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Stuck In The Middle

I’m in some strange state
between life and death
some strange place between
failure and success
it’s the middle ground of
and middle age is rife… 100 more words


My Signs Mean Business Y'all

Most jobs come with both positives and negatives, and mine is no exception. In one particular aspect though, I can say it’s both a blessing and a curse. 512 more words


Ode to Cigarettes

I hate being a non-smoker. It is so boring! It occurred to me the other day that I really would be a lot happier if I smoked. 644 more words


Out Of Office

A little bit out of the office as well as a bit out of my mind this morning, folks. Don’t you worry though, I wouldn’t leave you on a Monday high and dry. 82 more words


The Brown Bag Crisis

My honey was on a diet.  He was doing pretty good, losing weight, and wasn’t too cranky any more since he got used to it. It was a nutritionally planned and balanced sort of thing, not a crash diet. 784 more words


Der Boss, Part 1

I had a lot of good supervisors at Circuit City, and then I had Der Boss.  DB was your textbook example of someone who’d been promoted for all the wrong reasons.  700 more words


Well-Meaning Monday

No good deed goes unpunished
no dreamer finds time to sleep
and we of the tender hearts
are only
that way from being beat

We’re taking the high road to our… 103 more words