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Being The Business Woman and The Mom All At Once

The Mom:​
The mom is the one who has to make sure that the kids are taken care of every single day. She has to change diapers, feed the kids, cook, clean the house, and also be the nurse when the kids are sick. 820 more words


How To Not Let The Kids Drive You Crazy

Have you ever been so angry with your child misbehaving that you just lost it  and erupted like a volcano? But later regret you did? What is it about our children doing things that make us blow up? 988 more words


Earn Cash With These 7 Writing Jobs

If you love to write and you know you have always been good at it or you even took some classes in college then you can make money being a freelance writer. 714 more words


Join Norwex for Free in Australia & New Zealand!!

WOOHOO, exciting!!!!

So what does this mean?

It means for the cost of postage you are able to open a Norwex account, receive 5 of our most popular products, have the opportunity to purchase your Norwex wholesale (i.e. 368 more words

Starting A Norwex Business

How I Finally Figured Out What I Want To Do When I Grow Up!

Was anyone else’s favorite feature of their bedroom growing up their enormous inflatable arm chair? I don’t know WHERE on earth I got one of those, but it sat right next to my bookshelf and right across from the bright blue butterfly chair that held my acoustic guitar. 885 more words


This homegirl has gone home-based.

Yes, after more than 14 years (no hiatus) of working office-based I finally took a leap of faith to do home-based work.

Though technically I have been teaching part-time online English classes from home for 5 years now, I still had my full time job in the BPO which was in a regular office set-up. 556 more words

Seek and ye shall find.....maybe

I have traveled many career paths, from Draftsman, Designer, Contractor to Mom, Educator, Artist, and now Photographer & Social Media Maven….all of these paths have been life changing & inspiring….none more than that of Mom! 135 more words