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The illusion of control

I am, it must be said, a terrible control freak. Or, if you take the positive view, I am a truly excellent control freak. I am very, very good at it. 654 more words


Working Toward Retirement Ending

The sun will set today.

Children went without food and water.

Wars are being fought all over the world.

Women and men are competing for the U.S. 316 more words

A Letter Never Sent

Very recently, I embarked on what I considered to be a great job opportunity doing something I love. It was mostly rainbows and unicorns, with just a few gargoyles thrown in, but generally speaking, I did my job with professionalism, safety, courtesy and respect for my manager, her clients and her business. 1,142 more words

Say It Like It Is


Sometimes the biggest challenge isn’t being going at your job – it is standing out. Sometimes people feel like their achievements aren’t being acknowledged at work, which can be very frustrating. 260 more words


The perfect job isn't real!

I know everyone has their own idea about what would make the perfect job. I’m also aware that such a job doesn’t exist. But is it to much to ask to want a job that meets most of the criteria in your mind? 333 more words


the bmw doesn't think to signal ~ a poem

the bmw doesn’t think to signal as he
cuts me off on the way to work.

the clouds hang heavy through the windshield,
dense and unspooled, offering little comfort. 79 more words