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The story of tattoo #2

Since yesterday was the 6 year anniversary of getting my first tattoo I decided it was finally time to share the story of tattoo number 2. 954 more words


Work Day Rants: Don't say good morning to Julie!

People love to send me random text about their everyday work annoyances. This morning Julie decided to vent to me about all the greetings she receives. 74 more words



My shift was almost over when the damn phone rang. Again. It was Big D from Dr. Urologist’s office. This is our conversation. For your benefit I put all translations in italics and bold print (just to make it dramatic.) 286 more words



Friday is here at last. Last shift of the week, last shift before my holiday, last early get up (hopefully for a while). Looking forward to lie ins and quality time with my duvet! 99 more words


A day in the life...

What is a virtual assistant? You work from home, that must be bliss! How lucky to have the kids home? Will you ever get a “real” job?  737 more words


Duct Taped To A Chair

I have a nemesis. She’s actually the office nemesis because she’s crazy. I have dubbed her Crazy Nurse. Not to be confused with the same brand as crazy as me. 447 more words


Another day another dollar

I know I know I really should get on a schedule with my blogging, but with the way my life goes I wouldn’t want to bore you. 362 more words

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