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How I work: All my tools

I never thought I’d be this person, but I use so many tools for my work – mainly online – that it’s a little ridiculous when viewed in a list. 2,454 more words


Unlocking the pain from the past

I saw this quote on a friend’s Facebook page today that read:

In order to be free, you have to unlock the pain from your past and let it go. 1,905 more words

All Kinds Of Advice

The Complications of Being in Love

Remember that post about me slacking and how I said I wouldn’t be surprised if my boyfriend broke up with me the next time he saw me? 888 more words


Getting To Know A Co-Worker

You might be that person who hangs out after work with your co-workers; arranges Wings Nights, plays baseball or volleyball with some others and is generally the social bunny both at work and beyond. 891 more words

Job Search Advice

All Froze Up

When I’m at work and things are hectic because they’re not going as planned, my boss will start getting on us and giving us instructions. It’s not my boss’ reaction that I notice, it’s mine and my team members’ response to the palpable anger, disappointment and frustration in the atmosphere that is suddenly felt-and avoiding a response out of the fear we’ll only make it worse. 99 more words

Tips on Avoiding Workplace Politics

Office politics exist, almost everywhere. People choose to form alliances, construct their own principles and in turn push away anyone who does not comply with their beliefs. 424 more words


Meet people where they are

I was recently having a conversation with my mother about how we (people in general) tend to hang onto past frustrations or anger with others. We were discussing how there are always two sides to every situation and when we look back we can often see the part we played in assigning meaning where maybe there was none in a situation. 393 more words