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Timothy Bloom - The Beginning

Timothy Bloom – The Beginning

2-Time Grammy winner Timothy Bloom has released ‘The Beginning,’ the first part of an upcoming EP trilogy. The soulful crooner is back in his groove with this release. 51 more words


Work It Out: Mommy & Me Yoga

Fitness classes are so fun – at least I think so.  And I love trying all sorts of them.  Look forward to lots of ‘Work It Out’ posts where I share my experiences at new/different fitness classes. 324 more words


Motivation to get you through hump day!

Fitness challenges can be tough, that’s why they’re called a challenge.  But they are also a great opportunity to test yourself- your strength, your determination and your dedication.   209 more words


Holly and Heather's Helpful Hint: Stand Up for Yourself

As we go about living our lives, there are moments when something bigger comes along. It could be a wrong to right, an unspoken hurt or an uncomfortable situation. 167 more words


Motivator Monday: The Head Boss B's of Work it Out.

The first time I walked into WiO I was trying out to be a Zumba Instructor, I didn’t even live up in the area yet, and I was EXTREMELY hungover to the point where I almost didn’t show up. 365 more words

Work It Out Wednesday - Fab Abs

Did you know that picking up your workout pace can streamline your midsection? In studies held at University of Virginia, women who added three 20-minute high intensity jogs or walks to their weekly walking routine lost an average of 2 inches from their waist over 4 months, as opposed to those who stuck with less intense strolls and lost just half an inch. 54 more words