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I found an interesting coincidence when I clicked on the American Catholic website this morning, looking for anything unique about Martha, the sainted sister of Lazarus and Mary whose feast we celebrate today. 286 more words

Going it Alone

I think too often in our society – especially in the United States – we place an inordinate amount of emphasis on individual achievement. It is by our own merit that we succeed or fail, so the story goes, and if someone has succeeded or failed, it must be due to something they did. 3,460 more words


Diverse physicist list - the posters

For the last week before summer, I gave year 12 the task of researching a physicist from a list I provided and making an informative poster with the information they found. 329 more words


Why Every Woman Should Be Her Own Hero

Young women today need to know only this, you have your destiny at your hands, be your own white knight go be the person you want to be, the only person truly stopping yourself is you. 196 more words

Hard Work


Whenever someone tells me how much they appreciate my organizational skills, my work ethic, my attention to detail, or my work ethic in general, I have to tell them they have my husband to thank for that and I tell the story of Haphazard Half-ass Sally. 844 more words


Somebody Needs A Copy of The Old Money Book

Josh Smith Discusses His Upcoming Struggle To Survive On $6.9 Million


Justin Block Sports Editorial Fellow, The Huffington Post

Posted: 07/24/2015 | Edited: 1 hour ago… 270 more words

Are MBA's worth it?

I have spent the last two years of my life completing my Masters in Business with an Emphasis in Strategic Human Resource Management. I spent on average around 15 hours a week studying, writing essays and completing exams. 310 more words