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In sharpening your skills and passion. It is all about practise. 3 Violinist, all having the same passion. One ended up to be World Star, One just a Professional Violinist and the other one a Music Teacher. 13 more words

Work Motivation

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I love being busy, being mostly self-employed and having moments when you are constantly on the go feels great and like you are doing something right. 373 more words

Do the Benefits of Work Engagement Extend Beyond the Office?

Studies of work engagement and the associated positive outcomes tend to focus on the effects of engagement exclusively in the work realm, but do the benefits of work engagement extend beyond the office? 298 more words


By Chris Osterndorf, The Daily Pot

This article originally appeared on The Daily Dot.

Walmart and unions go together like oil and water.

The retail giant’s famous anti-union policies are nothing new and appear to be getting worse all the time. 2,322 more words

Work Motivation

The Power of Enthusiasm

Are you surrounded at work by people who look bored, uninspired and like they could opt out at any given opportunity? Well, you may have something to do with it; have you seen your face lately? 317 more words

First we must bite the lemon to make lemonade.

As the saying goes ” When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. I do agree with this statement however I find that a lot of us forget what this truly means. 251 more words


Lamentablemente muchos asociados pasan por esta desafortunada realidad


Work Motivation