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Lunch at Spitalfields Food Market

Slow cooked meats and veggie feasts are on offer for lunch at Spitalfields Market’s weekday food market. Spring has sprung and it’s time to get yum foods in your tum. 869 more words


Street Food in the Office

How to get the best of London’s street food without leaving the office…

Nothing quite beats the experience of a food market. Aromatic smells, the hustle and bustle of people and street traders flogging their food in their native tongue. 164 more words


Ham Sandwiches y Románticas / Thursday Lunch

Ham Sandwiches y Románticas by Joanna

My mother would bring me a special lunch when I was in elementary school and I recently asked her why she would do this and she replied “because you asked me to.” Honestly, I don’t remember if I did or didn’t but I do remember being called to the office and picking up a brown paper bag with my name on it “Yoanita,” and opening it up to find a beautiful ham sandwich with a side of red apples tossed in lemon and salt. 530 more words

Kids and coins at the library

Walking out to grab lunch last week at the Liverpool Public Library I came upon cute kids in the lobby.

They were interested in our spiral wishing well. 93 more words


My first scrape makes me official

The white vehicle was perilously close to the yellow line when I returned with my Chinese takeout Friday, so I swung the Chevy Cruze more to the right than usual. 134 more words


Ultra cheap tomato soup recipe

OK, so I thought I would try something a bit different today.

One big expense that I have cut out this year is the work lunch. 460 more words

Bento Baon: Pork Giniling

Pork giniling is one of my favorite Filipino dishes, and it’s the main dish for today’s bento. 55 more words

Bento Baon