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Time to manage

She walked to work feeling excited. She had woken up ten minutes earlier than usual and, to her surprise, didn’t feel tired at all. It’s going to be a good Thursday, she thought walking through the glass doors at her workplace. 598 more words



Nobody wishes they’d have worked more when their time is up. This is a fact stated by many people when asked what they regret about their life. 595 more words

Corporate Inc.

Fallback Monday Blues

It’s all fun and games playing hooky until you realize your reason for missing out on class was to catch up on some Z’s you know you don’t deserve. 409 more words

A Blurb

Subject: Your Offer Letter


Welcome to the largest conglomerate in the city. You’ll be a part of an exciting team of talented individuals who come together every morning with one major goal: creating world-class products and selling to the world over. 523 more words


Workaholics Series Finale: Did the Guys Go Out in a Blaze of Glory?

What began as just another “Saturday” morning for the Workaholics (get high, watch cartoons, repeat) led to an unforgettable series finale adventure — which, let’s be real, they’ll all probably forget. 334 more words


'Workaholics' Stream: How To Watch The Workaholics Series Finale Online

The brajs from Workaholics are scheduled to ride off into the sunset with bongs blazing. Tonight will be the final episode of Comedy Central’s Workaholics… 377 more words


What’s On Tonight: ‘Legion' Goes Back To The Beginning And 'Workaholics' Ends

Legion (FX, 10:00 p.m.) – The group finds themselves back at the psych hospital and under Lenny’s control as David tries to fight off his demons and protect those he cares about. 585 more words