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Work Life and the Whinging Wife.

The last two weeks have been difficult ones, mainly on a work-related front, with more hours in the day needed to get through the endless incomings, and the existing already-stretched-to-capacity staff. 1,699 more words


Dealing with cruel and unusual bosses

We’ve all been in this dreaded situation before (more than once if you’ve had several employers), where we have deal with the devil incarnate, our direct supervisor. 784 more words

Dreaded Boss

Work - Life Balance

If your like tennis, play it. If you like running, please running.

You can spend your leisure time to do something useful. Playing tennis, badminton, dinner at favourite resto, listening music, reading book, travelling, chit chat with friends, camping with family etc. 12 more words


Introverts: 4 Survival Tips for Networking Events

What do you think of when you hear the words, “networking event”?

For introverts, networking often calls to mind standing in a roomful of strangers, trying to balance a drink and a miniature paper plate with 3 grapes, a square of cheese and two crackers on it while pretending to enjoy yourself and secretly wondering how soon you can go home. 964 more words

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Tug-of-War: Work, Worry, Family

I know a lot of working parents who feel, at times, like they are the rope in a grand tug-of-war between family and work obligations. I am one with them in this struggle. 1,279 more words


How To Clean Up Your Business

Spring cleaning isn’t just about clearing cabinet clutter and that space behind the toilet. It’s also a good time to get rid of the tasks, people and situations that drain time, money and energy from your business–and you. 1,383 more words