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Random things about me :)

Well, I would like to think that people other than AB visit my blog and like what I write (50% of my views come from him, I am sure). 458 more words

Work Updates

Home Improvement - Phase 3


I got the photos done!! Yaay!! and it wasn’t even as expensive as I thought it would be. Got it done in Manipal over the weekend (which by the way, was amazing..story for another blog) and I can’t wait to go home so i can hang it up!!! 335 more words

Work Updates

Work Update

I haven’t really told you guys much about my new work! I work in Manipal university now, I get to sit in an amazing building! I get lunch from home in this really cute tiffin carrier, I get to meet AB everyday and I get to go back home everyday after work, have dinner with my mom and go to sleep on my bed in my room. 207 more words

Work Updates

Strikes & Bandhs

Back in school/college, we used to look forward to Strikes or Bandha, it just meant an extra holiday!!

Especially in college, cause obviously, you had a lot more things you could do on this blessing of a day! 163 more words

Work Updates

A new garden

Red Cedar Mountain temple has begun a total renovation of our entry courtyard garden. The existing garden was created as part of the preparations for the Mountain Seat Ceremony in the fall of 2000 during which Josho Pat Phelan was installed as our abbess. 287 more words

Work Updates

Monday blues

Why do Mondays come so soon?!??!

It is just so slow!!! I am really sleepy and bored already! Days like these that make me want to quit work marry a rich guy and just sit at home and write blogs!!! 238 more words

Work Updates

Snail of a day

It is on of those rreeaallllyyy boring and reaalllyyy long days at work that just never seems to end… It feels like it’s been ages since I got to work in the morning and only half the day has gone by… 113 more words

Work Updates