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Error 1935 when installing Office 2010

When installing Office 2010, I encountered this error:

“Error 1935. An error occurred during the installation of assembly component”

Microsoft’s solution (KB926804) suggests repairing the .NET framework, which I had installed and repaired, but still didn’t work. 76 more words

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Stop Error 0x00000024

A colleague brought in his Windows 7 laptop yesterday and said it won’t boot up and asked me to check. Turned it on, and noticed it kept crashing on a blue screen. 368 more words

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Working Smarter: What to do every day of the workweek

The inspiration to plan out my work week started with a gold foil print I saw on Etsy. The cursive, shiny letters read “work smarter, not harder. 720 more words

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Dan dan mian

So today is my day off at home, since I can only work 32 hours this week since I’m still scheduled at the Link desk. I stayed up last night after coming home from my shift at the Link (in which I did nothing, played Neopets and watched Dexter). 718 more words

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Almost forgot to write about today! /technically yesterday Almost forgot to write today, about yesterday (mainly).

Well, the AC is still broken, what’s new? and Dan had an interview last night and was fuming because it was so hot he couldn’t concentrate on his interview and was really sad. 666 more words

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I think I’ll always be posting about yesterday, since it’s kind of hard to write about today, at 11am.

So yesterday, work was spent finishing the Oracle tutorial and also starting a Spring MVC tutorial. 536 more words

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Hello world!

Yesterday was my first day at my new internship — I’m trying to keep a log of what I’ve done and to see how far I’ve come since day 1. 331 more words

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