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Hey, I got Here First!

Better get that nectar while the gettin’ is good!

It’s a little crowded with 3 bugs & a bee vying for the sweets from this cactus flower. 15 more words


The Bees of Manchester

If you have visited Manchester then I am sure you will have spotted a few bees dotted around city and if you are from Manchester I’m sure you know someone with a Manchester bee tattoo! 266 more words


advice column

Recently I’ve been getting contacted by design students and recent grads asking questions about job getting and internships etc. I am no pro on this subject and think they are reaching out mostly because I work at Mother New York and they are interested in… 363 more words


🐝Busy Bee | Willpower + The 8 of Pentacles

How can you harness your inner worker bee? How can you keep your drive and momentum going when you have mountains to climb, rivers to cross, and a tornado of to-do lists in your path? 194 more words


Is it too late now to say sorry

First week in da bag. It was looking iffy as to whether or not I’d start on Monday in hospital orientation. They are part of a large hospital system, which is fine until I’m hassled right up until Friday about minuscule paperwork. 410 more words