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Finishing mixing

Something I learned after a long struggle with the mixing for a song I wrote with my friend on vocals:

– Use the compressor, then reverb, then EQ (use EQ at the very end) 54 more words


How Did I Get Here (part 2)

This morning I mustered up the courage to ask a few co workers why they chose me. Like I had said in Monday’s post, I knew I would be capable of the new job but I had hoped that my now co-workers saw that I those qualities in me. 364 more words


Pouting poppies

Large poppies: acryllic on board 60cmx60cm

Small pouter …work in progress


Doodling - 9/27/2016

I finish(?) my mom’s present, so I just need to get, like, a print of it now. After doing that, I go back to my Overwatch OC’s head and it’s… progressing? I dunno.

Making a Splash

Water is hard. I don’t mean in the jump-from-too-high-go-splat sort of way, either. It’s hard to draw. Fluid, in general, doesn’t like to be constrained to two dimensions. 62 more words


Analogous Color Scheme Project/Experiment Prt1

So I haven’t really done much but watch a video about this subject… So yeah…