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What Changed My Life

What changed my life?  How was my soul saved?  When did Christianity start to click? Here’s my story:  I wasn’t on drugs, broke, and homeless.  I didn’t stumble into an AA meeting.  1,381 more words

Food For Thought

Time to Make the Donuts

This morning, I read the following Facebook post from a friend.  I had to share it with you (after asking their permission, of course)!!

Wendy’s post… 194 more words


"Wait until they have to get up early for a real job; then they will by in shock by the real world."

So my son started his first day of school. His first experience of agendas, exams, deadlines, and a structured class. He has been unschooled for grades 1-12 and taught himself various high school classes through online and self-directed in preparation for a career in STEM. 261 more words


Get back to writing, you!

This post is approximately 550 words. Most of them from more than a year ago.

Not a week passes where I don’t see a meme or social post chastising writers who aren’t writing. 541 more words

Writing Process

Work quotes

And the greatest political alignment chart you ever did see.

Fucking flawless.

There are no straight people in politics and I can track the sexuality of everyone I know based on this, even the ones who aren’t out yet.

The Truth About Natural Talent

I’ve always seen people growing up, who it seemed like everything would just easily fall into place for. Everything was easy: making friends, being athletic, artistic, intelligent. 514 more words