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New Crochet Sweater

I  couldn’t help myself! I couldn’t wait until I was done plugging up all the holes on my old sweater. I haven’t even finished it and it’s already ‘my old sweater’. 312 more words


Sweater Progress

I have a whole week off from work for Thanksgiving and I was ruminating about my granny square sweater and its million and one plugs hanging around in my craft bag. 316 more words


Plugging Gaps

Been working on plugging up those holes in my sweater. I dread doing it. I get home so tired from work that I  look at my bag with the sweater peaking out of it and all I can think is that I’ll do it tomorrow. 265 more words


The (Heath Ledger) Joker and current projects update

For once I did what I said I was going to do in my previous entry; I was going to draw a scene from Christopher Nolan’s Batman. 255 more words

Artistic Pleasures

Aztec Background render 2

Another render, always found drawing a path using vectors tricky, so I add layer upon layer until something works… Something to work on.

Drawn and rendered in Harmony.

Mr Biscuits

A Woodstock Kitchen Update

I’ve been slacking on regular blog posts focussing thoroughly on actual work and nesting/the One Room Challenge. Since this Woodstock Kitchen is in the home stretch, I thought I’d give a little behind the scenes view of some of the work in progress during my last few visits. 149 more words


Efreet Schneid - Work in progress

Kept you waiting, huh..

After months of being in a state of disregard, I finally decided to focus my attention on the the Efreet Schneid. My initial plan for this build is to merge an Efreet Nacht resin kit with some existing HG Gouf kits. 472 more words

Work In Progress