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The Secret Ingredient to Winning as a Heckyl-ite

Heckyl closed the year 2014-15 with a very special event which has happened for the first time in its history. Heckyl has presented (four) 4 of its long-term team members with a sedan /high end hatchback each, on May 22nd, 2015. 530 more words


What Do You Believe?

From prominent business leaders, to politicians, to sportsmen, everyone has an opinion about the ideal way of succeeding in life.  Everyday we get to see articles, blogs, and interviews where successful people from all walks of life share, what they consider, “Pearls of Wisdom”. 771 more words


Increasing number of working days for public and private sector employees.

If the Indian Partyfor Development and Democracy were in power, the government would restore the old system wherein government employees, employees of banks, factories etc. worked for 6 days in a week, but for shorter periods i.e. 184 more words

PCI:  A Complete Makeover Energizes our Best in Texas Culture

Look around – all is new and improved.  Walls coming down, custom graphics going up, new furniture, lighting, paint, kitchens, and flooring.  There isn’t one part of PCI’s incredible 11th floor digs that hasn’t received a new look and feel.  58 more words


Difficult work lessons learnt...

Well, last week at work really sucked! All my life I have worked at places where certain things were valued. Yes, they were not all perfect but they were places where I felt all had a voice that was valued (yes even the not so bright voices!) and I respected that. 1,149 more words

Discover the benefits of being good to yourself!

Camp Samurai: Discover the benefits of being good to yourself!  “Change:  Like the samurai warrior, our motto is ‘Act Fearlessly.'”  This is one of our “notthebigcompany” values put into action every day as PCI associates get, and stay, healthy.  136 more words


Six: Korean Beauty, My Confusion

Korean beauty has been a hot topic in Western media these days, especially plastic surgery and cosmetics for both men and women.

My experience working at a Korean company, and especially going through an intensive, three-month-long new employee training program, gave me a close-up view of certain beauty standards and habits, and ultimately left me with more questions than answers. 549 more words