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If You Left, Would Anyone Care?

If you announced your resignation today, how would people in the organization react? Chances are, they would experience one of the following three emotions:

1) SADNESS… 390 more words

Leading Yourself

Sleepless In Texas, Not Seattle

Sunday night. I’ve been in bed for 4 hours and still haven’t slept. Do I fight it, cry, pray more, call in sick? I blog.  Ugh, I wake up in 2 hours to get ready for work, work that right now, I hate. 254 more words

The Line

Sometimes nannies face challenges. Okay, nannies face challenges all the time, but sometimes they’re harder than usual. Or more confusing than usual. Or more awkward than usual. 1,055 more words


On Being Kind For Kindness Sake

You can say what you will about my Resting Bitch Face, you can say how you were scared to talk to me initially because I always look so serious, you can talk about how I’m not fake and can be blunt. 420 more words

My Thoughts On Paper.

How to Build Relationships at Work (That Work!!)

Unless you’re a lone wolf, such as a programmer, you likely can’t get anything done without talking to at least one other person. Even for a programmer, at some point you will need to talk to someone in order to accomplish your task. 258 more words

Hello! I’m Roland Carn. This blog is about all aspects of work relationships in a business.



I don’t know what being an introvert truly means. Of course, there are many definitions, and I’ve taken personality tests to satisfy my curiosity about who I am compared to other people. 481 more words