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The Secret Skill That Beats All the Rest

From the Praxis blog

I’m going to tell you a secret. There is a skill you can master which will guarantee everything you do will improve by at least 50%, but probably more like 100%, and more over time. 363 more words


Have An Agenda

Having an agenda is usually not described as a good thing.

Agendas are self focused, they’re what we would most likely desire to happen to us. 318 more words


Knowing You're Too Good For Your Job, and Why That's Okay

*Warning* This is going to be one of those rare times where I’m going to be SUPER preachy and cheesy. This has been rolling around in my head and needed to get it out. 517 more words

The Normal State

Currently my Chick-fil-A is under remodel, so until that’s complete I’m not working.

I am taking two summer classes, but as these don’t have much homework, they don’t keep me very busy. 153 more words


Semaine no. 2: Tension and Transition

Week number two of in proximity entrepreneurship dawned sunnier and warmer than week number one. One of Malcolm’s first comments upon arriving in Arizona the week before was that he had not expected to be cold. 1,504 more words


The problem with positive thinking.

Ever read the book “The SECRET”? It was probably one of the biggest self-help books ever published. A HUGE success. (19 million copies sold, translated into 49 languages). 462 more words


Away Day for the little people

Arms up, hips back, give a thrust of joy.
Your company needs you.
And ‘you’ is not what we mean.
I think you know that. 118 more words