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I'm Going To Be Financially Dependent On My Fiance

I’ve been feeling this vague anxiety ever since I made the decision to come home.

But I didn’t reconcile the fear I’ve had about getting married and the fights I’ve been having with TM until just tonight. 901 more words


“Too many young women, I think, are harder on themselves than circumstances warrant. They are too often selling themselves short. They too often take criticism personally instead of seriously. 82 more words


Megszerezni a $10 Google.com játék ajándék kártyák (Magyarország területén) Online Pakisztánban

A játék lehet esetleg rendelkezik egy exkluzív dolog, mint a személyiség vagy akár dísz, amely csak elérhető a játékosok, hogy megy egy alkalomra.Ezek memória kartotékok ténylegesen kínálnak a különböző méretű, különböző sebességek és extrák, és csak a megszerzése előtt, meg kell először ellenőrzi, hogy melyik kompatibilis, és a készülék. 785 more words

Spot the difference

Spot the difference, real vs fake (hint: bottom 2 are fake)

Learning to spot the difference between real and fake bank notes in Colombia is an easy but important skill to have. 749 more words

Stories To Tell

Success breeds Confidence

I did a quick Google search for this, and I found a lot of sayings about confidence breeding success. If you believe in yourself, if you have faith that you can do something, then you will be able to do it. 569 more words

Self Esteem

I can't do it.

He wants me to come home and be a wife and a mother and I can’t do it.

He wants me to just “get a job” and stay at his place and live with him and be happy and I can’t do it. 792 more words


Should I have Taken an Unpaid Internship?

Finding myself at a point of transition in my career, I have been taking careful consideration of whether I am on the “right” path. Periodically I ask myself , am I taking the right step now to qualify for a position I want to apply for in the future… do I really want the PhD? 760 more words