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So I've Been Thinking...

Duck and cover, everyone! My brain is on the run again!

Now on to the serious part…

For the past week, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the future. 463 more words

Days Of The Kill

Doodling - 7/24/2016

I sketched Lucatiel of Mirrah from Dark Souls II today.

Had to push through the desire for someone to swing a mallet into my tenders forever, though. Much self-loathing, such depression, wow.

Thoughts from the Recliner

So much for my big Blog Relaunch. I came out with a……”ppllbbww” (insert fart sound, I have no idea how to spell it.)

If you followed me previously or read my older posts, you’ll know I’ve been having some random medical problems for over 3 years now and it’s been a rough week. 607 more words


My name is Mya, what’s my name?

Rambling writing alert: which means this post may become a little, well, extended.

Name change: I’ve been thinking of changing my name and I am asking for your help. 1,567 more words

Melania Daniel

Doodling - 7/23/2016

I didn’t get work or doodling done on Friday because the elderly are fragile. Anyways, I finish lining Bass & Tess before setting up some lines for an addition to my banner images.


He still listens for sirens. He doesn’t hear them, not exactly, but he waits for them, waits for the whole damned thing to come down. 298 more words

Indie Author

Roseburg and Political Language

Roseburg, work in progress by Ginger Dayle, presented by New City Stage Company through July 31st.

I saw Roseburg a couple weeks ago, but am drawn back to it (indeed, so forcefully that I’ve set up a whole blog!) because a number of articles I’ve read lately have me thinking about the politicization of language and its impact on plays and theatre audiences. 1,374 more words