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Apropos of Nothing: Practice

Practice, so it’s said, is the road to success in any meaningful endeavor. It’s not advice I can argue with.

Personally, that was the ongoing path to mastery for… 271 more words


Second thoughts on first thoughts

I have made some changes to First thoughts as you will see below.

I wasn’t happy with the word smog which felt anachronistic and I wanted something that showed what was happening. 118 more words


#PimpMyBio for #PitchWars 2016

Okay, anything I write with two hashtags in the title already has me thrown off a bit, but here we go. There won’t be any GIFs- forgive me! 773 more words


Offers from publishers

Right now I have written offers from six different publishers (so far).

Yes, six.

Yes, all of them well-known publishing houses.

I know, I’m gobsmacked too. 221 more words


First thoughts

I have been playing about with some ideas for a new poem and my first thoughts are below. I may change it completely or just tweak it here or there. 70 more words


Rainy Sunday Morning

Oh, it’s been months since we’ve had a good thunderstorm!  When I woke this morning the sky was gray and I could see the approaching dark grey clouds moving in from the west.   438 more words


Purplicious Doll WIP

My modus operandi strikes again!

I’m working on a doll using only shades of purple yarn. I had a light colored ball of yarn that I thought would be perfect for her (why is it always a her?) head and body. 111 more words