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4 Ways to Make Your Boss Love You

Unless you have your own company, chances are, you have a boss to answer to. Having a good relationship with your boss is not about sucking up or manipulation. 279 more words

Characteristics Of A Great Employee

No, I will not be in tomorrow

Sometimes things get to me more than I would like. I took today off months in advanced in order to keep recovering from my wisdom teeth extraction. 322 more words

The New Superintendent's 5-Step Survival Guide

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Whether you’re a rising educator entering into your first superintendency or a veteran administrator making the leap to another school district, this is the time of year when school boards hire new leaders. 677 more words


Building and Remodeling: Having a good team beside you


I have a great relationship with my contractor. We’ve worked together on and off for 12 years. He’s experienced, detail-oriented, reliable and cost-effective. Truly!

He’s quite a talker, but I love that about him. 156 more words


19 Hard Truths You Have to Accept to Be Successful

Found on themuse.com

By Paul Jarvis of Inc.

This guide works when bad things happen. Someone trolls you online? Read this. Someone hates your writing, your product, or your business? 1,455 more words

Master The Game | Strategy & Development

Maddison the spinster no more... soon... maybe

I’ve never been the girl who felt like she needed a boyfriend. I never wanted to be that girl. I was the really quiet nerdy girl who sat at the front of the class but never answered questions, who just listened and prepared herself for university and her career and decided to leave her social life until she had time to have one. 659 more words

He's not mine to fix

When it comes to my relationships, I have plenty of confusion. I know what I want, I’m your classic teenager, I want a boy who loves me, cuddles me when I’m asleep and teases me about my weird eating habits. 479 more words