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I'm Back

Hello readers, long time no articles huh? Yeah I needed time off to get myself together mentally through all of the pain and I am now doing far better. 384 more words

Chronic Illness

Summer developments focused on attunement and organization of new possibilities in the connectivist realm. Planned new articles have a theme of knowledge in practice. For example, there will be reports on the attempts of initiating work around the healing arts and free energy disclosure in Poland, as they occur.

Work Updates

Making a Difference (even in small ways)

A large part of last fall and bits of this spring were spent going to universities and talking to instructors and their students about open source: how it works.  239 more words

Work Updates

The Gates, under construction...

I am now hard at work writing the 1st book of The Gates trilogy and hoping for a late Summer/early Autumn release. Stay tuned for updates.

Work Updates

Detailed Proof of Double Soft Theorems Up to the Sub-Leading Order

Recently collaborated with Freddy Cachazo and Song He, I have been studying the simultaneous emission of two soft particles in several classes of amplitudes, where we found several double-soft theorems which mimic the soft theorems for emission of single soft particles in gravity and Yang-Mills amplitudes. 415 more words

Work Updates

The Internet was Out...Frustrating

As I sat here cursing the cable company for our TV, Internet, and Phone lines not working again I spun it in an optimistic way and said “Hey this is an opportunity to sit down and force myself to write.” Now I haven’t had much energy lately (Duh…lack of articles) and my Mother thinks she brought home a stomach bug or cold from work (the local hospital). 394 more words

Life Updates