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Wordy Wednesday: Affect vs. Effect

Affect/effect – this is a pretty easy mistake to make considering how similar these two words look and sound, but hopefully this will help you remember the difference: 179 more words


Wordy Wednesday: Emigrate vs. Immigrate

Emigrate: to leave a country or region to live elsewhere

Immigrate: to come to a country to live there

Source: Merriam-Webster

These two words are frequently confused for each other, and it’s easy to see why. 74 more words


Wordy Wednesday: Caregiver vs. Caretaker

If you were not a native English speaker and heard these two words for the first time, you might think they were opposites. You probably already know what they mean, though, and that their meanings are similar. 92 more words


Wordy Wednesday: Me, Myself and I

It can be confusing to remember which pronoun to use when referring to oneself. Hopefully, this will clear up some of that confusion.

The rules: 163 more words


Thoughts & Prayers

I extend my thoughts & prayers.
May they shield you from the inevitable bullets unleashed
by money’s stubborn stronghold
on the souls of our politicians. 234 more words


Wordy Wednesday: Continuously vs. Continually

While continuous and continual both come from the root word continue, they actually have completely different meanings: continuous means ongoing or never ending, whereas continual… 285 more words

Wordy Wednesday

Wordy Wednesday

I found this gorgeous quote on Magnolia Market.  Of course Joanna Gaines would have made it into a fabulous piece of art.  Of course.  Sheer perfection :) 9 more words