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{ monochrome madness }

back when i was 14, i went through a really weird phase where i would only dress in black. no exceptions. as time progressed, i realised that “oh wait”, black is great but i have a whole rainbow of colours to experiment with. 321 more words


We're All In It

Last weekend I attended an all day Boston Blogger workshop.

There were about 6 different classes ranging from how to create a Media Kit to Promoting your Blog through Instagram and of course, Photography. 74 more words


Corporate Office Approved

Guess who can actually finally breathe in a leather skirt? This girl! 283 more words


{ work style }

when i started my first job fresh out of college as an intern at a news channel, i walked in on my first day with my jaw touching the dusty old floors, as some of the country’s leading anchors walked past me. 451 more words


Cheap and Cute Clothing Sale on NOW!

Hi friends!  It seems as good a time as any to announce that WE’RE MOVING!!!!!  Jeff and I just bought a townhouse in Langley, and we take possession in a a little over a month!   452 more words


The 25 Best Spring Skirts to Wear to Work—Under $200

Spring is here, which means swapping out our standard work uniforms—heavy tights ad wool dresses, trousers and blazers—for easy, stylish skirts.

Right now, we’re loving the selection of beautiful prints and sleek styles all in appropriate lengths for the office. 42 more words


What is your personality type?

I love personality typing. I feel bad for the people in my office because every few months i’ll be in a personality typing phase and insist that EVERYONE take a test (and then explain that this is actually typical of my personality type; we like to figure people out). 309 more words

Chew On This (thought)