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Addicted to work

It might sound rather counterintuitive, but work addiction is a real thing. At least in my industry, not being able to balance between work and life is the new normal. 590 more words

What Does It Mean To Be An Ally?

By Charleen Sculley and Marla Berggoetz

Together….making health and well being a reality!

           As we strive to live our mission and values on a day-to-day basis, it is important to reflect on our successes and identify areas for growth. 769 more words

Aspire Indiana

The Arithmocracy

The last time I looked, I could add. But I know that I can’t

possibly add up all the numbers in the world today, this day, 471 more words


The Field Study Handbook

The Field Study Handbook by Jan Chipchase is for anyone who has traveled and felt missed opportunities. Conversations that fell short of their potential. Questions left unanswered. 212 more words

Future Of Work

Meetings & Complaining

My workplace, like any other mediocre government department, thrives on two things: pointless meetings and endless complaining. It all starts with a complaint that we don’t have enough meetings. 583 more words

The Problem with Machines? They Aren't Human Enough

Humans are full of conscious and unconscious biases. For example, a 2012 study in Quebec showed that in considering equally qualified and skilled candidates, those with last names like Ben Saïd were 35 per cent less likely to be called back for an interview than those with last names like Bélanger. 86 more words

Future Of Work

Linking Distributed Data for a Human-Friendly Web

At the Linked Data-driven company of the near future:

1. You will find it curiously difficult to distinguish between “traditional” data workers (analysts, data scientists, etc.) and those in other functional areas who, at other companies, are less reliant on data. 211 more words

Future Of Work