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All Hope lost....literally!

Isn’t it  strange that at the single blink of an eye how life can be so cruel?

Just a mere 5 weeks ago, in my last blog entry, I wrote about my new hope for the future with the company I had just started working for. 1,585 more words

Depression Is An Illness NOT A Weakness

Coffee Talk: Fighting Inadequacy

Inadequacy is the root of low self-esteem. It is all about the standards and expectations we set for ourselves. We’re our worst critics. Other people don’t expect as much of us than we do of ourselves.  149 more words


Coffee Talk: Improving Productivity

  1. Plan your day ahead. Make a to-do list about everything that needs to be done so you won’t end up wasting time throughout the day.
  2. 58 more words

Sorry, You're 10 Minutes Late..!

5 Rules To Beat The Clock

While having lunch with a friend last week, he asked, “what’s the time?”

“Oh it’s 3 o’clock already!” He yelled seconds after picking my phone from the dining table. 1,078 more words


Butuh 2 Jam Lagi

Jika lo bisa dapet apa yang lo mau hanya dengan kesabaran dan ketekunan. 616 more words


Multi-task Masters: Becoming More Efficient and Organized

 “I can’t, I have to (insert mundane task here)”

We’ve all been there. Friday afternoon, just when you’re finally decompressing after a taxing week of school, you get a surprise text from one of your friends (who seemingly never have any work to do). 979 more words


Coffee Talk: Procrastination

Procrastination is an act where we delay something until we cram because the deadline is dangerously close to us. Some procrastinators enjoy this rush because somehow beating the deadline gives them a sense of adrenaline to get things done. 233 more words