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Life is a Paradox

The strongest people are the most vulnerable;

The shyest have the most to say.

Society often mistakes superficiliaty as good,

While ignoring sincerity each day. 60 more words


Some people wanted to be productive, but…

“Later.. I want to rest for now..” or “One minute! I gotta finish this video!”

And… they freak out at the last moments. 267 more words

Determination- never stop trying

Hello everyone!

I know it’s just coming up to the weekend but even so whatever you are doing whether it is really challenging or you are going through something difficult. 82 more words

Experiences + Advice

What I Learned From my First Semester of University


A part of me can’t believe I’ve already completed my first semester of university. The other part can’t believe how much happened in that seemingly short time. 531 more words

Outmaneuver Yourself

Where Is Your Niche

  • To have lasting impact, find a niche to serve.
  • Don’t be fixated on a specific industry.
    • The railroad industry isn’t just about trains, coal, or metal, its about moving freight and people as well.
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Ideas / Thoughts

Stay in your lane

We all know someone who seemingly glides through life, their life seems to be on track they have a dream job, a very good salary or they are making top marks with little effort. 364 more words