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Their Work Battles

Things have been weighing in my heart since last week. They don’t directly impact me nor my team, but they impact my colleagues and that bothers me. 40 more words

Surveys for Cash...?

So I’ve decided to try out the site Swagbucks.

Basically you answer surveys to collect points, by redeeming your points you can get gift cards. 69 more words


A blast?

I sit in my car. It’s parked on a main road, nearby the kids’ school. I’m too early to collect them and there is not really enough time to go home. 184 more words


Sometimes I feel so low on confidence in the course of this my site work. I always knew that it would be like this yet going through it still challenges me to the point that I get frustrated. 451 more words


Don't Work For Friends.

“I have several online degrees and many influential friends,” he said in his stylish paternalism somewhere between a late night infomercial and that friend that Googles everything. 494 more words

I have officially burned out on the cartoons. So I decided it’s time to get back to making other art.

Watercolors has alway been a favorite of mine but I haven’t always had the patience to work at it and get better. 80 more words

Animated Animals: what the duck?

I was traveling a few weeks ago and while climbing a mountain, I suddenly thought: “What if animals could talk? Surely it would make mountains and forests a much less quiet place.” I also just remembered seeing the headline somewhere that currently most ducks for Chinese dishes are… 619 more words