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Don't Wait for Godot

Estragon: “Let’s go.”

Vladimir: “We can’t.”

Estragon: “Why not?”

Vladimir: “We’re waiting for Godot.”
― Samuel BeckettWaiting for Godot

Waiting for Godot is an odd tale.  440 more words

Challenges Of Modernity


Every successful journey requires a worthy and measurable mission. And every mission, every elusive castle, is reached by getting through the stepping stones first. I’ve always been a big believer of goal setting, but unfortunately just never been a big one when it came to putting my goals and thoughts into action. 468 more words


Push Ups 2.0

Push ups are a traditional method of exercise and extremely simple: lay down with your arms at your side, hands under your shoulders, and push yourself up while keeping your body straight. 314 more words


SCRIPT FOR TODAY: PDCP- 04/30- “Papa God Gives Us The Desire And Power To Do What Pleases Him!” (Philippians 2:12-13)

SCRIPT FOR TODAY: Double Entendre (meaning)…(1) A prescription (script) prescribed, by The Great Physician, for us to take each day, for our benefit and (2) A script written, for the purpose of giving direction and guidance to us, for our everyday life, in the way and manner we ought to be conducting our daily lives, given to us, by the Great playwright, in the sky, The Author of all that is good, right, just and holy. 602 more words


Struggling so hard

Today I almost started crying and said “I don’t want to finish this semester” and “I just want to give up” and lots of other dramatic things. 71 more words

Great lessons on getting things done like Casey Neistat

Over the last year I have been tuning in to every single vlog episode on Casey Neistats channel. He, just under a year ago began posting daily vlogs. 482 more words


Work Hard.

So now, it’s exam season. And everyone hates exams. Well, you’ve got the few odd balls who love exams (NOT ME. HONEST.). 

The quote above “Work hard in silence and let success make the noise” is the one quote that has kept me motivated throughout all these weeks of intensive revision. 1,047 more words