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Are work relationships really necessary?

I’ve heard a lot of different sides to this argument. Some say you definitely have a relationship with your co-workers because those are the people you spend the most time with each week. 570 more words

Nine To Five


There is something truly beautiful, magical about when you bring peers together for a common cause. When people choose buddies and peers to help them get better over time we create a community that has a vision that is much larger than any individual. 47 more words


November is a Mirror (Anniversary of a Bad Decision).

It’s that time of year again! November has always been a month of massive reflection for me and this year’s no different. In fact, it’s probably the deepest I’ve gone in a long time. 1,640 more words


Snarky coworkers can ruin morale, even when the boss is supportive

At their most harmless, snarky coworkers are merely annoying. At worst, they bully or harass, producing a toxic environment.

As employers have focused on formal management structures and the kind of workplace they result in — friendly and productive vs. 301 more words

The Last Word

One of the hardest things in adulting is learning that I don’t have to have the last word. Whew…seriously, this is hard for me “the therapist”. 755 more words

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Co-Workers Can Be Like Family

It is so freaking loud here today! The city bought up a bunch of the houses in this area over the years, and they’re geared-to-income housing for young families who have fallen on hard times. 2,509 more words


#MeToo and the potential for healing

Acknowledging everyone’s true nature as inherently whole can bring freedom and healing, even in the wake of sexual assault or harassment.

Most of those active on social media recently will have seen posts in their feed including the hashtag #MeToo. 305 more words