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Thank you for stopping by. We are very excited about this new year, our first integration of WordPress, we feel this will give us a more direct line to reach you. 602 more words

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Always Ready

Everywhere you see me, whether at home, on a plane, at work, or in church, I always have 2 things with me: a pen and a piece of paper. 238 more words

Strengthening Your Brand

Your Brand is Looking Hazy

So you want to start a blog… or a clothing line… or a consulting firm. Cool. But what sets you apart? I see screen printed tees every day with logos that are only slightly different than what I could find on Instagram. 116 more words

Strengthening Your Brand

Read The Signs

I don’t say what you can’t do. But I do say pay attention to the signs and adjust your course when doing something senseless. You can’t swim to Mars. 96 more words

Strengthening Your Brand

On Luck

I personally don’t believe in luck in the sense of anything just happening by chance. I believe everything is a combination of being prepared when an opportunity presents itself.  155 more words

Strengthening Your Brand

You’ve Got The Keys…

I was listening to the new Fabolous and Trey Songz mixtape last night. On one track, Fabolous said “You ever been looking for your keys and they’re right there in your own pocket? 138 more words

Strengthening Your Brand

To The Workaholic

“Career suicide is not so bad when you consider the opposite is suicide by career.” — Elizabeth Sloane (fictional cinema character)

Laboring without enjoying the fruits of your labor is disrespectful to the Creator. 8 more words

Work Smarter Not Harder