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Yesterday I read that a very young man died from overwork.

This might sound crazy, but in Japan, where I live now, this is a common issue. 172 more words

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Workaholism linked with mental distress

Workaholism is correlated with ADHD, OCD, anxiety, and depression. I am not surprised by the study’s results because I am somewhat a workaholic and I have seen many people who work until they drop. 325 more words


Profile of a workaholic

SOURCE:  Ray Pritchard/CareLeader


You’ve got them in your church, and at times, you can relate to them yourself.

A workaholic is a compulsive worker: he chooses to work a lot, think about work, and then work even more. 459 more words


Dealing with a Workaholic in the Workplace

By Edupliance | 14th December, 2015

Do you have a workaholic employee at your workplace? Do not confuse between hardworking people and workaholics!

‘Workaholism’ is like an addiction very similar to drugs or alcoholism; it has negative affects which adversely affect the employee’s health and his family life as well. 915 more words


Resilience = Recharge first

When we hear the term resilience, we often imagine the training that an athlete might go through to get to the Olympics or a soldier training for battle. 393 more words

Read This If You're a Workaholic

So you’re a workaholic.

Or at least there’s some reason for you to think so.

You’ve been going through an intense phase of “all work and no play”. 604 more words