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We work before the computer screens.

Hitting keys at a brisk speed.

A harmony of clicking sounds, crushed hope & silenced dreams.

We are the worker bees.

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Brace yourself and run

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How to torture a psycho workaholic with a moderate OCD, who passionately loves her workload?

Send Baru on holidays. 725 more words

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Bishop Paprocki and Cardinal Pell

Both Bishop Paprocki and Cardinal Pell have made national news this past week. Cardinal Pell is accused of molesting several boys for decades in Australia that ended with his transfer to the Vatican to manage money. 4,788 more words

Catholic Theology

Weekly Learnings Roundup (June 18, 2017)

Thanks for checking out the Weekly Learning Roundup. These bite-sized, weekly posts are designed to give you a quick hit of interesting learnings and articles I came across this week. 401 more words

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A letter to all overachievers

To my fellow overachievers,

Know that you naturally can’t give 100 percent to everything––you’ll have nothing left to give in the end and the bright flame of energy you have will dwindle to a flickering flame. 829 more words


It’s so refreshing to read about other people like me. 285 more words

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Why being a workaholic is not something to be proud about

There are some sane voices in this era of Silicon Valley rule. DHH, the founder of Basecamp and the creator of Ruby on Rails is one such voice. 101 more words