to me. 376 more words