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The Unique American Experience

It is amazing to consider how many people born in this country, as US citizens, have never assimilated into the American culture and embraced the ideals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

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Lose These Lousy Work Habits... Culture Fit Crucial for New-Hires... Four Job Applicant Must-Haves

Lose These Lousy Work Habits

Everyone has bad habits, but some can stifle career growth. Prudent employees will make sure to eliminate the following negative workplace behaviors: 527 more words

1. The Scoop

Trump Must be Barred from Mar-a-Lago

Would you like to have the ability to fly to a luxury resort every weekend at taxpayer expense. If you could spend at least three-million dollars living the life of a king or an Arabic Sheikh, and your own finances would never be affected; would you? 454 more words

Why I'm going to be insanely selfish this year 

‘Successful women are selfish’


No, this isn’t an exam don’t worry. I don’t really like that quotation, or my title to be fair. They both contain implications that we as females are selfish on superficial levels, when in fact, I am only referring to on a professional and careerial level. 528 more words


Everyone has a Story, Sell it !

Being raised on the east coast was a blessing and I loved my childhood but to say i was an entrepreneur would be a far far stretch. 160 more words


Weekend Postcard #12

For 40+ Saturdays, I shared the humorous fictional letters from my book More Later, Lyle’s Letters from the University. Now on Saturdays I’m sharing an inspirational quote.


The Relationship Between Preparation and Performance

I am blessed with the opportunity to work with hundreds of athletes, teams, and organizations, ranging from young boys and girls to elite professional athletes. 366 more words