Know What to Wear Where and When and Win

Yes, that is a tongue twister if you say it 10 times fast. And, no, that is not a typo. Knowing what to wear where and when so that you will win in the professional world. 420 more words

Strengthening Your Brand

Penmanship Still Matters

In a day and age of digital, does handwriting still matter? What about spelling? Are any of the archaic methods we used to write important to the modern day “art” of writing? 233 more words

Strengthening Your Brand

Your Team Needs Resources

I’ve recently started a new role in which I’ve been afforded more resources than I’ve ever previously had. I have the money needed to learn, try, (hopefully not) fail, and do it all again. 140 more words

Work Smarter Not Harder

PowerPointing 101

Simple. Real Simple. Live by it.

6 x 6 rule.

No more than 6 words per line.

No more than 6 lines per slide.

A power point should not be read from. 62 more words

Navigating The Office

Be Worth Your Weight

Have you ever heard the saying “worth his weight in gold”? I never really thought about it until recently. It means that person is extremely valuable (anyone’s weight in gold is a pretty hefty sum). 73 more words

Strengthening Your Brand

Don't Let Your Hunt Kill You

The ideal job is one of the most elusive creatures that we hunt in this day and age.  It can camouflage itself as a promising situation, only to yield nothing but undue stresses.   343 more words

Navigating The Office

Automate. Personalize.

Automate content. Personalize responses.

It’s that simple. Create content for everyone. Content that all of your readers want to read. Content that even those you aren’t looking to reel in will click on so that they can copy and paste the link to their family member or friend or coworker. 64 more words

Strengthening Your Brand