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Bento Baon: Most Excited About the Okra in My Bento

I’ve managed to pack a lot of my favorite things in this bento, but I have to say, the food I’m most eager to eat is the okra! 203 more words

Bento Baon

Flower sprout and tofu rice salad with dill and peas

So last year, flower sprouts were flower sprouts, a cross between a brussel sprout and kale and we’ve blogged quite a few recipes using them. 390 more words


Work Lunch Ideas: Quesadillas | Veggie Mushrooms

I used to dread making lunch for school or work simply because of time constraints. It was easier to put some leftovers from the night before into a container and voila. 550 more words



Lunch with eggplant stew, mango smoothie, orange and a quark snack

Butternut squash, tofu and radish salad

Both Alex and I have been ridiculously busy with work recently, without much time for making a note of recipes. Which will never do!
However we did have this colourful, pretty salad for work lunches over a couple of days and it really helped to brighten the mood. 222 more words


Bento Baon: Happy Onigiri

It’s almost the weekend! I thought I’d celebrate with a couple of happy onigiri. 177 more words