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Working too hard?

I really hate being ill, it’s something I really, really try to avoid, but this week I caught a cold. Pah! But I soldiered on and, with the help of a lot of sleep, copious hot drinks and a couple of pills, got through to the weekend. 759 more words

Business ethics practiced in a company will determine its success or failure.

Job Integrity

Stepping into a New Place of Work, Stepping OUT of the Comfort Zones, the Growth of a Woman


My close friend, Yun recently left the public facility she’d worked for for over ten years, and entered into a completely unfamiliar realm of medical technologies.   461 more words


Bad leader

Do you remember how I once talked about leadership?

Well I’ve learned something about myself today. I am a bad leader. A really bad one. 221 more words



Carrying us to full term

Breastfeeding us

Teaching us to read and write long before starting school

Hammering in “Don’t be at the wrong place at the right time” 159 more words

Berry Juice (BLOG POSTS)

Be motivated while working from home!

Everyone does enjoy the idea of working from home. While it does come with the advantage of not having to report to a boss or co-workers and the flexibility can’t be beat, it takes a herculean task to remain focused, motivated, and on task! 820 more words


The Counter Clerk as the First Line, on Customer Service Skills

Ins and out of the workplace, translated…

My son came home after finishing with the sales from the bank where he’d worked, he’d smiled at me and told, “All who came to my counter today seemed to be in a great mood, they’d said thank you to me in a light voice after I’d helped them take care of their businesses!” 414 more words