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The Health Conscious Travellers' Guide to the Perfect Weekend in Santa Barbara and Carpinteria

This is the first part of a new series which has been inspired by the two week road trip my Hubby and I undertook in California in September 2016. 2,130 more words


New Tattoo: Worker Bee

BUZZ BUZZ. I got my first chest tattoo! And it’s a worker bee! I was going to get in on my throat but wussed out… haha. 60 more words


honeybee hive inspection

All hail the Queen.  Can you see her?  Center of the photo with the large yellow dot, that is our lady of the hive.  We went into the hive yesterday to take a look, and there she was, at the top of the hive on the outside frame-not a good thing.   177 more words

The Worker Bee

If you come to Manchester, you’ll most likely see motifs of bees everywhere. They’re on souvenirs you can buy from tourist shops and jewellery in one of my favourite haunts, the Manchester Craft and Design Centre, they decorate the floor of our Town Hall and even decorate the bins and signs around the city. 112 more words


Digging into What's Mine to Chill Out the Fixer-Bee: Everyday Magic 856

As an obsessive fix-it bee with a minor in thinking other people’s and organization’s problems are my emergencies, I have a hard time figuring out what’s mine and what’s not mine. 544 more words