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Should I have Taken an Unpaid Internship?

Finding myself at a point of transition in my career, I have been taking careful consideration of whether I am on the “right” path. Periodically I ask myself , am I taking the right step now to qualify for a position I want to apply for in the future… do I really want the PhD? 760 more words

Loving what you do!

Part of being happy is to love what you do. No matter what it is! Most people will admit that they hate their jobs, or that they are not happy with where they are at in their career. 447 more words

Earning extra Money?

There are so many scams out there to work from home. There are also a few legit ones as well. But which ones actually work, and which ones don’t? 120 more words

#51: The Next Right Thing

My friend Casey is really good with one-liners. Not the overly clever or boisterous or dirty kind of one-liners, but rather the ones that stick with you and make you think a bit. 727 more words