Set a Standard

So many in our generation love to go with the flow. How we feel is how we act. If we wake up and feel like working hard, we work hard. 401 more words

Strengthening Your Brand

Every day

From now on, I need you to all do something that will help you get closer to your professional goal every single day of your life until you retire. 68 more words

Strengthening Your Brand

Creative Chics, Coffee & Collaborations - Nicole Regan

Excited to have Nicole of Cedar & Rush as part of the #CreativeChics community!

Nicole is a social media and public relations consultant. She is friendly, enthusiastic, and open. 142 more words

Creative Chics Coffee Collaborations

Knowing When To DISCONNECT


I like to think that I’m having a conversation with somebody or people with my posts, and I don’t want to talk at people or give instructions, I’m just sharing my experience, hopefully somebody will learn from it. 877 more words


Take Rest

Every morning like clock work I am up at 4 am working on various things. I am a firm believer in being productive if I am awake. 352 more words

Social Bookmarking: Anytime/Anyplace Access to Your Bookmarks

Social bookmarking is the posting of what have traditionally been called bookmarks/favorites in a browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari) to a list which is accessed via a web site ( 548 more words

Technology Integration