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Some people don't seem to care

Some people don’t seem to care or maybe work colleagues are too busy to notice, some might not be aware of what is going on and you don’t want all of them to know about it anyway.   373 more words


Top 10 things not to do in an interview

From appearing late to overlooking the fact that you needed to carry a copy of your resume, to coincidentally calling your potential supervisor by the wrong name, there are a ton of things that can turn out badly in an interview. 803 more words

Important skills to take you from overtime to 9 to 5

Often we find ourselves working late, & wondering how come we ended up with so much of pending work even when we have been working hard the whole week. 641 more words

Momma--Gratitude Day 10

Happy Birthday, Mom! Today I am grateful for my momma. She has spent a lifetime taking care of others and being there for us.

She is a yes for going to plays and movies. 296 more words

Journal Writing

Age is Just a Number. Education is Eternal.

In June 2015, I discovered a new-found respect for the concept of distance education. Actually, I stand corrected; I rediscovered it!

Mumbai, 2004

Switching from an O Level curriculum to India’s SSC Board was the worst decision we could have ever made. 957 more words

The Way I See It

5+1 things to do to avoid losing your job

From my experience over the years as a project manager with focus on employability, I have come to realize that a larger percentage of job seekers are so desperate to get a means of livelihood which has made several of them make wrong career choices. 526 more words


Reliability Goes A Long Way

Rather than be smarter, faster or more creative, try being more reliable instead. 392 more words