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Pita and Pizza Sauce

We all have the issue: leftover pizza sauce, or leftover spaghetti sauce. I don’t know if you are like me, but even though I prefer to make my own sauce, I always keep a can of spaghetti sauce on hand. 204 more words


Neighborhood Eats: More South Bay Lunching

I normally crave lunch from either end of the health spectrum – never in the middle. So when the ladies here start talking about lunch, I tend to waffle in my decision-making. 217 more words

Taste of Home: Burger Day

Magneto texted me one day, suggesting he make burgers for dinner because it was Friday and we’d had a pretty stressful week. I enthusiastically agreed, pleased that I wouldn’t have to make any more decisions once I got home from work. 254 more words

Neighborhood Eats: Work Lunches - South Bay

I work at a production company located in the South Bay, just a few miles from the beach and on a stretch of a main street populated mostly by office buildings and shopping centers. 330 more words

Lunch for amateurs

“There’s no time to pack a good lunch!”

This reasoning is the #1 reason I felt I should post about my achievements in the art of packing a lunch. 254 more words


Buffalo Chicken Zucchini Boats: A Story of Trial, Error, and Evolution

So my ONLY problem with buffalo chicken dip is that it isn’t the healthiest.  And that’s an understatement.  Inspiration struck me: buffalo chicken zucchini boats! Great idea, right?  884 more words

Pearl barley salad with eggs, cherry tomatoes and spinach

One of the hardest things I found with pregnancy was working out what to take to work for lunch.

From my first medical appointment I was told to be very careful with eating anything that wasn’t freshly cooked, which ruled out leftovers as well as most food from the food court.  908 more words