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Job Interview: Look of the week - Red Success

May is the month for “Success in Love”and the colours for May are red, green and yellow. Project your love and passion for  the role you are interviewing to show that you stand only for success.   79 more words


Exhibit at “Information Security Expo (Spring)” !

CACHATTO will be exhibited in Japan IT Week’s Information Security Expo (Spring) held 11th-13th May 2016, the largest IT Trade show in Japan.

Drop by the booth to learn about CACHATTO, the remote access service for enterprise, try out its new functions & features, and learn how it could help and support your business. 31 more words


Underlying Risks When Using Consumer IT Services: Introduction to Information Security in Southeast Asia

On April 15, 2016, E-Jan International, Mamoru Singapore and Kyocera Communication Systems Singapore hosted a free seminar titled “Introduction to Information Security in Southeast Asia”. This seminar covered several information security topics, such as effective IT Security measures for organizations, underlying risks when using consumer IT services, 5 simple steps for prevention of information breaches, and several other related topics on security. 129 more words


Viewing of Other Person's Exchange Online Schedules

A new CACHATTO feature was introduced with the release of CACHATTO V5.5 R4 on February 29, 2016. The new feature enables viewing of other people’s (within your network) Exchange Online schedules. 97 more words


Revolutionizing Work-style: What is BYOD?

BYOD has revolutionised the way companies do business and the way employees work. With consumer technology constantly evolving, electronic products such as mobile devices have made a strong presence in our everyday lives and subsequently emerged into the business scene too. 299 more words