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It's About That Time.

“Bus is coming, it’s time to leave
the summer’s gone, and so are we…”
“Let’s go shut it down in New Orleans…”
“Miami” – Counting Crows… 405 more words


Going down in stress-levels

I have a hard time coming down in stress-levels after working evening. I have a hard time relaxing, getting tired and going to sleep. I surely need that, I have a really early morgning tomorrow. 98 more words



I have worked yesterday. I don’t think one person liked me very much there. I don’t think that person was friendly, or polite. I didn’t like that person. 214 more words


this and that

Watching last night’s DNC speeches last night left me moved, in tears and so fired UP. I am totally with HRC. Because we cannot afford to have that….thing in the WH. 323 more words


Flexibility is NICE

I don’t mean the bendy kinds. I wouldn’t know what those were if they walked up and punched me in the face.

No, I mean the sort which allow you to do what you need to when you need to do it. 401 more words


Sexism on Ice: A Female Dog Musher’s Memoir

When I returned to DC after six months abroad, people didn’t seem able to understand the difficulties of living in a different culture. As a Jew in Israel, the culture shock doesn’t seem so big. 1,302 more words



Over the next couple of weeks I am going to be working very hard to finish up the Pages Section of Wyrdwend (found in the section right below the… 200 more words