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Progress on a Cloudy Start (5)

I really had been at a loss as to what to do with the painting. I had some suggestions, like adding little flowers in the foreground (Thanks, Patricia!). 234 more words


Day 13, Fireworks

We do so many ordinary things in our lives that it becomes obvious when we’re in the middle of something special.

The right job, your closest friend, the love of your life… all things that produce memorable fireworks! 19 more words

Work In Process

Putting Down the Fork

“Want to lose weight? Put down the fork!” I always thought that was kind of mean, until I tried it and it worked.

I am getting back to normal eating again. 303 more words


The Bowls are FINISHED!!!

While it was a seven week saga, albeit without many detours or crash and burns, I am certainly glad to say the bowls are finally completed. 152 more words

Laurie Prophater

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Big Chief Brooklyn

Big Chief Brooklyn transports us from the crazy streets of the Big Apple to the sweeping plains of Arizona. New York native Gil Cohen suffers a major setback in life and decides to head West in search of some much-needed soul searching. 32 more words

Work In Process

Progress on A Cloudy Start (3)

I know this will come to a shock to all of you, but look, there’s a tree! :) The castle is blocked in as well with a bright light in the window. 45 more words


Progress on A Cloudy Start (2)

Here the sky and mountains are done and I’ve put a few trees in the far distance.

Oh look, I think there’s  a castle on that mountain. 29 more words