All Dogs Are Created Equal

We’ve all heard the word “You can’t teach old dogs new tricks.” But what about show dogs? What about dogs whose livelihoods are dependent on learning new tricks? 307 more words

Living This Here Lifestyle

Most of Moments vs. Most Moments

We’re stuck in a tradition that says “You must work 40 hours or more a week.” I emboldened those two words because there is emphasis put on them. 274 more words

Living This Here Lifestyle

Just Do It

Don’t worry. You didn’t wake up 20 years into the past. This use of “Just Do It” has nothing to do with the world-famous “Swoosh.” No, it’s about getting done what you can in short increments of time. 145 more words

Work Smarter Not Harder

#booksforwriters - June 2017

I received a copy of Scott King’s THE 5 DAY NOVEL as a Christmas gift, although I just got around to reading it. So while I sat and read at Panera Bread, it was Christmas in summertime for me. 521 more words

Foxy Writer Chick Talks Writer's Craft

Closing Time

“Closing time. Open all the doors and let you out into the world.” — Semisonic

It’s the end of the fiscal and goal has been reached. 55 more words

Strengthening Your Brand

Too Lazy to Even Be Lazy

Have you ever picked up your smartphone to text someone to ask them something like what the weather was?

Have you ever called someone from your smartphone to ask what the date of Memorial Day (or any other holiday) is? 90 more words

Work Smarter Not Harder