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Mastering Conflict Management at the Workplace

Conflict is a situation where people have contrasting feelings, needs, perceptions, and interests. It often occurs when people feel they are losing something they value. This could be anything from material to immaterial possessions, such as ideals, standards, aspirations, reputation, status or self-esteem. 645 more words


Making your Career Halal - Challenges I've Faced

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A quick look at my background:

A few years ago, I journeyed through a life changing experience which prompted me to question my religious beliefs. 862 more words



It’s becoming common knowledge and we all talk about the Apple/Google/Facebook workplace environment. A philosophy to follow in order to be successful and attract talents. I wonder though if companies nowadays feel threaten by the speed of change and how this philosophy is becoming more and more real. 331 more words

Matt Mullenweg

If you want to know about some of the newest and coolest things out there that the internet has to offer, learn about great start-up companies, or just read some awesome thoughts and ideas about life in general, check out this guy’s… 16 more words

People Management

Work Culture - “Differences” or “Different”? Key to embrace the new culture in your new job and evade cultural shock

Do you remember what you went through while graduating from middle school to high school, then later into college or even moving cities? The start of something new – the thought of making new friends, figuring out the new norms, finding a new group to connect with. 1,162 more words

And skin.

It’s fucking BULLSHIT in a word
in a colored capsule
sucking life force in gushes from your veiny neck
to sit erect becomes heroic
known as stoic you gloat it… 66 more words


Samsung to reform authoritarian culture to act like startup

SEOUL, South Korea : Samsung Electronics, the world’s largest maker of phones, memory chips and television sets, plans to revamp its authoritarian, top-down corporate culture to become more like a lean startup as it copes with sluggish demand and growing competition. 219 more words