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Balancing Act

Look at me, I’m overthinking again. What’s new?

I’ve had several weekends in a row where I’ve been on the go and traveling, which have been very exciting and fun. 937 more words

Random Tidbits

Figure Out Your Own Work Ethic

I’m proud to be part of Generation X. We’re typically defined as individualistic, self-reliant, and entrepreneurial. We’re goal-oriented, philanthropic. We’re gritty. We’re skeptical and resourceful. We say we value work-life balance, but we work our butts off. 365 more words


October 20th, 2o16

My thesis statement for my research paper is “Absenteeism is preventing employees and students from efficiently and productively accomplishing their task in both the workplace and in schools.” I plan on doing both some level of an observation and survey. 159 more words

Farm Work Ethic, Productivity, and the Power of the List

Growing up on a farm teaches the most powerful work ethics. There is no way you can be a successful farmer and not be a hard worker. 1,303 more words


Old Money: In Their Own Words

The thing that we always remember, and are often reminded of, is that we’ve had every advantage: solid family environment, access to healthcare and education, travel, a support system of teachers, friends, and a social network, all contributing to a pretty constructive childhood and adolescence. 307 more words

14. Five strengths

Day 14: Describe 5 strengths you have.

1. I am extremely self-disciplined.

I used to get frustrated when others around me would exhibit a total lack of self-control by eating or drinking too much, spending money that they don’t have, or by saying things that they shouldn’t have said. 608 more words


The Land of "Close Enough"

By James Palmer


In our apartment in central Beijing, we fight a daily rearguard action against entropy. The mirror on my wardrobe came off its hinges six months ago and is now propped up against the wall, one of many furnishing casualties. 530 more words