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Hye, Hye, Hey there ! Introducing myself again, I’m Liyana. ‘the little girl’


I’ve the feeling of hunger to write something when I stay a distance from the laptop, and only can write when the surrounding in peace and no distraction, only me and my WordPress connecting the ideas in the lonely night without any humans or even insects interrupt our lines. 727 more words

I Can & I Will

Sometimes the simplest messages are the most powerful ones we need to hear. Make today the day you start, the day you keep fighting, the day you get one more step closer to the life you want.


Work Hard and Smart (Part 4)

People have been debating whether we should work hard or work smart, and I say, we should Work Hard AND Smart.

Both styles have propelled successful people to where they are now. 670 more words


Thought for the day:

Keep friends around that question you. They will help you become more thoughtful, prepared, and ultimately successful.


Progress is Progress

I was able to get my four runs in this week and finally feel like I’m making some progress on my big goal for the year! 495 more words

MAYB Spartan Shootout 2017 Tourney

Team encouragement… I/we believe in your strength..courage..game believing in yourself pulling yourself up for the team when we are down is the greatest victory…when you find it from within & give 100% holding your head high through a loss or win…make us that much better…as a team..as a person..

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That’s how I would like to feel when i hit the hay.

All day of: Going for action. Taking the heat. Enduring the boredom. Keep grinding and innovating. 115 more words