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Work in Progress: Update

Holy shit.

I have a completed manuscript.

75,568 words and 244 pages.

Not as long as it will be when I’m done with it, but damn. 88 more words

Aspiring Author

I suck at this...

Banse and I moved. In April. I still don’t have my desktop, or even a desk. I’m building a desk with bits and pieces from Ikea. 140 more words


Work In Progress Wednesday: Pleated Skirts

Fresh off the sewing machine are these six pleated skirts. They turned out so cute although they are a bit short in my opinion. In the pictures below I tugged them down a bit so they didn’t seem so short so the next skirts I make from this pattern will have some length added to them. 18 more words

Work In Progress Wednesday: Star Trek Flannel Pajamas and Blue Baseball Tees

I was able to get some sewing done recently. I was able to get a set of flannel pajamas made and three baseball style tees. 133 more words

Work in Progress Wednesday! Belated Week 17

“Yeah,” I said.

What a boring quote for this Wednesday! I promise what was going on before that was exciting… Well, maybe.

After a font change, I’m sitting at 127 pages and 40,397 words!

220 more words

Work In Progress Wednesday: Purple Dressers

A couple of weeks ago I showed you a couple of Hobby Lobby dressers I found. Well I was able to get them painted! I love the purple color I found for them! 105 more words

Work in Progress Wednesday! Week 15

“I forced a smile even though I wanted to throttle the toddler and then her mother.” — the last line in my WIP, Stand Up Guy…

356 more words