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While the world is celebrating the world best gift a mother : a person who loves their child no matter what and pours their heart out to raise them well into something that the society feels proud off.

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Work On Yourself

Thought download to keep your mind clean

I have found that taking care of myself is so beneficial for me and for those around me. If I look at myself a year back, back then I got irritated easily, I thought that there is so much unfairness around me, that my life should be different, somehow better, and that people around me should be acting differently (you, know – kids listening to you, people reading my mind and so on :) on so many occasions. 1,089 more words

Self Care

Fighting My Battles

I remember a year ago on April 17, 2018, I made a decision that ended up making me become the best version of myself. It was like my escape from everything I went through in March 2018… 1,280 more words

The Life Of Kylie

Why being low-key is important?

Stress is part and parcel of life, we are all worried and anxious about something or the other in life. Whether it could be work, finances, relationships or other circumstance, that causes worry and jeopardies one’s system. 900 more words

Work On Yourself

There is more to me.

Scrolling down my little blog and surfing through its content, I see I haven’t written or posted anything in a while. It’s past midnight and the conversation in my head never end. 306 more words

Work On Yourself

Say bye to negativity.

Say bye to pity talk.

Say bye to self-loathing.

say bye to self-hate.

say bye to be last priority.

say bye to indecisiveness.

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Work On Yourself

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Work On Yourself