Sometimes It Won't Make Sense

… and that’s ok.

I realize that, with every single job that I have, there are things that are done that make no sense.  There are processes that are archaic that companies/organizations don’t want to change because people gravitate to what they know and that is what it is.   128 more words

Navigating The Office

Quit Settling

I do not dare assume that we all have goals because, in order to have a goal, there need to be steps that you have established to reach that goal. 216 more words

You Can Do It

Weekly Review

We are almost through our GTD portion of the Unstoppable course. It has been my favorite section and it has had the greatest positive impact. 241 more words


Getting Things Done

We are reading a book called “Getting Things Done,” or GTD, in the Unstoppable Course this module. The book teaches a high efficiency productivity model. We also were given access to a task managing system called Nozbe. 261 more words


How to grow your house cleaning business.

How often have we all seen the horrible ads on online job posting sites.

Needing to make money so I am now cleaning houses. message me if you need yours done.

348 more words

Finding Efficiency

Like many people, I often feel like there is more to do than there is time to do it. My personal situation these days is more often on the scale of more things to do in life than there is time in a lifespan, so less of an acute stress, but there all the same. 683 more words


Four Tools To Help You Work Smarter Not Harder

No matter how motivated you are as a recruiter, working harder will only get you so far. The key to improving productivity and success is using powerful tools to help you work smarter not harder. 217 more words

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