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the woe of the workaholic

for those never-repeat moments,

shame I don’t have space

is the love of who rubs close

what matters really

the time to figure out

life, and youth and heart, 42 more words



If there is shopaholic and alcoholic, there is definitely a workaholic. All these connotes negative impression to a person. There are pros and cons in every situation but up to what extent should we let ourselves be ruled out by these basically destructive habits. 670 more words

Two Hearts and Homes, Transformed... the Fuller House and Me

On Friday, April 24, 2015, a celebration to officially launch my first book publication, Untethered, was held at the Fuller House on the Huntington Reservation… 743 more words

All work, no play

Work always comes first,

the boldest diary colour

that turns everything else pale.

It dominates the pages, edging all the

fun bits out, leaving me isolated… 87 more words


Hard Worker -- OR -- Workaholic?

SOURCE:  Linda Mintle

8 Questions:  Are You A Hard Worker or Workaholic?

In the same way a drug addict uses cocaine or an alcoholic downs booze, work can have an anesthetizing effect on negative emotions. 347 more words

Addiction/Life-Controlling Problems

Living the Moment vs. Living Productively

There are times where I want to let go and not worry about the work I’m not doing. In those particular times, I know I can’t rip away the thought of what I have to do to be productive. 656 more words


on workaholism

At my internship, I can see that there are at least 3 people who work 12-hour shifts  (or longer) five days a week, not because they have to, but because they feel compelled to. 677 more words