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World Telugu Conference 2017 starting gracefully.. Here is the history of it

తొలి తెలుగు వేడుక విశేషాలివే..!

ప్రపంచ తెలుగు మహాసభల చరిత్ర గురించి.. అవి ఎక్కడ, ఎందుకు ప్రారంభమయ్యాయో తెలుసుకోవడం సందర్భోచితం..continue

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Happy 20th Anniversary, EPS!

Wow EPS turned 20 today! Time really flew by. I started to work as a temp at EPS when I was 17 and stayed as a temp from high school till almost done with college. 67 more words

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8 Ways For Authors to Waste Their Money When Publishing a Book

Being an author can be quite an expensive proposition when it finally comes time to publish your masterpiece. Here are some tips on what to avoid and why.


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How was 2017 so far with 15 days left before 2018?

Let me recount how cruel this year was, at least for me. Hehe jk.  Not that cruel.


My last audit busy season in the firm – actually, it was one, again, one of the hardest.  693 more words

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16 months old kid who is genius, identifying words

ఏ పదం కావాలో చెప్పు.. తెచ్చిస్తా..!

బుడి బుడి అడుగులు వేసే బుడతలు.. వారు చేసే చిలిపి చేష్టలు చూస్తే ఎవరైనా నవ్వుకోవడం సహజమే..continue

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Adult Life: My Work and Everything in Between

Today I just wanted to write about work and some essential down time. I absolutely love my job, but technically it falls under the ‘maintenance and assurance’ sector for the telecommunication company and well, we all know that means  our busiest sector and I feel like I spend all my time at work but this means it’s even more important for me to make some time for myself. 985 more words