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Get People to Listen to You, Actually: The Elaboration Likelihood Model Explained

Suddenly it dawns upon you: I’ve lost them.  Eyes glaze over, thoughts wander elsewhere, and sly glances sneak to the clock behind you: characteristics of an audience lost in that critical meeting about your project.   823 more words


What To Do When You've Taken The Wrong Job

There’s a real leap of faith when one joins a new company. Excitement, nervousness, anxiety and uncertainty – how many new employees describe their first week on the new job. 606 more words


3 Red Flags Every Young Professional Needs to Know to Spot Bullshit in the Workplace

Not long ago many of us were spewing it all over college term papers and presentations just to make the required word count.  Now on the job, bullshit has a nasty way of slowing a potentially productive workday to a grinding halt.   628 more words


Finding Balance in a Work Obsessed Culture

“The body knows the truth. The truth is there is a healthier, more sustainable way to live that everyone has access to.”

Feeling a powerful pull to go inward, I take a break.

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My Husband's Boss

My husband has been working for the consulting practice of a Big-4 firm since 2011. He first came in contact with his current boss, JD*, in 2013 while attempting to transfer from the US practice to Canada. 809 more words



At the congregation down the street, they’re doing things the way they’ve done them for the last few hundred years. Every week, people come, attracted by familiarity, by the family and friends around them, part of a tribe. 182 more words


Company culture

A group of people following certain practices at a particular place is called culture. If you understand this concept clearly you can build a desired culture in your company. 321 more words