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today, was not good . caleb and i have been arguing all night , and my mom won’t let me go to okc this weekend , i was going to see him and its been forever like a week and a half since i saw him. 20 more words

Work Journal

today 08/25-20016

well were do i start at well today i made a flyer dilly. i bought kenny a coke. know just got to go home and seep.

Work Journal

today 8/23/16

today i made the student ids and it looks great. now i have to go to e 2020 ugh. i can it wait till tomorrow.

Work Journal

today 8/22/16

well today we watch the prezi and it was fun so yea. i have to go to e2020 and i don’t want to go ugh. today was a great day i hope tomorrow will be to.

Work Journal

Having A Work Journal

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Do you have a work journal? If not, why?

Like, really. Why not? Is it because you haven’t gotten around to making one? 460 more words

Self Improvement

today 8/19/16

today we sat in the one place listening to him talk about stuff. i took a brain bench test and i passed. i hope you have a great weekend!!

Work Journal


today we learned about safety . we had to make a dill to go with safety.its been a good day!!!!!!!!

Work Journal