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Infographic: Quick Ways To Find Peace In The Workplace

The majority of the population says work is a major stressor in their lives, and small business owners are no exception. Not only do they have to manage their own stress, but they also have to monitor and alleviate the stress level of each employee to ensure the health of the company. 109 more words


Gloomy Monday Morning

It’s Monday morning.

The start of another work week. Pretty grim outside this morning, gloomy, wet, and muggy, and there are thunderstorms in the area. Not a great start to the week, but what can you do? 109 more words


Gone Fishing

Oh hello there! It’s been a while since I’ve posted, as apparently I have gone fishing. Not literally, at least not yet, but in the sense that my mind has decided that it’s time for a summer vacation. 128 more words


Change your way of thinking

A few weeks ago, I became really dissatisfied with my job. I’m not really sure what set it off, but it was probably another self-given guilt trip that I can’t be around every second for my children. 911 more words