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Observations From The Courtroom

Well, all I can say is that this wasn’t my first jury summons and it certainly isn’t likely to be my last. No matter how many times I go, no matter what I might hear in the course of this case or that, the most interesting thing by far  474 more words


Testing the Fire Alarm System

“May I have your attention, please? May I have your attention, please? We are testing the fire alarm system. Please disregard all alarms until further notice.”

600 more words

The Office Assistant

Have you noticed how no one has a secretary any more? Now people have “administrative assistants.” I’m not exactly sure what assistants do other than what secretaries used to do – when there was such a thing. 608 more words


The Makeover

One of a lady’s most important attributes, in spite of what people might say, is her hair. That’s right, and I proved it again this week. 654 more words


Rain Rain Go Away

I woke up this morning and heard the rain. “It’s pouring,” I thought, half asleep. The sound of the rain is louder than the sound of the alarm clock. 748 more words


Summer Sorta-Break

Freedom!!! Freedom!!!

When you read this, please picture me running around my home singing out in jubilation and busting out some sweet dance moves like the running man and that one that looks like a sprinkler (except maybe not when I’m doing it). 314 more words


The Supply Order

This article is based on an actual incident.

To: warehouse@services.tn.gov – Our printer cartridge has died. Could we please order a new one? The number is JS334455. 684 more words

Work Humor