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My Life is Not a Feminist Statement 

I know this will come as quite the shock to some but I am an actual human being in normal life. I say this because some people have acted as though me and my life choices are somehow symbolic or worthy of public comment mostly because I’m a woman but also because of my social class and visible presence as an activist. 647 more words


With Soylent, you can kiss eating goodbye. Forever

Do any of you remember Soylent Green? You know, the movie where the majority of the world’s population eats Soylent Green wafers as their only subsistence? 585 more words


Workaholism - Psychiatric Problems

A large Norwegian study found that workaholism often co-occurs with psychiatric disorders such as ADHD, OCD, and depression.
“The study showed that workaholics scored higher on all the psychiatric symptoms than non-workaholics. 85 more words

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I've been so caught up in my job, didn't see what's going on

I finally took a sick day today. I swear it’s been a long time coming. As usual my stressed-out butt was too stubborn to admit it needed time off but it also just caught up with me. 493 more words

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