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Lebah Pekerja Manchester Menyatukan City dan United

Di kota berpenduduk 500-an jiwa bernama Manchester, di Inggris Raya itu, bukan beragam etnis atau lebih dari 150 bahasa yang membelahkan kota. Melainkan si kulit bunder, yang ditendang-tendang pada setiap akhir pekan dalam arena hijau bernama Premier League. 51 more words


Suburb-The Changing Seasons V2 (June 2017)

Busy Haiku (Bee)

Day in and day out
A worker bee stays busy
Ignoring the heat

I wonder what kind of June flower has drawn the attention of this busy bee…anybody know? 139 more words


Alright R' Kid

A poem by Amos Murphy:

R’ kid is mint, R’ kid is great,

R’ kid is the coolest one on the block I rate.

R’ kid wears deep red, R’ kid wears sky blue,

101 more words

The Manchester Worker Bee: History

It’s occurred to me this week that, while the Manchester worker bee has become much more widely known in the past month, many people may not be familiar with the history of the bee. 191 more words


Worker Bee on Wild Flowers

Captured by me, 04/06/2017 (using iPhone 4s)

This sweet little bee was resting on the flowers. When I started taking the picture, he started moving, and this was the position that I caught him in.



It was Beth Clark’s idea to make hearts as a tribute to those who had lost their lives in a terror attack at the Manchester arena. 48 more words

A tattoo too

When great tragedy happens, there is often an outpouring of compassion. This has certainly been the case in Manchester over the past week, with many anonymous acts of kindness and generosity. 507 more words

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