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Your Life is Terrible Because You Are a Commuter

Heaven help you if you ride the bus for more than half an hour to work because that, according to a new study out Wednesday, is the worst possible commute you can have. 143 more words


Scientists Invent a 'Machine' That Helps Women Get Promoted

Women, according to  about  a million researchers, management experts and self help gurus, have trouble touting their own achievements and that doesn’t help their careers… 475 more words


Why Marriage May Not Be the Answer for Low-Income Single Moms

In the now 50-year war that the U.S. has waged against poverty (mark your calendars to celebrate on Jan. 8, folks), one of the most tightly contested battlegrounds has been single moms. 842 more words

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Teachers Give Better Grades to More Attractive Students: Study

If you were of a mind to forgive good-looking people for their freakishly good genetic makeup because you figure you got better brains than they did, don’t.   572 more words

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Jobs Are Making Women Wait To Have Kids, But Not For the Reason You Think

Having a career is a known reason behind why women put off having children, but it’s not just being employed and building a professional reputation that’s responsible, suggests… 655 more words

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Before You Straighten Up Your Desk, Read This

In the dystopian future, there will only be two tribes: those with messy desks and those with orderly ones. The messy desk people will live unhealthy and inefficient lives but come up with interesting new ideas. 415 more words