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Wax & Whine

Hey there, hi there, ho there.

It’s been a wild sort of year already, rounding into February and honestly- I’ve been writing a lot more for this story I have in my mind. 283 more words

Jesus Mary and Joseph were zombies.

Dear Jesus!

I’m not praying for anything or praying at all. Somehow, every morning, something gives me strength to not crash into these people on the interstate. 939 more words

16 days into 2018

Planned to write a post on the 1st day of 2018 but the laziness in me acted up. Not the first time anyway… So, 16 days into 2018 but it feels like I’m in a daze since day 1. 462 more words

Fonts and Footnotes: Deciphering Email Signatures

We survived the first work week of 2018!

Did anyone else feel like it was harder than it should have been? That it shouldn’t have felt like such an unholy slog? 870 more words


Batten Down the Hatches Matey

I wrote a post about how life is normalizing, yet it was kept as a “draft” so I deleted it. After I wrote the post, everything changed. 587 more words



During my sobriety, I have left jobs because of the threat to my sobriety. There was a brief time where I’m currently employed (almost a year ago) which I was in a very bad position. 336 more words


It's always a good day when you can quote Star Wars

That’s a given, right?

Anyway, what I’m referring to is my chance to quote Leia during a meeting a few days ago. Specifically I said, “The more you tighten your grip, the more that slips through your fingers.” 595 more words