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Business in the Summer

Happy Tuesday Friends,

I am so happy that Independence Day is just next week! I love love love July 4th. Something about it just gets me so excited. 105 more words


Style: jewellery week

While I’ve been packing up my things in anticipation for the move that doesn’t ever seem to be coming, I started packing up my jewellery. I knew I had a lot but I didn’t think I had quite as much as I actually do. 267 more words


Style: soft cup bra update part 2

Not to be overly dramatic, but going wire free has been a complete game changer for me.  I think during the first week I played it pretty safe with my outfit choices, mainly to suss out how practical the bras would be and how much coverage they would offer (I didn’t want to risk a nip slip in the middle of the office!)  After being incredible pleased with the results, I thought I’d push the boat out a little bit and put a smidge more effort into my weeks outfits. 715 more words


Warm Weather Brings Pops of Color!

Bring Color Into Your Work Wardrobe by buddhabelly

During the fall and winter, I’m all about dark reds, blacks, dark greys and the like, but come summer I want colors and I want them now! 414 more words

Style: soft cup bra week update

I’ve spent the last week without underwires and I’ve loved every second of it.  I expected to be over it after a couple of days and be craving a bit of support but I was so impressed with how genuinely comfortable I was the entire time.   199 more words


Style: soft cup bra week

Now I know I’m not the only female who enjoys nice underwear, and don’t things you already love always seem so much better when there’s a sale/discount?   398 more words


Always Present Your Best Self

This New York Times article by Brian Moylan,  he writes about the direct correlation between self-confidence and the way we present ourselves. It can be true in business and everyday. 48 more words

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