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Detailed Proof of Double Soft Theorems Up to the Sub-Leading Order

Recently collaborated with Freddy Cachazo and Song He, I have been studying the simultaneous emission of two soft particles in several classes of amplitudes, where we found several double-soft theorems which mimic the soft theorems for emission of single soft particles in gravity and Yang-Mills amplitudes. 415 more words

Work Updates

The Internet was Out...Frustrating

As I sat here cursing the cable company for our TV, Internet, and Phone lines not working again I spun it in an optimistic way and said “Hey this is an opportunity to sit down and force myself to write.” Now I haven’t had much energy lately (Duh…lack of articles) and my Mother thinks she brought home a stomach bug or cold from work (the local hospital). 394 more words

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Talks at Oxford & Cambridge

In the past couple of days I have been visiting Oxford and then Cambridge, during which I gave one seminar in each place, and an extra talk in an informal journal club in Oxford which was meant to be a pedagogical introduction to the formulation of tree-level amplitudes based on scattering equations. 261 more words

Work Updates

Available Now: The Picture Frame

Blake Price is the most celebrated mystery writer since Agatha Christie, but violent tragedy has yanked him from his life and sent him retreating to a secluded cottage in the countryside, dragging his family with him. 87 more words

Work Updates

Rajasthan Roots

Dad’s from Rajasthan, so when I went on a free-lance gig through the city of Rajasthan I was amazed. Jaipur was normal, I’ve been there 1000 times, but never been to places like Jaisalmer and Jodhpur. 520 more words

The Adventures Of Being A House Wife

ClusterBusters Nashville Conference- President's Reception and Tourism

Today was a very odd day it had it’s ups and downs though you’d think it’d have been all positive since I spent it with my Cluster Buster family. 1,392 more words

Chronic Pain

Coming Soon...The Photo Frame

Coming December, some good old fashioned horror.

The Photo Frame is about a photo frame that curses anybody whose picture is placed inside.  Pre orders coming soon.

Work Updates