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The Art of Asking Questions

As a leader, there’s a lot of pressure to have all the answers. For many, the ability to quickly answer questions is sign of competence. With that being said, if questions are confusing or vague it can be difficult to reach a decision.  40 more words


3 Keys to Effective One-on-One Meetings

One-on-one meetings are a great way for supervisors to better understand what’s happening with their team. As a direct report, here are three things you should do in these meetings: 163 more words


The Real Work at Work

After leading the life of a student for the past three years, I find my temporary return to corporate culture to be akin to a comfortably appointed waiting room. 499 more words


8 Tips For Keeping Your Office Romance Professional

Office romances can definitely get messy, but if you follow my 8 tips for keeping your office romance professional, you can have your cake and eat it too! 34 more words


The Promotion

Something was brewing around the office over the past few weeks. There was clearly something going on that was supposed to be kept under wraps, but a few odd circumstances raised suspicions in our small work community. 2,602 more words


Flemming is an Awkward Black Girl, Too

I am an awkward black girl as well. And on top of that, a black feminist nerd. But recently, I feel like there are others out there like me or similar to me. 895 more words


Employee well-being

For years I have spruiked my educated opinion about the critical connection between manager and employee and the thread that binds the two unbroken by their mutual course. 218 more words