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We Are Here.

Notes from the field. June, 2017.

On a recent summer Tuesday afternoon, I was on a walk with Dana, Artistic Associate of the Institute of Collaboration and Play ( 2,005 more words


Silicon Valley is suffering from an Icarus complex

Daedalus, one of the great innovators of Greek Antiquity, is most famous for creating the labyrinth that contained the Taurus of Minos, the Minotaur. But after betraying King Minos, he was himself imprisoned within its walls. 717 more words

The team-building rituals that companies love can actually tear workers apart

If you’ve ever lost a glove somewhere on the streets of New York City, there’s a chance it’s found an unusual second life at the New York headquarters of OXO—the global housewares manufacturer. 949 more words

Dear Mr. Tharoor, You’re Mistaken If You Think Indian ‘Professionals’ Can Help Politics


Dear Mr. Tharoor,

Like many others, I am in awe of you, especially your intellect and verbal acumen. This is a humble attempt to respond to your recent “openings” pitch for the… 850 more words

Moments with Lizel

Have you ever met someone whom you could totally NOT imagine yourself being good friends with. Fast forward nearly 3 years later . Well that is pretty much the start of how I met Momentswithr&l.

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Scribbles From My Journal

A Yellow Day

On 5 September 2017, two groups of exhausted, overworked, and digruntled managers sat in two different rooms of a 5-star luxury hotel in Delhi. They were participating, or rather, trying to participate, in a new product launch training session of a well-known car brand in India. 215 more words

Surviving Trump Sh*t-Storms w/ Radical Self-Care

Happy Almost Fall Tribe,

For many of us Fall is back to school time, whether you are a student, parent or a faculty/ staff member at a school or university. 690 more words

Work-life Balance