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Screen-Printing Workshop

Today we did some silk screen-printing which was quite good.The illustrations of my drawings came out really well and I was very happy with my outcome.The colour was very bold and the textures of the drawings came out as I wanted them to come out.The drawings had different textures and cross-hatching techniques as they seemed detailed and had some interesting lines which looked like mark-making.The photo below doesn’t look very clear but the actual piece works better.The final outcome will be uploaded soon

Week 16-Collection Brief - The Book, The Contents, The Edit

I found Alan Fletcher’s style useful to research because he has used a specific Graphics style for this book as this is which I need to do for my book e.g.I need to experiment with different techniques and mediums.I need to work on Typography and layout as I found it inspirational to look at Alan Fletcher’s art work.Also,I looked at some books which were very colourful and had a bold front cover which will give me ideas in relation to my final book.I looked at bad layout and good layout as these tasks were useful to see e.g. 66 more words

Author Reporter 2016/2017-Peer Tutorial Form and task:

On this session,I had a lot of feedback which was in relation to my chosen topic for this project.I got some great feedback from Sher as she was mentioning to focus on one topic.The first topic was in relation to Liver Pool Street and the second topic was about Brick-lane. 225 more words


I found this exercise quite interesting as I have now learnt how to do a animation into a box.These drawings below are my models as they will be developed further.I think,this exercise was useful as now I have learnt how make models as before I never did this exercise.Additionally,now I know the software so I can easily use these drawings for reference material.My plan is to use different mediums for my final outcomes as these drawings below are reference material and idea development. 9 more words

Oldbury Writing Group at Sutton Coldfield's Cancer Support Centre

By Angela L. Garratt

On the 21st January 2017, the Sutton Coldfield cancer support centre held a wellbeing day, of which we were asked to conduct a writing workshop. 797 more words

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After looking at prices for a 2 H.P. dust collector with a cyclone dust separator included, I decided to make my own cyclone separator. I had already made a smaller one for my shop’s canister vacuum, with great success, so I knew the process already. 1,295 more words

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