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I said no to two employers. I also said no thank you to an interview. I have my assignment for autumn set up. It felt good being there, at that place, so I am hoping my gut feeling is right. 122 more words


Mr. Slowstacks and Mr. Faststacks

My daughter decided to name these guys. This pen is running low on ink and it’s a bit messed-up plus the paper is rubbish, but I actually like the scruffy quality it gives the drawing!



has pretty much swamped me thus far it’s a continuous cycle of a respite for a 2 days followed by an intense 3 days. Quite possibly because all our weekly deadlines are on Friday so we don’t feel the rush till Wednesday haha. 269 more words


In which I will not sell to you

I have decided something, as of yesterday.  I am no longer going to be selling furniture to anyone I know in the real world.  I will continue to recommend that people who know me in my Clark Kent guise come into my store if they need to buy stuff, but I’m not going to be your salesman.   476 more words



I like to keep flowers on my desk at work. I buy them when I go to get groceries. Today, HEB had maroon peonies. Never let it be said that an Aggie turned down something in maroon. 46 more words

Texas A&M


I had an aha moment this week while sitting in the wardrobe trailer, in the middle of the night, shopping for expensive sneakers online… The more hours per week I work and the more money I make, the more I spend and look for distraction and satisfaction in things and stuff. 358 more words

As close to immortality as I can hope for

I will live on in
The ideas implanted
Inside those i taught