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Wordy Wednesday

I found this gorgeous quote on Magnolia Market.  Of course Joanna Gaines would have made it into a fabulous piece of art.  Of course.  Sheer perfection :) 9 more words


Wordy Wednesday: Nauseous

When most people use the word “nauseous” these days, they are referring to a feeling. For example, “that smell is making me nauseous.” Technically, though, “nauseous” ought to refer to the smell in that sentence, not the feeling you’re getting from it. 156 more words

Wordy Wednesday

Wordy Wednesday: Augur vs. Auger

Neither of these words gets used much, so most people don’t know the difference. However, I think that they’re both cool words and would like to see them used more, so here we go! 54 more words

Wordy Wednesday

New Routines...

Okay, so clearly, by my blog posting schedule, my routines have gotten all sorts of out of wack. June is always a wonky month because it is the transition between school routine and Summer vacation. 288 more words

Wordy Wednesday


Who knew

That falling in love could be

So easy

As if yesterday was today

And all days in between

And as easy as sneezing, 90 more words

Wordy Wednesday

Wordy Wednesday

Good morning friends!  I am getting ready to head to the airport with my husband and small pup, Riley for a family reunion (my husband’s side) in Georgia at my in-laws lake house!   690 more words

Wordy Wednesday: The Most Memorable Books Every Person Should Read (Part 1)

Sometimes you read a book because you have to. Sometimes you read it and you hate it; but sometimes you read it & the words write themselves on your  mind and heart. 881 more words