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Drug Resistant Tuberculosis Workshop

The thing I hate about workshops is that they shop work.” Dr Immo, German Technical Assistance, 1982 Mansa Konko, The Gambia.

As soon as I found out that MSF had lined me up for a job in Swaziland, I knew I needed to refresh my knowledge of tuberculosis (TB) and HIV. 1,338 more words


Homestead Update

Well, we have been iced in all week. I know that picture looks like snow, but it is 3 inches of sleet. I walked across the road and took this picture back towards our house. 813 more words


Creativity Workshop and Collage Party!


Thanks to guest artist, Jennifer Wigmore for giving her Creativity Workshop and the helpful course TA Devin O’Brien! Below are images from the workshop and collage exercises. 237 more words


Less is more

Slice 65 of 365

I have started selling some of my things. It started out because work was slow and I wanted to make sure there was cash flow. 643 more words

Girlzone - en dag för tjejer av tjejer

Vad händer om sex studenter från Kulturverkstan ska arrangera ett event tillsammans med tonåringar från Angered? Girlzone är ett projekt om systerskap, tjejpepp och eventarrangemang. 127 more words


It's Too Sunny To Be Completely Indoors

The sun is shinning and it’s warm in Fernie. Time to get away from the basement /dungeon and get into the shop. At least I can open the door to the shop and get some fresh air, in between bouts of sanding. 78 more words

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