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Indesign exports blacks as dark grey


When you export a PDF from Indesign, even though you use the default CMYK , it exports it as a dark grey. (What an annoying bug..) 56 more words


Freemind Ubuntu Kludge

[ Update: Now unkludged with a greatly improved hack:

comment out the (only) line
“assistive_technologies=org.GNOME.Accessibility.AtkWrapper” in

Now even more confused how sudo helped ] 163 more words


Create a test a function that returns a cursor.

Interview Question: How to create and test a function that returns a cursor?

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Step 1: Create a sample function

All you need to know to complete this step is how to use SYS_REFCURSOR type: 437 more words

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How To Force A Redirect To The Classic WordPress.com Stats Screen

The Solution To Use The Classic Stats Page

If you are blogger at WordPress.com, you might have noticed it, there are not much ways anymore to access the beautiful classic stats screen, instead we are now forced to use the new one, but there is help! 532 more words


Marilyn Armstrong reblogged this on SERENDIPITY and commented:

Yesterday, WordPress decided even though I had previously and continuously elected the "old" stats page, now, I am going to use the new, confusing stats page. I created a bookmark to get me back to the original stats page, but this is better! Today, Dennis published the directions for using a script -- a workaround to bring you back to the original page -- where you can get the information you want in a way that makes sense. The script was written by tPenguinLTG. The instructions are from Dennis and this is a reblog. I did not write this post, but I will guarantee that it works perfectly with Chrome. As do the earlier scripts which take you back to the old editor. Thank Dennis, not me. And tPenguinLTG who keeps coming up with fixes for the "updates" from WordPress!

apple ios 9.1 and 9.2 updates break #iphone #wifi personal hotspot

apple ios 9.1 and 9.2 updates can break iphone wifi personal hotspot because the iphone wifi immediately connects to any pre-existing wifi hotspots thus blocking your iphone 3G/4G mobile hotspot… 62 more words


Interview Question: Get the 2nd highest salary in the company

Question: Get the 2nd highest salary in the company.

Question level: Intermediate

We picked just 6 workarounds for this fairly simple problem. Overall, there are at least 15 different approaches available. 159 more words

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Interview Question: How to Retrieve Unique Values without Using DISTINCT keyword

Question: List unique jobs (from emp table) without using DISTINCT keyword

Question Level: Beginner+

We picked 5 different methods (workarounds) to show in this post. It is possible to produce at least 15 if you read some other posts in this blog. 148 more words

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