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Life after university

And so the planning for after university is all coming together.

1) Photography sessions. My best friend who owns her own dog training business has helped me organise a day of doggie photography sessions. 536 more words

My Story is Not Unique: Soft Sexism and Why I Took a Stand

The other morning while at work, I encountered a situation that every woman receives daily: sexism in the workplace.  I had just begun my workday when two middle-aged men walked in, whom I greeted politely with a friendly “good morning” and a smile. 467 more words


Hard Work

My work is a small hard sapphire, I hold it in my palm

like the stone in a plum. It digs into my skin, reminding me. 28 more words


How fathers teach children to work hard and believe in God

Here’s a good article for Father’s Day from Arthur Brooks in the radically leftist New York Times, of all places.


The data confirm that hard work is correlated with well-being.

1,083 more words

239. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Monday, April 27th, 6:00pm
Brandon and Jordan

Jordan: How’s the new girl working out?

Brandon: Pretty good. She caught on quick.

Jordan: Hey man, it’s great you got the manager’s job. 90 more words

Short Stories

Having one week left of this semester means that I need to start looking for a second job. That makes me nervous. What if I don’t find one? 40 more words

27/04/15 - Hoorah for better days and the power of gift bags!

Well.. last time I was on here I was debating telling my line manager about my depression. After writing yesterdays post I finally bit the bullet and told her what was going on. 652 more words