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What Are You Following

Don’t get caught in the idea of passion.  It has been said, “Follow your passion” and to a point I agree.  Passion can take you far if you have the personality that feeds on passion, if your ability is determined by your feelings, if you need fire to light your creative way. 283 more words


Surviving the Cubicle Life

Seems that I get all my inspiration while I’m sitting in my little grey mundane square in a corporate office of 140 other squares. Now you can think of it like that or you can think of it as an opportunity. 432 more words


Creative Ecosystem

There are about 7 billion people on the planet. It doesn’t matter if half knows who you are or what you do.  If 3.5 billion people didn’t know you does it matter?   260 more words


My Life in Book Quotes

I keep an ongoing Word file with details on my year’s reading: books finished with the date, number of pages, and source – similar information to what’s recorded on Goodreads – plus any quotations that particularly stood out to me. 476 more words

Work Life

6 Tips to Help You Finish Your Book - Helping Writers Become Authors

Some fantastic and practical things to do to help you get to “The End.”

Many obstacles can get in your way as you try to finish your book. 30 more words


Just a random vent

It amazes me that when we work with others we become friends. We share thoughts and ideas, family moments and the things in life we’re stressed about. 158 more words

Random Rant

Wait … is that a rule? Ten everyday grammar mistakes you might be making | Books | The Guardian

Things we seldom think about . . .

Before their workshop at the NGV Art Book Fair in Melbourne, writing studio the Good Copy shares some tips… 17 more words