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Hey There...

….Loyal followers, sorry I’ve been absent for so long, there’s been so much going in my life – and not much of it good – that I’ve been somewhat neglectful of my blog. 979 more words

Cooking hiatus

So yeah, I haven’t been cooking much lately. Had some issues with my teeth and ended up needing my wisdom teeth removed. I had to consume only liquids for like 2 weeks, and between being in so much pain and then being on painkillers, I don’t remember much, but I’m pretty sure the kids were still being fed. 44 more words


So without sounding completely pretentious, allow me to explain my “health journey” or whatever. Whoops, already sounding like an arse. It’s not that trying to eat healthy is a bad thing, I guess it’s just that trying to eat healthy as a 15 year old girl can be seen as superficial. 812 more words

Wordy Stuff

A big, fat, hefty update...

So yea, stuff happened. Oh shoot, wait, there’s laundry. Hang on a minute.

Ok so, where was I at? Oh yes, life. So we had to move out of state, and then once we were movedĀ I had to get everyone adjusted and all that. 450 more words

New beginnings?


When roaring flames have died away

And just the chars remain

Beneath the surface embers glow

That may ignite again

So while all seems but cold and dead… 105 more words

That Day

The day I told you that you didn’t need to make me my morning coffee, which, at your insistence, you’d made every single morning and left by the bedside with a kiss before you left ever earlier for work, that day I knew something changed. 23 more words