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Happy Friday!

Today is an especially good Friday because I’m going on staycation! It was the only thing getting me through this week. One of my best gal friends is coming & I’m so excited for a much needed girls weekend. 84 more words


What Does The Top Of Your Desk Say About The Quality Of Your Work?

We have all been there. We sit down and realize the condition and organization of the top of our desk leaves something to be desired. Don’t be too tough on yourself it happens to all of us, at least from time to time. 124 more words


Meet Tracey Cullen - Style for you

By John Lechner

Meet Tracey Cullen, Style for you

Today, I introduce our latest guest blogger Tracey Cullen from Style for you. Tracey and I sat down a couple of weeks ago to chat about a bunch of things and our approach to business and wellbeing really clicked, so I asked Tracey to join our writing team. 589 more words

Forty ~ Pretty In Pink

I don’t usually go for loud color clothing, but these Ralph Lauren hot pink, cropped pants were too pretty to pass up! The pink color went perfectly with this front-tie, sleeveless, halter blouse. 74 more words

CACHATTO Around the World: Valencia, Spain

e-Jan employee, ‘Mr. S’ visited the seaport city of Valencia, Spain.

‘Mr. S’ wanted to review some documents he needed to use upon returning to work. 122 more words


Function introduction: Shared device ID and device groups

CACHATTO has a device authentication feature that can enable/restrict which devices can be used to access CACHATTO.

Users can be registered to only be able to log into CACHATTO when the… 112 more words


Confidence in Black

Over the years I have been drawn to color –  the brighter the better. One of my favorite things to do Is mixing contrasting colors together. 185 more words