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Slow climb.

I’ve been writing about my penchant for procrastination for YEARS (see here and here for examples) but today, while I was (only a little) procrastinating, I came across the video below from Tim Urban (because who can pass up a TED talk?). 489 more words


Meetings Everywhere

My role at work is always evolving – and part of that is a re-evaluation of the balance between frontline and admin work, and involvement in more strategic working groups. 69 more words

Idle Musings

April A-to-Z Challenge 2018

*dusts off keyboard*

*blinks at screen*

*remembers log in information*

I made it here!

Yes, after a long hiatus (again) I am back. Hopefully with the thing I need to return to the world of blogging. 274 more words

Blog Series

#life #hustle and etc..

I am quoting a well known person here in the Philippines, because I believe that what he said is to be true.

There are good inspiring leaders; there are weak and poor managers.

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too long; didn't write

Today was a blasted nightmare hellscape of a day, and when I got home my wife still managed to one-up me within less than a minute of me walking in the door.   472 more words


Returning to work after maternity

I was working at a senior level when I was pregnant with Wriggler. The pregnancy was actually straight forward and uncomplicated (bar a chorionic hematoma… 418 more words