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Untitled Game Dev Log 26.10.16

Starting to make the first few assets for an untitled game project. Spent the day initially figuring out objects and their scale in relation to a first person camera/controller. 317 more words


Banned ~ Return

She hovered on the edge, hesitating. She’d come here; she might as well go all the way. And yet… what would she meet if she did? 613 more words

Writing Prompt

yadda yadda yadda

Ok but well actually do I want to write a GRAPHIC NOVEL? Like, a G.R.A.P.H.I.C. N.O.V.E.L.? I don’t know if I do. Here’s what I do want: 128 more words



XYZ1972, work-in-progress, 2016.


Prague table center WIP

Happy Wednesday crafters!

I have made some good progress on my souvenir from Prague, a table center ready to stitch!

I have finished the roses and I have started on the darker green (stems and small leaves) … 30 more words


Unofficial favorite day of the year: Halloween

People who know me have realized long ago that I like the eerie and macabre. With Halloween just around the corner, I felt inspired to continue my elegant Vampire Ladies – all good things come in threes – and I have just completed Lydia. 111 more words


Okay, I really think something's wrong...

*drags self into office after 5hrs of sleep*….ugh…*fumbles with power button*….fuuuuck…*turns on WordPress app*….das fikken….

What turned out to be a possible case of food poisoning is starting to feel like an infection of some sorts…I barelay made it through the day: I felt weak, tired, couldn’t stop shaking, kept going back and forth in between hot and cold, and I think my lymph nodes are swelling up like balloons. 400 more words

Keepers Of Balance