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Window Shopping: Patterns

By no means do I have a minimalist wardrobe, but when I make clothing purchases I really try to find pieces that I can remix and incorporate with what I already own. 256 more words

Workwear Week of 2/6/17

Last week had a bonus outfit and this week has one less-whoops! We had a district half-day training and while I originally put together a cute black jeans/blouse outfit my beautiful 2 month old decided to projectile vomit 5 minutes before it was time to leave so I had to quickly rinse and change. 278 more words

Work to Play: Flannel

Hi everyone! I’m excited to debut this new series with you. Since I don’t work in a formal office environment and I don’t report to the office everyday, I need a wardrobe that is very versatile, as do many of you. 243 more words


Is it possible to use CACHATTO without the CACHATTO Access Point?

CACHATTO primarily functions with communication from the customer’s CACHATTO server inside the corporate network to the CACHATTO Access Point on the cloud.

This allows for two of CACHATTO’s main merits: 121 more words

Knowledge Base

CACHATTO Desktop - secure, virtual workspace

A virtual workspace offers a flexible environment to seamlessly access corporate files and applications, thus providing higher flexibility and increase business agility.

CACHATTO Desktop provides users with secure access to the existing on-premise infrastructure and cloud applications: a versatile virtual environment for full work flexibility and mobility. 109 more words


Workwear Week of 1/30/17

Oh man this week dragged. I’m not sure why, but I struggled with my emotions and leaving my babies every. single. day. It was so bad that I missed my first period class on  Tuesday and had to ask another teacher to sub for me. 527 more words

Work Work Work...

Happy Tuesday!

I am sure many of you have a job where you have to wear business type clothes. I wanted to share with you all how I typically dress for work. 150 more words