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"So What Do You Do?": A vignette in disappointment

Me: “Wow! that’s a really cool job! How rewarding!”
Other person : “Yes, well, most of the time. So what do you do?!”
Me: “Oh. I’m a secretary.” 73 more words

I’m supposed to be working already on my final project on Film Appreciation but I guess I’m not yet in the mood.

I’ve been very busy for the past months because of our consecutive shows and events thus posting in this blog was really never on top of my priorities. 294 more words

Sunshine Lunch

When I met him for the first time, I knew I was meeting a good human being… There was just no doubt in my mind, even though I was a little irritated with something that he was about to do :):). 493 more words

Daily Ramblings

From Brando to Arquette: There Is More To Justice Than a Oscar Speech

March 01, 2015

Okay, truth be told, I don’t watch the Oscars. For the most part, I find the Oscars wanting. They do little more than lift up rich folk and make them a little richer, for which I feel there is little need. 884 more words

Peace & Justice

Live your life without regrets.

Isn’t it amazing that very often despite thinking we are going to have a better week, we manage to launch ourselves into something similar from the weeks before. 376 more words

The Sunday Currently v1

I feel to tired today, though I was able to get enough sleep last night, I still feel so tired. Why? COZ I HAVE TO EFFING WORK MY ASS OFF TONIGHT. 241 more words

Daily Feels

You Haven't Come a Long Way, Baby

Paraphrasing that old line from the Virginia Slims ad of the 1970’s. How could we have trusted a cigarette manufacturer. Yet during my career it has never failed to surprise me how absolutely antiquated were the views of so many men that I worked for – note the ‘worked for’ in that these were men with positions higher than mine and sometimes people I reported to which made the slights hurt all the more. 562 more words