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Speak On It: Would You Take Off Your Wedding Ring To Get A Job?

A recruiter in New York said that women should not wear their wedding rings to interviews for a better chance of getting a job.  He suggests that a man would see you as high maintenance or women would not like you because they’ll feel like you are better than them.   48 more words


Im a Lady Who Lunches

So I, like alot of people. Work. I unlike alot of people am a workohlic. I mean really desipte the more unpleasent and often stressful nature of my job I love it. 583 more words


First Day of Class

Hello Friends,

I had my first day of class yesterday and it was…something. There’s some construction going on in my neighborhood and the surrounding areas. It’s impact on the road is very brief so I thought nothing of it. 805 more words

24th August 2016

After a little bit of window shopping today in Newcastle I put together an outfit I really wouldn’t go for… But I LOVE it!

(Everyone loves a changing room selfie right?) … 213 more words



School has begun and I’m pretty annoyed at myself because my overall plans didn’t pan out the way I wanted. I didn’t find a job in time to do the payment plan for my classes so now I am going to be behind a semester in math if no late start classes open up. 423 more words

DepressionDiaries: A Bad Grade DOES NOT = A Bad Life

Here in England is the time where thousands of high school and college students go to collect their GCSE and A level results. I would have been joining them if I hadn’t dropped out of college three months early; I know that’s not very long but at the time my depression was so bad that I struggled to make it through a day at college yet alone three months! 543 more words

Depression Diaries