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10 Resolutions/Goals

Yay! Here’s the first prompt that I promised to write in my last post.

“Write a list of ten resolutions you have for yourself right now.” 636 more words


Oh yeah

Now the summer work pays off. My partner has been on vacation and child leave during the summer and the income isn’t the best this month. 126 more words


The power of ice cream

A newer declined New Yorker cartoon. The next few you’ll see I am still learning how to use the Monoprice Drawing Tablet–as evidenced by the pixilation. 29 more words


Five Reasons to Love Baton Rouge

The people.  They are hard working.  They make silly pics and post to Facebook all the time to reach out to others.  They like good food and lots of it. 475 more words


Working week

Employer tried to get me to work more, but I cannot. I have no free days for a week and add some days. I am working. 69 more words


week of welcome, or someone get me another coffee

It’s midway through the first week of classes and I am feeling burned out. The amount of energy required to be upbeat, friendly, and constantly available makes my little introvert heart feel like curling up in bed for a week. 125 more words


I’m into my second week with Sigma, and on Monday they published a blog post with the news. I wrote the bio (the middle part), and they wrote the first and last bits. 56 more words