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No matter how relaxed your workplace’s dress code is, trying to piece together outfits for work can leave you frustrated and in a room surrounded by piles of clothes you’ve flung from your closet. 368 more words


Museum Projects

Image Finder 

Image Finder is the system we implemented for the National Museum of Ethnology in Osaka. The system shows over 700 images on the screen with intuitive touch interface. 119 more words


In the meantime...

You might have noticed the lack of updated Blog posts in the last weeks, which is due to a bit of Uni stress (Midterms, Deadlines and the likes). 334 more words



Today is my third 10-hour day in a row. I was not built for this. For the past three hours the only thought getting me through was the fact that I can eat as much cereal as I want tonight when I get home. 266 more words

Thorns and Thistles


I have been thinking a lot lately about one of the most important concepts of a theology of work: the effects of the Fall of Adam. 635 more words

Time to get a mortgage on your pillow fort

It is common knowledge that when we are young we long for the day that we are grown up enough to do all of the things our parents can. 964 more words


And in the midnight hour.....

Ooooooooooooooooooooh yeah, baby!

Ever say that?

And why?

Beaver:  Chocolate beer!

Pat:  Sex or dinner?  (He said dinner)

Donna:  I send dirt and grass seed to the troops.  132 more words