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Technology: Just Because You Build It, Doesn’t Mean They’ll Come

Technology projects are exciting. Whether you’re ramping up a one-to-one laptop initiative across your district, or rolling out cloud-based software to help faculty and staff interact with students and parents, the expectation is that the investment will spur positive change in your local school community. 568 more words


How to Get in Good With the Local School Board

Few qualities are more vital to the long-term success of the nation’s K12 school superintendents than the ability to maintain effective working relations with members of the local school board. 719 more words


Out of Luck? 5 Signs To Watch Out For At Work

There can be many reasons, besides performance, that your job could be in jeopardy. Even exemplary employees are not immune. Declining company sales, changes in management, strategy, or business philosophy can leave you at risk. 514 more words

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School Leaders, Future Shock and the Maze of Mistrust

Across the country, nearly everywhere, an incredible transformation is underway in K12 education, and it’s occurring at a breakneck pace.

We’re in a constant state of what Alvin Toffler, in his 1970 book, called “future shock,” or the idea of “too much change in too short a period of time.” 412 more words


On long distance - ver 2

I made a little post regarding a long distance work relationship with either a manager/peer earlier. Here’s my experience and I say it doesn’t work… 133 more words


Taking Care of the People We Manage

Contrary to what a lot of managers believe, you can actually be nice to those you manage and still be respected. I would even go a bit beyond respect and say you will be loved. 460 more words


Focusing on what's most important

Several days ago, I wrote that I need to identify and cultivate the skills necessary for my transformation.  My sense is that mindfulness is #1 on that list of skills and I’m thinking the ability to focus on what’s most important is in the top 5.  1,093 more words