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What I watched today

I’m tired and demoralised today. I got the news that my bonus payout will be in July which means I can only tender in August. I was so determined that I could leave my job by 31 July. 257 more words


Tomorrow is another new day.

Get done with today and be happy with you have achieved. Those that you couldn’t, fret not.

Tomorrow is another new day for you to hit the reset button.

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Desk of a creative type…

Lunch bites - bite sized inspiration on your lunch break...

Step it up!

If most of your working day is spent sitting at a computer, then it is important to be intentional about being active, even if that activity is simply short and regular walks along the corridor, or gentle stretching, for example arm or leg stretches which you can do while sitting at your desk. 219 more words

Self Care

Moon Lake---a local Utah favorite!

Drive to the Uintas

I left work on Friday and started driving to our end destination of Moon Lake. The drive was around 2.5 hours, so I was ready to sit back and relax with the drive. 222 more words