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Some Hiring Tips

If you find yourself in a work culture where low morale and negative mindset are the norm, you might need to re-think your hiring paradigm.  (If you aren’t yet in a position to hire anyone, go ahead and read this.  594 more words

How to have a good day at work

The average working adult spends over 90000 hours at work over a lifetime (Source: Happiness at Work, Psychology Today). If you relate that number to your adult working life, it’s a huge chunk of your time spent awake. 1,088 more words


Bi Polar roller coaster

Bi- polar is a rollercoaster, it’s like flying.  I would often write a presentation when on a “high” and knew it would really take a courageous presentation style, something very risky. 82 more words


Scars that don't heal...

At the age of 10 I was hit with a closed fist to the face. I can still feel that punch in my face today. I was struck in the left eye. 114 more words


What are you afraid of ?

Are people in the work place “afraid” of depression? Does it land too close to their own frailty to which they dare not admit? There is little upside being human in many work places. 56 more words


A will at 10 years of age

What 10 year old writes a will? Simple. One who doesn’t like living. I thought if that was the first 10 years of life, then I don’t want another 10 years, it seemed like a life sentence. 97 more words


" ; to be continued"

Hello world,

This is my first blog and it comes before I launch my first book on my life, as I have lived and struggled with the conditions of depression and bi-polar for decades . 148 more words