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Substance painter intro

Today we tried out substance painter for the first time. In this lesson we was given the task of designing the default character of substance painter as a way to start understanding how to get nice piece. 181 more words

A Lot of Fun Stuff Going On

It’s been a while since I’ve showed you my current work. A couple of weeks ago I finished binding a project started last year. It was the one that made me tear my hair out, along with thousands of quilting stitches. 672 more words


Daily Lines

It’s like you spend your life searching for people to reflect who you are but your reflection is always stained, cracked, incomplete. Every mirror is just a version of yourself people have constructed. 77 more words


The Next New Book (#12) Now a Work-in-Process


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Connecting The Dots With The Respect Principle

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Sprite Sheet work

Today I started work on my playable characters sprite sheet for his idle animation. Once I had batch rendered the animation I had started bringing the images into a grid layout in Photoshop. 52 more words

[Process] My Secret Garden

Last semester, I did a 30″x50″ tapestry as a plate for Textile Design class. It was a challenge for me because I don’t usually do huge pieces. 62 more words


Animated short update

Today I focused on bringing the first part of my short together and making it feel like a much smoother animation by adding more squash and stretch and trying to get the timings right. 165 more words