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Blogging takes away from writing time?

This post is about 350 words.

You want to be a writer. You think you’ve got a brilliant author inside you, struggling to break free. The only way you’re going to become that person is devote all possible time to that endeavor, right? 344 more words

Writing Process

The Truth About Dreams

I realized something about dreams…

It doesn’t matter how much you want your dream to come true, there is a 50/50 chance it may or may not come true.  405 more words

How Did you learn work etiquette ???

I can recall in high school and in college the classes, as well as counselors instructing me on how to conduct myself at work. How to use certain etiquette, decorum and the respect that should be shown at work no matter who I work with. 150 more words


Lessons from the Greatest Generation to the Millennial Generation: What a 90-year-old Woman Taught Me in One Afternoon

This crazy world spins around at such a fast pace, it’s amazing what slowing down can do for your soul. It’s also surprising what two women, generations apart can learn from each other if they take the time. 1,467 more words

How to be Relentless: 3 Steps to Laser Focused, Fast Implementation, All the Time (Read Time: 6 min.)

Ever wiffle-waffle on a major life decision?

I have… on quite a few things.

And one area where I do the least wiffle-waffling is my business. 727 more words

On Millennials and Maslow

Let’s just get this out of the way – I’m a lazy, entitled #millennial, and I’m everything wrong with this generation. Here’s why that’s not so bad. 894 more words


The Rainbow Ends At the Pot Of Gold...

After 14 years living, working, and growing up under the magnificent Nebraska sky I learned a lot from the people who were kind enough to share it with me. 1,169 more words