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Losing 30 Update and Simple Spinach Salad

After just getting into a routine of exercising, I end up with my left knee hurting every single time I take a step.┬áMy knee is… 279 more words


What I Made For Lunch - Fajita Box

I don’t know about you but as a massive lover of food I find it REALLY hard to make lunches for the work week that taste good, are quick to make, healthy and cheap. 327 more words


Colorful and easy work lunch

I always struggle to come up with ideas for my work lunches. They need to be filling, easy and portable. “Filling” being the key word here.There are a lot of recipes out there for sandwiches, or soups and salads but I don’t understand how something like this can be a proper work lunch. 289 more words


Image of the Day | Work Lunch

My favourite work lunch, thanks to Cookie & Kate. Strawberry and Spinach Salad with Quinoa and Goats Cheese.

xo rebekah

Image Of The Day

Chickpeas with herbs, vegetables and capers

The chickpea recipe that I posted the other week made for a much more enjoyable work lunch than I thought it would… The chickpeas breaking down into the sauce made it sort of like a vegetabley hummus! 166 more words


Bento Boxes Ain't Always Pretty

Today’s badass bento is a little funny looking. My noodles are looking a little wormy and squirmy. But hey, it’s not always about presentation. It’s gonna taste reaaaalll good. 87 more words

Easy Lunches

Day 04 - Boring Salads Don't Make Friends

Day 04 – Boring Salads Don’t Make Friends

One mentions salad, and the words that used to come to mind is “Leafy”, “Skinny”, “Weightless”, and most importantly, “Hungry”. 434 more words