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hasOwnProperty - JavaScript does not protect

JavaScript keeps giving shock to me even after using, learning since so long years! I just came to know that hasOwnProperty method is not guarded by the JavaScript language. 64 more words


Apple Has a Temporary Workaround if the Home Button Fails on an iPhone 7

(Source: www.macrumors.com)

The programming that controls the Taptic Engine-powered feedback is deeply integrated into

MacRumors forum member ‘iwayne’

MacRumors has previously noted that the Taptic Engine can become unresponsive if the OS freezes, which forced Apple to… 252 more words


Xamarin.Forms 2.3.2 - Error: "Unable to find a version of Xamarin.Forms compatible with..."

After updating to the latest version of Xamarin.Forms you may get an error related with Android project.

If you do so, you may get this error because Xamarin.Forms is targeting specific version of Android packages and by doing an update to all packages, a more recent versions of Xamarin.Android.Support is installed. 56 more words


How to send Oracle Report output into Excel

After creating the report you can send report output into Excel sheet. To do so add or create a SEND_EXCEL formula column and write the PL/SQL code as per the report output. 417 more words


How to reset High water mark or Remove Fragmentation?

Fragmentation comes with when we perform update and deleted operation in a table. The space which gets freed up during these update and delete operation is not immediately re-used. 800 more words

Performance Tunning

ORA-00399: corrupt change description in redo log : a workaround

In one of my test instance I found below issues and fixed with given workaround. You can try this.

SQL> startup;
ORACLE instance started.

Total System Global Area 1.7103E+10 bytes… 430 more words


Pokémon Go update blocks jailbroken devices, but workaround already found

(Source: arstechnica.co.uk)

If you love the freedom of using a jailbroken iOS device or a rooted Android phone, but can’t get enough of poaching Pikachus in… 364 more words