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Occupation Thesaurus Entry: Rancher

When populating your stories with characters, it’s really helpful to understand what they do for a living. The Occupation Thesaurus can be a really helpful resource in understanding the lives some of your characters live.



Prioritize exercise, prioritize yourself

For the past couple of weeks–months?–I’ve batted at random crap flying at me. Appointments, project deadlines for personal and work-related projects, general stress bombs that have exploded (not to mention the latent stress bombs that could explode at any freaking moment). 476 more words


Pengalaman Test Kerja di Artajasa


Mungkin tak banyak dari kalian yang tau tentang perusahaan ini. Perusahaan yang bergerak di bidang finansial teknologi ini berdiri sejak 2001.

Setelah lulus dari kampus perjuangan, saya mengikuti tes di perusahaan ini. 765 more words

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Intensives Week

One of the many unique things about New Legacy is the use of “intensives” the week before spring break. Instead of ending the third quarter right before going into break, we end a week earlier, then spend the last week of school in March in a different kind of class. 551 more words

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Tetris with 25lb boxes

Talk about a crazy week. I mean, i have crazy days every day. I play Tetris all the time with my shipment boxes, but still. Wednesday it looked like i was just about looking like i was making improvement – like there was an indenture on my work – you know, my one man team – and then Thursday hit. 462 more words

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Into the Clueless Fog, the Life of Us, the Twentysomething Adults

Clueless:- having no knowledge of something, or things in general[1]

 – completely or hopelessly bewildered, unaware, ignorant or foolish[2]

Just finished high school but you don’t know what to do next? 638 more words


March 22nd, 2018

People were allowed to work from home again yesterday, but we still had to come in because we were still in training. However, they told us that we couldn’t do work from home because we needed “hands on” help. 483 more words

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