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Efficient Staff Management Is the Key to Success: Here's How | Guest Post

“Take Care of Your Employees and They’ll Take Care of Your Business.”

This impactful statement by the founder of Virgin Group truly highlights the importance of employee empowerment.

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Hi everybody. What’s new with you guys? It’ s been awhile right? For me, so far so good. I have acquired new extracurricular activity which generate passive income for me. 543 more words


Day 107: Under my desk

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

I’ve become one of those people who has multiple pairs of shoes at work.

Given that one pair is clearly for work and the other looks like a Nerf gun, I think it’s a sign that I’m both vain and old.

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The Home Maintenance of Working-Class Identity After Deindustrialization

Five years in a St. Florian foundry, they call it Industrial Park

Then hospital maintenance and tech school just to memorize Frigidaire parts

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Pearls of wisdom from an 👼 Angel!

Maintaining a work-life balance is very crucial and yet so tough in today’s world. Work pressure many a time, take a toll on our lives, impacting our health & our family as we continue giving precedence to work; perchance, it could be the sole means to make our living!’ 2,206 more words

Camp Assiniboia and the MBTI!

Thank you Camp Assiniboia!

I had the priviledge of spending a day with the camp leadership team as they learned more about themselves and how they get along. 552 more words


Hire the Candidate Who Has the Required Company Culture

Company culture is something that describes the company in the best way. It shows the qualities of an organization, and the candidates are always supposed to follow that culture. 228 more words

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