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Five Things to Drink Instead of Diet Coke

Writing this post feels a bit like speaking at my own funeral. I love Diet Coke so much. Diet Coke is my friend.

But fuck Diet Coke, because it’s my greatest addiction. 422 more words


Wear What Matters

Check our egos at the door,

so we may wear what matters inside.

In tonight’s Super Bowl performance, Lady Gaga championed the lyrics of another’s song and humbly accepted the honor of singing her country’s national anthem. 86 more words

How to Work Hard the Right Way

I was walking home one day when I was stopped by a salesman outside Heartland Mall.

His name is Adam.

He was selling Manhattan Fish Market (MFM) coupons for 20 bucks. 819 more words

In My Mind

The next time you don't want to do your Sunday morning run..

I was watching this and one phrase stood out… “You can’t hit a target that isn’t there.” Set targets and goals. It doesn’t have to be a time or a distance. 59 more words

Break PBs

Five Awesome Books for Fitness

If you’re smart like me, you read a lot of books. And if you’re sexy like me, some of those books are about health and nutrition. 573 more words


Steps To Boss - a miniguide

For this series of posts I am going to lay out all the lessons, steps, and how-to when I went through in becoming an entrepreneur. 61 more words


2016 Simple Hydration Ultra Racing Team

Today’s a great day! Feeling especially blessed to be a part of the “2016 Simple Hydration Ultra Racing Team.” Thanks to Brian Hock for seeing the potential in me. 152 more words