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Một công ty nhỏ mà tôi hay đặt mua online vài sản phẩm chuyên cho phụ nữ mang bầu và nuôi con nhỏ đã cho tôi một bài học rất ấn tượng về  cách làm dịch vụ và sự quan tâm tới khách hàng. 678 more words

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Two of My Favorite Things

Anyone who knows me knows that I like notebooks. A lot of people who know me know that I like quotes. And when these two things come together I am a very happy camper. 219 more words

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Bangkok in March

Just have a quick look in my calendar and it looks like I am in Bangkok every March over the last 03 years. The life here is still fast-paced, the traffic is busy most of the time, the street food is still amazing, the taxis are still colorful and the meetings are still running late…

Life & Live

A Personal Project and Experiment

I created this blog with the sole intention of documenting my daily work. At the moment, I am not working on anything that would be of any significance to others, but the aim is to get there some day, and I am hoping that this will aid the process. 170 more words

Work Journal

Communication: INCO

Working as the Marketing Manager with Instill Motion Consulting, I got to work on several exciting projects. One such project was Innovators Collaborative (or INCO). 169 more words

Work Journal

Design Consulting: Logos, Concepts & More!

Yummy Confectionaries: With an extremely restricted design guidelines – the makeover concept for Yummy Chocolates and Biscuits.

 WOW Online Shopping Portal: “Happiness Online”

Logo Option… 147 more words

Work Journal

Graphic Design: Air Cafe Lounge

Back home – sometime between travelling back from my vacation in States and prepping to start my year long adventure at Imperial College, London. I managed to sneak in a month of Design Consulting at a local Ad agency in Hyderabad, India.

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Work Journal