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The Motivation Myth

Have you ever excused yourself from working toward your goals because you were lacking motivation? Have you ever lamented that you couldn’t find the motivation to do something? 692 more words

I like my pretend job, turning up half-drunk and gossiping all day.

From:   'J'
Date:    08 March 2002 02:55AM
To:     'S'
Subject: Beer and Champagne.  Goddammit.

Hey Sis. Long time no type. Now type only pidgin. What are you up to?    258 more words


Work: Motivation for the World, One Person at a Time

Work… an excerpt from the soon to be released book:

Motivation for the World, One Word at a Time by Gary A. McAbee

Unfortunately, this is one of the hardest chapters in the book to deliver and understand. 727 more words

Network Marketing: An Effective Business Model

Following is an essay I wrote for Composition 2. Which is why I’ve been so quiet for the past 2 months. I’m in school through Kaplan University studying Nutrition Science. 1,252 more words


Success: A Plan Plus Determination

Success rarely comes to those who sit and wait. It almost always happens to those who earn it. Over my life I have met many a young man, from a poverty community, who erroneously thought that success was a matter of a lucky break. 97 more words

At Risk Youth

Jared and Ivanka Played as Trumpcare Burned

Acting like the spoiled rich kids they are, Jared and Ivanka were off on a ski trip costing taxpayers millions of dollars, while the first important bill proposed by Double Dealing Donnie was rejected by his own party. 168 more words