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Hello again

It’s a total clich√© to revive this blog at the beginning of a year, to be fair I waited three weeks. If the truth be known, I do miss it. 554 more words


Editing Update

Once again, I’m aware I haven’t posted on here for a while but rest assured I’ve been working hard with my writing.

Nomadic Guardian – I’m roughly about a third of the way through my current draft of the novel and I’m very pleased with how it is going. 73 more words


Rusty Selfie Video

I’ve uploaded the video process of the Rusty Selfie image I’ve done in the previous post.¬† Have a look.

Work In Progress

Be still my beating heart

I’ve been binge watching a series on Netflix ‘Once Upon A Time’ I know, it’s hours and hours of my life that I’ll never get back but I’ve not been idle. 38 more words

Babynip DPNs

Knitting needles in Cosmo Castle appear to be made of a baby/toddler version of catnip. (I can’t quite get my head round calling Little Prince a toddler and as he’s decided shuffling around on his knees is preferable to toddling on his feet I guess he’s also happy to be my baby for a while longer.) The dpns seem to have a double strength dose of babynip. 67 more words


Slipping Back in to Writing, Slowly

Today I thought I would try and do some writing since it’s been awhile and I’m honestly trying to get back into the groove of normal. 1,032 more words


The Willful Character And The Act of Writing

I read comments by writers all the time saying their characters take over and start driving the plot of the story. With my current work in progress, I’ve become quite the plotter, making detailed outlines for each section of the work before I start writing. 637 more words