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Iterate through a Spark DataFrame using its partitions in Java

My work at WSO2 Inc mainly revolves around the Business Activity Monitor (BAM)/ Data Analytics Server (DAS). For the DAS 3.0 release, we are bringing in… 823 more words



‘Are you seriously not staying here or could you at least look for another studio?’ someone asked when he came by and saw the amount of materials I still need to sort through. 124 more words


Britain's Right And Their Opposition To Protest

The British Right (the Tories and Kippers) will tell anyone who will listen that they’re democrats. One form of democracy which they don’t approve of is the protest. 571 more words

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Now Time To Look For Summer Job

If you are thinking about landing a job for the summer, waiting until you are out of school is too late.  Begin your job hunt now by preparing your resume and plan of action.  48 more words


ootd 5.28.15

hey y’all! as i type this, i’m pretending to pay attention to a human biology lecture. i told you i’d do my best to keep posting everyday! 132 more words

From the country

Used to getting up early, before dawn

the peasant eats his breakfast in a gulp

before milking the cows, by hand

he squeezes an orange, he throws the pulp… 126 more words