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Project B Self-Promotion Video

My Self-Promotion video will explains why I am suitable for applying a job, whether if it is retail or professional. Hire me and I will bring my best to the work table


Academic Writing Sample: Vanna Sok

In the bottom of this page, there is a link that leads to my vocational profile I wrote, about a Cambodian man who suffered from a physical disability and dealing with PTSD, depression, and suicide, managed to overcome all odds and got himself in becoming successful.


Rehabilitation Services

The 5AM Club

Legends wake up at 5am.

There is something about starting your day before the sun rises that adds to your productivity. I am still a beginner in this industry so I cannot tell you if there is a legit principle for this “phenomenon”, but I swear, it exists. 589 more words

Alpha Chronicles

The limited edition

I took the day off today, without hesitation, because I just had to go get this limited edition!

My backyard (well, almost)

We had the first snowfall in November in fifty-four years, and first ever accumulation in November in the 140 years of weather records in my town today… which means, this could possibly be the first ever posting transmitted abroad of the garden with an extremely rare view of both autumn foliage and snow! 354 more words


How to Break Bad Study Habits

 Studying is crucial to success in school. However, many people don’t know how to study. Or, arguably worse, they fall into bad study habits. However, there are ways to break those bad habits that we all have when studying, and here are a few tips that I have to overcome them. 911 more words



What does it mean to be productive?  Is productivity something to enjoy, strive for, emulate?  Is productivity always good, or can it sometimes be negative? 442 more words

Philosophical Musings

5 Work Ethics Employees Must Not Ignore

A strong work ethic is directly proportional to the profits an enterprise earns. Ethics or principles make a man, as they say. Strong ethics have to be followed right from the top to the lower level of the pyramid i.e. 351 more words