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I Love Leftovers!

I’ve finished the top of my new medallion, and I have a name for it: Moonlight Waltz.  No pictures are ready yet and won’t be for a few days. 445 more words


Writing Process

I recently read a post on Live to Write, Write to Live on the writing process and thought I’d make my own. Diane MacKinnon answered the following five questions about her writing. 577 more words


Make Good Art

Thanks to all who read and commented on my recent post, in which I muttered about motivation for making quilts. If I make quilts and no one wants them, is there still a good reason to make them? 679 more words



Yes, awesome, inspiring feelings of awe; magnificent, amazing, stunning. Math rocks!

I truly enjoyed creating Untied, with its free-form, no math construction. Though I used a ruler for parts of it, it wasn’t because the outcome depended on the measurement. 1,162 more words


Making molds

One of the processes involved with making castings, if you want to make more than one, is making molds. I use a liquid room temperature Vulcanizing urethane or silicone. 240 more words


Nothing Ventured!!!...Nothing Gained!!!

I learned this morning that I am the newest member of the Charleston Crafts Cooperative Gallery. WOW!!!…my mother was correct…Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained.

This will mean working one day a month in the gallery, but the trade off is being included with an amazing group of local artists and the exposure from exhibiting in the middle of the Charleston Historic District. 32 more words

Laurie Prophater