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People Don't Enter Into Your Life by Accident

Have you ever heard the expression that some people come into our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime?

I sense that my coworkers fall into each of these three categories. 221 more words


We're pals, right?

PAL: Passive Aggressive Loser

I’m sure you’ve come in contact with lots of PAL’s in your life. Be it the girlfriend that makes jokes about your haircut a little too often, the boyfriend that always has something he… 614 more words

Personal Musings

Not Getting Along With Your Boss? Here Are Some Tips.

You’ve got a hunch that you’re on the outs with your boss—it could be because of that deadline you missed, or simply because you dared to speak to him before he finished his morning coffee. 641 more words

Career Counselling

Your Colleagues are NOT your Friends

Or maybe they are!

Most organizations are high pressured. The 8-5 thingy is long gone, and for organizations that are still compliant to this timeline, to resume for work at eight means you must have left your home by 7 at the earliest. 614 more words

Chinma Eke

5 Good Reasons to Stop Yelling

Early the other morning I was out walking my dog. As we came along side a nearby golf course, I heard cursing at a high volume. 713 more words


The Forgotten Part Of Networking

Your network is your net worth.

The assumption is networking is done “externally,” but what if you actually like your job and don’t want to leave, yet desire to expand your network? 293 more words

Leadership Development

The Importance of Good Colleagues

Who do you spend most of your waking hours with?

For me, the answer is undoubtedly my work colleagues…at least Mondays through Fridays :)

There are so many men and women of all different ages and backgrounds who have taught me some of the most valuable life lessons and been with me through both the best and worst times of my life…helping me through the first time I experienced the loss of a family member, celebrating engagements and weddings, distracting me on a flight that’s making me nervous by chatting nonstop, rocking it out on the daily carpool ride to work, etc etc etc.   771 more words