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What a day !!!

Today, 1st Sept 2015, I have completed 10 years in my organisation. Quite an eventful journey it has been. From a fresh college past out to a senior consultant in my field, has been a phenomenal growth.  744 more words


3 Reasons to ‘Ask vs. Tell’ when Coaching Employees

Posted by Ross Duff

This is the second blog of our Workplace Culture series, a follow-up to a July 15 post, 5 Ways to Achieve Intentional Culture. 618 more words


Ashley Madison hack shatters any illusions of tech privacy at work

The Ashley Madison hackers on Tuesday revealed that thousands of users of the infidelity dating site apparently signed up to cheat on their spouse with their work-related email address, striking evidence that many people are hanging on to the completely misguided notion that their use of workplace tech is private. 679 more words


The Jungle Book: The Scary Amazon Edition

It’s a known fact that there are terrible things on Amazon. If you click too far, you’ll end up in the depraved world of people’s twisted minds. 434 more words


Amazon vs New York Times - A Different Look On The Battle

This whole week has been nothing but constant chatter, buzz, and posts regarding a heated battle between Amazon and The New York Times. The battle started due to a post by NYT over the weekend, regarding Amazon’s ‘bruising workplace’ for its employees. 604 more words


Awesome Day!!!

I’m just so happy at work, and that’s not something I am used to. I mean, just really happy. I had to go to the dentist this morning, but the good news is that I only had a small cavity, so he doesn’t need to go poke around and find more that might be lurking. 636 more words

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