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Book Review - Instant Happy Journal

We all get busy, stressed, focused. Sometimes it can suck the life, energy, and happiness out of us. We don’t necessarily mean for it to, it just happens. 152 more words



It has taken me this long to write for myriad reasons.  The stroke was a set back, and for reasons of mobility, it still is, but it no longer keeps me from writing. 174 more words


How to Quit your Job

  My current life goal is to wake up on a Monday morning, and instead of thinking, “oh no it’s Monday” then proceed to post a funny photo of an animal with the hashtag #hatemondays on Instagram. 599 more words


First meeting with international senior scientist

I know my last post was about how great my Friday that week was. I’m pretty sure I didn’t know that better things could come my way. 471 more words


Keeping True

A while back I had to deal with a client I didn’t like very much. I couldn’t just get rid of her and we had to work together, but I didn’t like the way she was speaking to me and her constant need to demonstrate her (imagined) superiority to me made me want to stick a fork through her eye . 339 more words

Life after quitting

Around ten months ago I wrote about being unhappy at work, quitting my job and grabbing life by the balls. My mid-life crisis officially began in January, if you haven’t read this post you can read it here. 700 more words


Tips for Sleeping During the Day - Shift Work Disorder

Adjusting some of your behaviors and elements in your bedroom will help you sleep better. #sleepy #sleepbetter #sleep #sleeping #goodsleep #sleepybaby