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The Struggle of the Work + School Lifestyle: Will It Pay Off?

Working a full-time a gig as a mailman for the United States Postal Service is hard.

Add going to school full-time, and it’s even harder. 765 more words


Think About This

someone doesn’t want you to
think about this
someone is working really really hard

to ensure
all we think about is love
and popcorn

someone is working really really hard… 38 more words

Get Your Hustle On

As my Sunday evening winds to a close and I look on at my coming week I steel myself a bit as 4 out of the 5 business days are doubles for me. 190 more words


Support System

It is a very good feeling when you find your support system. When you find your support group you just know.

I am very fortunate enough to have a loving family and an understanding boyfriend as well as amazing coworkers. 23 more words

Lesson Of The Day

Having the Courage to Ask of Life What You Really Want

Getting older makes you realise that going after what you want is not overly complicated, there is just a mental barrier that you have to push through. 652 more words


Cleaning out the weekend.

Today for breakfast I had a gyro.

Just kidding! That was from last night. The grand finale of my complete non-tracking splurge weekend. I haven’t had food like THAT in a long long time, and it was time. 522 more words

हमने कभी भारत देखा ही नहीं !

पता है हमलोग के साथ दिक्कत ही अलग है
हमे आसाम के लोग चीन के लगते हैं ..
हमे हर काला दिखने वाला सक्स कल्लू या मल्लू दीखता है
हमे बंगला बोलने वाला बंगाली दीखता है
हमे गरीब बिहारी या रिफ्यूजी दीखता है
हमे हर मुस्लमान पाकिस्तान का
और हर सरदार एक जोक की तरह दीखता है
हमने कभी भारत देखा ही नहीं !
हम बस ५ हिन्दी बकने वाले लोग ही भारत हैं
बाकी सभी हमारे उपनिवेश राज्य हैं !