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Short Lived 

Well, I knew my excitement was too good to be true. I’m back to hating my job today. Monday morning email from the Director on IBM recalling their work from home practices…Guess that means they’re officially shutting down my great idea…passive aggressively. 102 more words


Lose an hour, gain a week*


Over the weekend, my social media accounts were packed  with:



And, my personal favourite:

The thing is, though, my brain goes off on weird tangents, so when I saw this pop up in my newsfeed, I immediately became earwormed by… 562 more words

Sarah Bell

Building (Personal) Self-Esteem

This morning lets discuss building “personal self-esteem.” I spoke with Amy Goldenberg, Consumer Research Analyst, SurveyStud, Inc, and she was able to provide data points from a 2015 survey conducted with 300 women between the ages of 16 – 47. 425 more words


Is there a difference between Professional and Personal life?

Hi I’m Sheril and I’m just planting my baby steps into the corporate set-up. I don’t know how to put forth my confusion. Yes, I do know the professional life and the personal life have to be kept separate. 661 more words

Routine Life

Freelance working and work-life integration

Integrating work and life might make a lot more sense to freelancers than trying to balance work and life. In a recent article entitled, Want a Competitive Advantage? 680 more words

Elearning Services

Changes Are Afoot!

Hello hello hello, it’s three posts in 2 days coming out of SheanHQ. This time with 2 big news items!

Big News Item the First… 586 more words

Blog Musings

You better work!

About 3 years ago, Floyd and I had clicked like on each other on OkCupid. Floyd is a 40 year old white guy who is a music teacher and a singer. 219 more words