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Working for Nothing?

I found a job. Or so I thought. I went by their rules, their game. I got curious why I wasn’t paid for my test articles which was agreed upon but I ignored it. 64 more words


Que sera sera....

It’s been such a long while between drinks but I have found my way back to my blog, life does tend to take over and some things get left by the wayside. 784 more words


Rate This Concept Now!

Designer: Saent

Categories: GadgetsTechnology

Year: Present-2020 

Overview: The world’s first smart device and software designed to make you more productive and do great work.  28 more words


7 Ways to cope with losing your job

It’s mid-week and that point in the working week when employees are most likely to consider they are in the wrong job, have reduced motivation and have the deepest desire to quit. 1,294 more words


Proofreading: Large Mammals of Eastern Dhofar.

In my most recent work, I proofread a scientific article written by Prof. Dr. Marcelo Mazzolli on his work in Oman. The article, entitled Large Mammals of Eastern Dhofar, has been accepted by Oryx Magazine, the International Journal of Conservation in Cambridge (UK) and will be published this same year.

K. Ryan.


C'est la vie!

Today was such a good day, I’m still on a high.

No, no drugs (this time), just a really good day at work. I feel empowered. 338 more words



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