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Are You a Nerd?

If you would rather play with your e-devices than watch football,

You might be a nerd.

If you own more than one cell phone,

You might be a nerd. 383 more words


Partners In Crime

My feet hit, a brisk hiss
at the cold of a tile
floored kitchen

I’m waiting, here at the
coffee machine,
mind on a mission… 190 more words


There's no place like work Post-it notes by Laughs make the world go

There's no place like work
by laughsmaketheworldgo

There’s no place like work. It’s so true! Fun Post-its notes for work or home.The saying can be funny it can motivational. 28 more words

How to Respond to an Email After a Socially Inappropriate Amount of Time has Passed

Maybe you’re at work. Maybe you’re the monarch of a small European nation and find the concept of work passé. Eventually you will encounter an email you unintentionally (or perhaps maliciously) let sit unanswered for too long. 465 more words


Pretty Much.

If you’re looking for some writing, you’ll also find the link to my previous Monday themed posts below.

Well, as always, here’s to hoping your day flies right on by and that you’ve got something cold and on the rocks waiting for you when you get home tonight. 21 more words


The Joy of Working the Day After Christmas

I don’t like working, Modern Philosophers, and I certainly don’t like working on Mondays.

So imagine how I felt about having to go to work on the Monday after Christmas! 531 more words