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She Saw Hope, at the Turn of the Corner

The growth of a woman, translated…

It was already, past ten, as I passed through Jiao-Jiao’s breakfast shop, saw that there were still, a couple of guests, dining there, I’m truly happy for her. 571 more words


The Bed & Breakfast Owned & Operated by an Engineer, on Changing Tracks

This, would be, a 360 degree change someone made in his life all right!!!  Translated…

Some three years ago, my coworker, Liu handed in his resignation, back then, we’d all suspected that he was, getting a better offer for work from another hi-tech company, without realizing, that he was invited by a friend, to work, as a manager at a certain vacation hotel in Taidong. 607 more words



A rest day! Ha. School trip to Bath. Very tired!


The Scripts Before the New Year

The story of a hard-working woman, at home and at work, translated…

My wife is the able-bodied working woman.  With the accumulation of the years of both the roles, she’d done wonderfully, and gained the reputation of being able-bodied at home and at work amongst her friends and families. 374 more words


A Very Special Foreign Hired Bedside Assistant


Liang is a Vietnamese hired bedside assistant in her forties, and every week, she’d wheel Uncle Wang to the meetings.  Once, because the wheelchair wasn’t parked right, she’d stopped Uncle Wang’s feet from the ground and he’d yelled at her, “What are you hollering about!” 499 more words


Putting the Heart & Soul into Doing Business

That would be, the RIGHT way of doing business, wouldn’t it???  And yet, there are still, NOT many who do business this way in the world, translated… 685 more words


Constructing Islamophobia: The #Ushergate Incident

These days, if you’re a journalist or a reporter …reporting the news is just not good enough. You need ‘news that sells’. So, sometimes you have to invent angles and embellish details. 386 more words