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Put Monday In Its Place

Well, it’s here again folks: Monday. And guess what else is, too? Me.

That’s right, I’m back at it. Welcome back to a long series of posts that have been a long time both in the coming and in the making. 136 more words


Sleepwalking on the Job

Oh man, am I ever sleepy this morning.  Some days are just like this.  How I wish I could have just stayed home in bed instead of having to drag myself in to work.  601 more words


Expectation vs. RL: Work

Graduation comes and goes, everyone is happy, everything is confetti-filled and sparkly, hugs and gifts come pouring in from family, and loads of pictures are taken. 377 more words

I Hate Elevators

I hate elevators!  Like many office workers who work in high rise buildings, I face a daily ride in the tiny little box at least twice a day and maybe more.  617 more words


Oh, The Oddity Of It All

So, you know that feeling you get when you’ve hired a truly great candidate for a job – the one with exceptional skills who also charmed you with her charisma and go-getter attitude? 212 more words


The Boss

I used to work for a real asshole.  Pardon my profanity, but he’s the kind there is just no other word for except asshole.  He had such a negative attitude about everything that it was difficult to function around him.  929 more words


Stormy Weather

Gee, the last 48 hours have been rough due to a line of storms moving through.  A friend of mine got out of bed to find out there had been a severe storm.  603 more words