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Meet people where they are

I was recently having a conversation with my mother about how we (people in general) tend to hang onto past frustrations or anger with others. We were discussing how there are always two sides to every situation and when we look back we can often see the part we played in assigning meaning where maybe there was none in a situation. 393 more words


Setting Boundaries in Your Work Relationships

For many of us our Monday through Friday life requires us to spend more waking hours with our co-workers than with our families. If the right boundaries are not put in place you may find your evening hours are filled with work as well, and see it affecting your family and/or quality of life. 588 more words

How to Connect with your Colleagues

Many people carry a wrong notion that they do not need to befriend a co-worker or get to know him better. However, you might not know it, but building healthy relationships with your co-workers is an important part of having a successful career. 456 more words

Getting Ahead

Milk, Honey and Gorgeousness

Question: what does it mean for a black girl to be pretty in a Eurocentric world? How is beauty defined? Can her beauty ever live up to the world’s standard? 1,519 more words


33 Fail-safe Instructions That Will Get You Noticed By Your Office Crush — P.S. I Love You — Medium

1. Do not be outwardly fearful of wasps.

2. Pretend to receive a phone call from Keanu Reeves. Speak loudly enough that the entire office believes you to be talking to Keanu Reeves. 151 more words


Fostering Work Relationships | Blog #4

One of the things I appreciate the most about interning at Felicity is the atmosphere they’ve created. This is an atmosphere of comfort and camaraderie. Because Felicity has had interns during the school year, it has been easy to learn from them since they are still involved with what Felicity does. 281 more words


How to Properly Critique a Colleague

One of the most delicate issues which we often shy away from at the work place is criticism and how to effectively deliver it. Getting along with your colleagues isn’t always easy, especially when you spend long periods together. 472 more words