A Quick Tip About E-Mail Addresses

How many times do you see johnathanadoe87@anywhere.net in e-mail?  Isn’t it easier to read JohnathanADoe87@anywhere.net?  Utilizing capital letters to break the monotony in the contact information on your résumé will help ensure that, when a new contact or potential employer reaches out to you, they don’t miss anything.   193 more words

Strengthening Your Brand

Be Divinely Human

Everyone has heard the saying, “To err is human; to forgive, divine.” Well, I’d like to amend that for the purpose of this post by saying “To err is human; to pay attention to detail, divine.” 498 more words

Strengthening Your Brand

Project Snow Day

A lot of my readers aren’t at work today because it’s snowing up and down the east coast. And that’s great, right? Right. But for more reasons than the fact that you can work from the comfort of your own bed. 205 more words

Strengthening Your Brand

Why Am I Here?

Have you ever been sitting in a meeting and been thinking of how it could be more efficient if an agenda had been created?  I am certainly one for structured meetings when needed.   108 more words

Navigating The Office

No... No... No... No... Yes.

Every ‘No’ is one step closer to a ‘Yes.’ — Boardwalk Empire

I am a firm believer that you have to get over your fears. I am afraid of heights. 147 more words

Strengthening Your Brand

Let Me Do What You Pay Me For

Would you have the CEO scrubbing the bathroom floors?  How about the custodian meeting with major donors?  No, because those are the custodian’s and development officer’s responsibilities, respectively.   84 more words

Navigating The Office

How following your passion can backfire on you and ruin your passion

I made a classic mistake recently.

I Love to sew blankets. I made blankets for family and decided to make some extras to sell.

I sold a couple of quilts and was thrilled. 366 more words