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Homestead Update 8/6/2017

Things have been a bit slow around here as you might imagine when one is working 70 hours per week at my job. Our cotton is progressing nicely as evidenced by this large, grown boll. 411 more words


Work and Stuff

I originally started this blog to blog about work.  By work I mean the stuff I make and usually what I make are mistakes.  And a mess.   1,239 more words

599 Regional Road 42, Bowmanville

Almost 5 Acres

You need to see this property to believe it! You’ll love this 2+2 bedrooms bungalow with finished basement, 2 bath layout with relaxing view of your own pond, natural landscaping with stream and walk-ways. 80 more words

Linda Mash Sells Homes

Collection book cover-Deconstructing Design

I have redesigned my cover at home using fine-liner and Illustrator. I have have used fine-liner because I love using black lines onto my cover.I have a unique style where I can easily flow myself into textured lines and patterns.My cover work-shop was great as I have learnt to make my cover very unique and simple.I have learnt to work with patterns and materials as my decision in the end was to scan my image and trace it off on Illustrator.

Final Outcome for Typography

I will use these typography letter press elements for my final outcome.I think, these final outcomes work really well and they will work really well with my title page. 30 more words

Things to Check in your Vehicle Before Leaving on a Late Spring Street Trip

Is your vehicle fully informed regarding a lube, oil, and channel change?

If not, plan an administration arrangement before you take off.

What condition is your auto’s battery? 256 more words


There are many detailed parts to a good dust collector system. Since some of the steps to putting together a complete system can get quite involved, I have explained some of them separately. 317 more words

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