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Should I Start an Online Business?

Well here’s the thing – I don’t want to give you a simple Yes or No, because that would be a) too easy and b) not entirely fair to you, especially if your new to the online business world. 773 more words


I Will Miss You All


I very rarely do anything like this. I am very good a redirection and shifting conversations from myself, being open and honest about yourself is never truly easy, but through out my life I’ve always managed to have an extra little trouble with it; however right now I’m going to give it a go. 545 more words


cooking sauce or hair remover?

I have been making my own sauces for several years, it began when I started making my own bacon, when I wanted to do the whole thing, bacon, bread, and brown sauce, and I do have to say it was good. 263 more words


Alternate Histories: 5/20, 4/25


I own a rainwear company. I wasn’t sure if this was flip or genuine.

Genuine. So when you hear about the climate changing, do you think like–we can do more with this or– 628 more words

Climate Anxiety Counseling

Three Months Today!

As of today, we’ve been in Little Rock for three months! We really love the place – the neighborhood, the weather (I know, I know, we haven’t experienced an Arkansas summer, yet), the nature all around us, and the many kindred spirits we’ve connected with. 281 more words