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Self-Care (Not Just for Sundays)

In the process of writing another blog I went back through each of my blogs to find one on self-care. Surely I had one. Everyone and their dog is now a self-care blogging expert, right? 775 more words

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random thoughts

Yesterday and today was warm. Like, really warm. Like the coat is too much, a thin jacket is enough kind of warm :)

Today is the last day of May and hopefully that means we are ready to have some kind of warm weather. 490 more words


People First: The Key to Work Relationships

It’s no surprise that representation can do wonders for one’s career.  I mean, after all, these are the people that help get you opportunities for quality work.   208 more words

How much is TOO much?

I’m originally from the USA.  While I have lived here for over a third of my life, I find that some things are a continued learning process.   519 more words

Job Hunting

Inside out and upside down.

Today I want to write a personal blog, more like a diary of sorts. Please excuse me, these past two weeks have been a roller coaster of insanity: 696 more words

Personal Musings

People Don't Enter Into Your Life by Accident

Have you ever heard the expression that some people come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime?

I sense that my coworkers fall into each of these three categories. 221 more words


We're pals, right?

PAL: Passive Aggressive Loser

I’m sure you’ve come in contact with lots of PAL’s in your life. Be it the girlfriend that makes jokes about your haircut a little too often, the boyfriend that always has something he… 614 more words

Personal Musings