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Never Limit Yourself

Never Limit Yourself

Never limit yourself. It’s the worst thing you can do to yourself. It’s the worst thing you can do for your business. When you limit yourself, you are being negative. 238 more words


Like a Boss

Today’s topic: Describe your work ethic. 

Whenever I’ve been hired to do a job, I’ve always given it my best. I’m the sort who believes it’s good to get to the office a bit early, and to stay a bit late, if necessary. 777 more words


The Work Ethic Of Bill Duke - Good Is Not Good Enough, Director of CREATED EQUAL

The Work Ethic Of Bill Duke (Director of CREATED EQUAL)  – Good Is Not Good Enough via FilmCourage.com

Film Courage: When you see people working harder than you, what does that do for you? 261 more words


Inci-dental findings

I have found 2 phenomenal dental things recently even though I wasn’t really looking:

Tepe easy picks

They’re basically like floss, only you can dip them into mouthwash, they don’t hurt and they clean really well. 548 more words


“I Want To...”

“Would you rather fail because you cut corners to get to the finish line or succeed by running past the finish line?” — Deryle A. Daniels, Jr. 311 more words

You Can Do It

Honesty is the Best Policy

There has been something that has been weighing on my mind for many years. It all stems from the time someone close to me was very very sick. 223 more words


Be More Than A Rider

   How many times have you been on the trail or in the warm-up arena and heard someone say “My horse isn’t paying attention to me!”?  A lot of people can get on a horse  and kick it to go then pull it to stop. 426 more words