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The Sock Capital of the World!

If you missed this story on NBC Nightly News on Tuesday, you ought to give it a look. It’s a brief look at how one sock mill in Fort Payne, Alabama revamped itself to keep up with modern times. 32 more words



Who has a good rapport with colleagues?

I sadly do not. If I am honest it is by choice. Mostly…
But the people I work with constantly stab each other in the back and lie, which is why it is my choice to not really have any kind of relationship with them but “professional” (I use that term loosely). 806 more words


May 26th 2016

Today I realised that one year ago yesterday I was sitting my penultimate University exam.

I got a text from a Uni friend who asked if I wanted to come up to Cardiff this weekend, because the boys who did a fourth year are finishing exams this week. 692 more words


lindsay lately twenty four.

*Sings in Rihanna voice*
work work work work work
all I been doin’ is
work work work work work.

With coffee in hand and super fierce superhero pin on my jacket. 341 more words

Weight Loss Update

So I haven’t made a post in nearly two months and there are many reasons for that. I was focused on school and finals (which are now over thankfully) as well as dealing with the stress of a crappy job. 464 more words


#CommuterStruggles : Seven Things All Commuters Should Know

I’ve been commuting to work on public transportation for a little over two years now. I’ve seen some crazy things. But there is one thing I have noticed about a good amount of people: they have ABSOLUTELY NO sense of commuter etiquette! 788 more words

Chit Chat

Day 41: Rhode Island Interview

This morning I had a phone interview with the place in Rhode Island.  It was short, but I felt it went well.

I thought the second interview with the place in Connecticut would be this Friday, but now we are doing it Tuesday of next week.   242 more words

Job Hunt