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Why do meetings necessarily need to be about a specific topic?

I’m going to make an argument here (and probably do so poorly), and the argument is going to be a little bit hard to follow (I think). 630 more words

Fundamental Explainers

Start with Flowers

Aspiration/Affirmation: File under: Life:

Stay in touch with the world. Keep abreast of the world’s activity and hear its pulse: art movements and the current affairs of other places– not just things that directly affect you.  515 more words


How often do you stop?

Can you ever stop when you work from home?  When clients rely on you for your work and your family relies on you for food and clean underwear, can you really stop? 374 more words


Hospitality industy crazies, I like it.

If you’ve ever worked in the hospitality industry yourself and don’t love surrounding yourself with work by the likes of serving people hot or cold beverages and food and cleaning up people’s junk – and you don’t love the industry yourself – I’m sure you’d understand why you think I’m insane. 143 more words


Rocks and Horizons

Each of us are unique where we are today…

But each of us are unique from where we once were, and where we will be in the future. 530 more words

Algorithms For Life

How Does One Change Paths? How About Running on Both?

Sometimes a person needs to be in business on two different tracks. You find that many freelancers are looking to create a work structure that is more permanent than the catch-as catch-can, dog-eat-dog world of competing for gigs and/or smiling at all the jokes that don’t work (not really) in order to impress a potential boss. 239 more words

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