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What's Important to You? Understanding Work Values

What is important to you? What gives you a jolt of motivation to dive into a work task or embrace a new role or career path? 580 more words

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The Office Training

Last week, I was facilitating a training session for our customer service team. I am an operations guy though. The training was around Etiquettes. Very basic stuff, in fact so basic that most of us do not even realize the things which were covered and discussed. 604 more words

Relax and Chill the F out with the Unnecessary Stress

This year,  I have started to live by one simple rule. I do things when (and if)  I want to do them.  I give so much credit to my girlfriend Claudia for helping me to recognize the level of stress and unobtainable expectations I put on myself was causing health problem in me that eventually was going to kill me. 484 more words


Setting Boundaries in Your Work Relationships

For many of us our Monday through Friday life requires us to spend more waking hours with our co-workers than with our families. If the right boundaries are not put in place you may find your evening hours are filled with work as well, and see it affecting your family and/or quality of life. 588 more words

Don’t Bite an Apple at Work

Everybody knows and follows general work ethics such as being present at work, doing tasks assigned to you, attending meetings, etc. Apart from these typical office routines, there are some behaviors that are not discussed but should be avoided if you don’t want to distract colleagues. 638 more words

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The Truth about Cybersecurity & Diversity

Diversity is the missing key in the cybersecurity field.

Over 209,000 cybersecurity jobs are open in the U.S, according to the Peninsula Press’ analysis of numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 161 more words


Whatever you do, do it for glory

I am about to get a bit biblical on you. If this were church I would say do it for the glory of God.

380 more words