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You Have the Power to Make (or Break) Someone's Day

Know the power you have

Are you a business owner, manager or a supervisor? If so, your days get pretty crazy with purchasing, strategic planning, taking care of customers, making payroll, hustling for contracts and a myriad of other important priorities necessary to make a business run. 349 more words


Daily Moments ~ misread intentions (tanka)

Life slows down
body breaks down messaging
forewarning the soul
mindfully fighting with heart
urge to purge ill thoughts

naively misreading
actions d’autrui
projecting their anger… 36 more words

Daily Moments

Be a squeaky wheel...(with class)

They say that the squeaky wheel gets greased. The message of this old idiom is that he who complains long enough will get what he wants. 481 more words


How joining a students association can help you get the most out of your bachelor's degree (Part 1)

Posted January 12, 2017 — My last post was the first in a short series I have planned for the first few weeks of 2017. The aim is to motivate college and university students who worry about potential career paths to do something about it. 1,308 more words

Getting Into Graduate School

Finding and Developing your Work BFF

Finding and Developing your Work BFF!

Corrine has been my best friend for over 30 years. We first met in high school, then went to college together and we now live around the corner from each other. 1,352 more words

Work Friendships

Happy Employees

This morning I was chatting with the cashier at my local grocery. I learned that she recently transferred from another store. I asked her if she liked the move and she said she loved it. 273 more words


Office Party Season - The Challenges of Keeping of Your Job and Your Relationship Safe!

It’s officially silly season here in Cape Town (and probably elsewhere in the world too). As everything winds down towards the end of the year, everyone starts to ease up a bit on the work front and become a little bit more social, especially at that end of year office party. 826 more words