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The Abusive Workplace

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You work for someone vain, self-centered, and vindictive.  Someone who knows less about the job than you do.  You put in longer hours than he/she does, but his/her name is the one on the door. 

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Child Abuse

How to not be a workaholic as a college student?

One thing that my mum constantly asks me these days is: Have you eaten anything? :o

Before that, it was: Have you studied? >:(

I’m 20 now… At least, now I know that my mom actually cares about my health too. 375 more words


Learning to let go of 'to do's'

When people ask me to describe myself, I usually use these words: a workaholic, a machine, incredibly busy, and overly anxious. Basically, I always have too much on my schedule. 538 more words


“Do not be discouraged.  You… not have the power to relieve yourself of sorrow or grief or pain.  But Our Lord did on the Cross. He could have turned the crown of thorns into a garland of rosebuds…He was tempted to shorten His agony, as those at the foot of the Cross taunted …But He did not come down. 

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Child Abuse

University Closure Dates: Needed for Duty of Care?

You can always tell when it’s Friday in my office – you can see the metaphoric tumbleweed blowing across our open-plan offices; this is possibly not helped by the wonderfully long Easter weekend, we just had for which some people tagged on some additional leave. 330 more words


Purposefully doing nothing

Today (a Friday) is the only true day off from my obligations and that is because I’ve signed up to do too many things during my hypomanic episode earlier this month. 341 more words


Rest Works

You don’t always know where your next good book is going to come from. You may search for one, but sometimes it will just appear in your life with surprise and delight. 1,026 more words