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Coffee Talk: Being with Mean People

  • Know to love and trust yourself.
  • Never level yourself with mean people. Do not (in any way) treat them the way they treat you. It is important to keep your standards high because you know better.
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Are You Working for Free?

Are NGOs the new interns of the workforce?

Recently I had a discussion on this with a friend who leads a women empowerment NGO, and who’s been frustrated on the lack of financial support commitments from the private sector in honor of their work together. 587 more words


Group Work - Overcoming Challenges & Handling Conflict

Working in a group & having to deal with different personalities & schedules, can at best be challenging, and at worst result in total fallout… 788 more words

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Not Getting Along With Your Boss? Here Are Some Tips.

You’ve got a hunch that you’re on the outs with your boss—it could be because of that deadline you missed, or simply because you dared to speak to him before he finished his morning coffee. 641 more words

Career Counselling

Knowledge Sharing

Via: Daily Prompt – Parlay

Imparting the knowledge and skills your work experience has gained you can pay great dividends. My career in marketing and brand communications was not very long compared to many, but it has been versatile. 580 more words

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How To Embrace Individuality In A Robotic World....

“Embrace your individuality” – I love that phrase and for me, it means having the confidence to be honest with yourself and others and often standing away from the crowd. 1,451 more words

Mental Health at Work : Struggles of employees in the workplace.

My Story

(source: http://www.iflscience.com/health-and-medicine/seven-new-genes-linked-anxiety-disorders)

As a person who suffers from mental illness, I can assure you that the stigma is present in the workplace. I knew I was different from everyone else, but I never really thought of myself as a person with disability. 652 more words