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Work and play...

Read Ecclesiastes 5

Focus on verse 12

My parents taught me that work comes before play. This is not a bad work ethic as it keeps one from frittering away the hours when there is work to be done. 427 more words

Daily Devotional

1,209 Pinecones

Today was Yard Cleanup day in the Dad Up household. We live in Georgia, and our yard is surrounded by the ubiquitous Longleaf Pine trees. I usually rake up the pine cones before I mow, but today I decided to teach a life lesson on work ethic and have my boys pick them up. 348 more words

Are Nigerians lazy?

Now before I get accused of being racist I must state two important facts:

  1. I am Nigerian (and British)
  2. I read an article this morning with the headline: …
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Eno Alfred

Dedication to Lewis Reed

I called him “Pop”

Today marks my grandfather’s birthday. Lewis Reed was born in Darnestown, Maryland on November 25, 1887 and was the founder of Reed Brothers Dodge. 913 more words

Lewis Reed

Worth Working For

Quote of the Day:

“I realized early that anything I really wanted was worth working for.” – Andrea Navedo

Live below your means for a richer life.

Living Below Your Means

The 6 Killer Apps of Prosperity: Competition, Scientific Revolution, Property Rights, Modern Medicine, Consumer Society, Work Ethic -- Videos

Niall Ferguson: The 6 killer apps of prosperity

Over the past few centuries, Western cultures have been very good at creating general prosperity for themselves. Historian Niall Ferguson asks: Why the West, and less so the rest? 48 more words