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5 Things We Should Know About Workaholism

It has been said that too much of everything is bad, and for the most part we believe it. Yet, work is such an honourable endeavour that it’s not so easy to comprehend “too much” of it. 22 more words

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Guest post - I give myself permission

This week, I wrote a guest post for Spoonie Authors Network. I was asked to talk about how I write despite my mental illness, and how I manage the days when I simply don’t have the “spoons”, or the energy reserves, to even function. 55 more words

Writing A Novel

I Give Myself Permission

Making stuff up has always been my mental sanctuary. Writing and drawing started out as things I did to escape both pain and boredom, and they quickly became the centre of my life as I turned them into passion and career.  870 more words

Writing Journey

Sore throat

I have a sore throat. Yet I wanna keep going. I have Manuka honey and need to gargle on saltwater.

Today was a day to forget sports wise. 60 more words

Air Xuxo lands

This post contains my very personal statements. They do not represent those of Puppet or prior employers.

I write from my last flight with Puppet… 803 more words

#OneWord365: Play

I’ve been thinking about my One Word 365 for 2017 since September.

2016 was a whole china shop of tempests in teapots–ups and downs and upsidedowns, both globally and personally. 817 more words

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Essential Theology: Marriage

If you read the Church Times you may have seen Angela Tilby’s column from the 9th December issue urging clergy to avoid family-olatry this Christmas. It would have caught my eye at any time but I was particularly struck by her words as I have lately been putting much thought into my understanding of marriage and ministry and how a couple balances these two demanding callings. 1,719 more words

Clergy Spouse