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5 Ways to Improve in Life (2 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: T.D.

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9 hours and counting.

For most people the title of this is how long they will have until they have to go to work. God life is so good. Why did i want to grow up, like why. 16 more words



Productivity and efficiency are two things that I’m endeavoring to improve on in my day to day life. I have always been good at keeping to a routine when it comes to fitness and diet, but I haven’t really applied that to my work life. 99 more words


The dictionary defines resistance as the refusal to accept or comply with something. A common fruit of resistance is inaction. Today I am struggling immensely with resistance— resistance to get up this morning, go to work, and resistance to write! 232 more words


Not much fear, but a shit ton of loathing...

Today, perhaps as much as or even more than any other, reflects one of the biggest reasons I’ve learned to loath Monday through Friday. Sit back and let me tell you a little story… 388 more words