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Sweater weather, please come back.

I need the weather to be cold again. My jackets and hoodies need some love. I miss wearing hoodies all day. It’s been cold in the morning but once it hits twelve-o’clock, my hoodie comes off and all I want to do is sit in some air conditioner. 301 more words

9 Reasons WHY Content is Important For Your Business

Utilizing content, valuable, relevant, and consistent content is an important resource in humanizing a brand and acts as the connection of communication with customers before actually converting. 163 more words

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You Can't Create Accountability

One attribute of a great leader is accountability. And what I’ve learned is that you cant create accountability, it must be taken. 

I don’t claim to be the best leader, but I’d say I’m a pretty damn good one. 284 more words

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Ditching “uniform dressing” and embracing my own offbeat style made me a better boss


“Why is your hair like that?” asked a slightly drunk attendee at the World Economic Forum, in Davos this year. 1,072 more words


Living for the dramatic accidental aesthetic of the day 🖤


Thursday Talks – The Side Gig Photographer

I’m lucky to have a lot of inspiring people in my life. As I research work-life balance, I talk to friends and colleagues about how they manage the day-to-day while following their passion and maintaining wellness. 400 more words

The crazy economics of childcare costs in America

As the conventional wisdom goes, rising childcare costs has put a financial squeeze on US families. More than 60% of parents across all income brackets in a 2015… 898 more words