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How To Work On Yourself (loving yourself series)

Hello everyone :) . Welcome back to my blog. Did you know that working on yourself is also a form of self-love?  It is knowing you are gold, refining yourself to remove the dross, and then moulding yourself into the beautiful structure you want to be. 519 more words


2019 is all about welcoming good news, whether it is a new job, escalating profits in business, exciting travel plan, owning a dream vehicle, buying a new house, falling in love or adding the new addition to the family.

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Work On Yourself

Information is vital for human communication, as its the medium, we establish ideas and progress through it. Within this journey, we accumulate knowledge and pass it down as an heirloom to the next generation.

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Work On Yourself

They’re plenty of things that can’t be explained like pain, a personal and vulnerable territory to share.

You never know how one reacts to your baggage, cause everyone is burden with their own.

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Work On Yourself

Some Considerations Around Ego

The word “ego” is commonly understood as referring to a part of the human psychological experience which is undesired, shameful, and dare I say evil. We understand ego as being built into us through our exposure to interpersonal, social and cultural experiences in our early years, and which we should aim to get rid of in order to free ourselves. 813 more words


I can never forget the story Dad tells with pride, how he saw me in a dream before I arrived.

I can never forget the joy in mom hustles to make the day a perfect one from halwa puri to biryani, just to see me smiling.

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Work On Yourself