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Fried rice and a seven-minute* egg

*Eight-minute egg or what happens when you don’t pay attention to the timer.

Yesterday, I came *this* close to being in Goa again. Being near a package sent to me by my family through a friend visiting/working in Seattle for a week was my escape and even though I’m not literally there, I can breathe the curry patta (leaves) that grow from my neighbour’s compound to our top floor balcony and drop a red chilli in hot oil whenever I feel low. 1,177 more words


Work Lunch Ideas: Quesadillas | Veggie Mushrooms

I used to dread making lunch for school or work simply because of time constraints. It was easier to put some leftovers from the night before into a container and voila. 550 more words



Lunch with eggplant stew, mango smoothie, orange and a quark snack

Butternut squash, tofu and radish salad

Both Alex and I have been ridiculously busy with work recently, without much time for making a note of recipes. Which will never do!
However we did have this colourful, pretty salad for work lunches over a couple of days and it really helped to brighten the mood. 222 more words


Bento Baon: Happy Onigiri

It’s almost the weekend! I thought I’d celebrate with a couple of happy onigiri. 177 more words


Bento Baon: Totoro's Crazy Cousins

I tried my hand at another kyaraben, a Totoro bento to be precise.
But what I ended up with I’m afraid
are funny-looking woodland sprites. 161 more words


Broccoli, butterbean and basil salad

I seem to have slipped into making pretty uninspired salads for work lunches recently, so this time I wanted something a little more coherent, with complementary flavours and textures. 191 more words