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The Bell Curve Curse

I first learned about bell curves when I was in university. One of my professors told me that out of 10 people who scored A in his class, five will have to be ‘downgraded’ to A- so as to fit the bell curve. 407 more words



4:30 A.M. The melodic, horrible fuzz of the alarm does not compute through muddied consciousness at first, vibrating the bedside table along with my eyeballs. Bed is a protective womb from reality, with all her expectations, beckoning with a single bone-thin finger. 91 more words


What a Response to 'Are you okay?' Really Means

We all have our moments where if someone asks us that, our initial response is ‘yes’ because that’s a response that doesn’t require a worried/concerned follow up. 554 more words



Hi, my name is Tayler Worth, I’m a rising senior attending Hermitage high school. I decided to take the course AP Environmental Science to not only challenge myself with my first AP class but because I love learning about the earth I live on and what keeps the world going everyday. 89 more words

Subject Matter Expert

Subject Matter Expert or in short SME is to describe one’s capabilities to be skillful in the role they are in. A lot of us can claimed to be an expert in our personal lives. 683 more words

Working Together

Blogging at work - good or bad?

On thing with trying to improve work habits and ethic, is what about doing this blogging at work?

In one sense – it seems that this blogging isn’t inherently bad for my work ethic: 72 more words

Picture a day project (Day 11) - A day at work

Today’s picture is of a rubber toy car. I took this while at work. I’m pretty fortunate to have a job that is excited as well as being surrounded by actively, engaged people. 163 more words