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Juggling Schedules

We are getting used to looking at the calendar on the refrigerator where our grandsons post their work schedules. Nathaniel starts work at the same time every day, but his days off change every week. 231 more words

AfroVibes Episode 1: Relationships with Busy Work Schedules

In this pilot episode we talk about dealing with relationships while having a busy schedule.
The Medulla Talk Show is a program created by the partnership between AfroVibes Radio Houston and Total Medulla Entertainment. 20 more words

Unpredictable Work Schedules Can Lead to an Unstable Family Life. Here's How Cities Can Help.

Many workers in hourly, low-wage jobs struggle to manage their lives while navigating difficult work schedules, but several cities have taken action recently to address the challenge and promote a healthier workforce. 749 more words


From Coast to Coast, Working People Fight for Stable Schedules

Update (12/6/16): Since we published this post, the Emeryville, California City Council unanimously approved legislation that will require large retail employers to publish work schedules two weeks in advance, pay extra compensation for last-minute schedule changes and provide opportunities for part-time employees to work more hours before hiring another person. 649 more words

American Workers

Age Related Work Schedules - It is a Thing.

What is your favourite work schedule?

A recent CNN article shared different studies where researchers focused on our working habits of individuals at different ages and, looked into what working hours were best for what age groups. 128 more words

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