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Guest Post: Worker Centers as Labor Organizations? Labor Law’s Quid Without the Quo

Cynthia Estlund is the Catherine A. Rein Professor of Law at New York University.

At last week’s NYU Annual Conference on Labor (an excellent conference, by the way), the most heated exchange during a panel on alternative worker organizations revisited the debate over whether “worker centers” are “labor organizations” subject to the NLRA.  1,031 more words

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Legal Developments' Potential Impact on Franchisees

Labor unions are targeting franchisees and the restaurant industry as a whole, and they are not alone. Worker centers, including Fast Food Forward and Worker’s Organizing Committee are generally closely affiliated with, i.e. 838 more words


After years of fighting, janitors celebrate historic agreement with Target

Retail cleaning workers celebrated a hard-fought victory yesterday in their campaign for better wages and working conditions, as the Twin Cities-based worker center CTUL announced Target had agreed to hold its cleaning contractors to a new set of standards designed to protect workers’ rights. 281 more words

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Panel explores new approaches to building a better economy

Cantaré Davunt nodded her head as Anne Winkler-Morey talked about struggling to make ends meet as an adjunct professor. To Davunt, the challenges adjunct faculty face – low wages, unreliable hours, few opportunities for advancement – sounded all too familiar to her experience as an associate at Walmart. 970 more words


Legislative committee investigates higher levels of temp-agency employment

Minnesota’s economy continues to recover from the Great Recession, but an increasing number of workers are finding employment through temp agencies and subcontracting firms. That trend drew scrutiny from the Legislature’s Select Committee on Living Wage Jobs at a hearing Dec. 601 more words


AFL-CIO's Blueprint to Add Millions of Non-Union Members

Richard Trumka, president of the AFL-CIO believes that if unions are having a hard time increasing their ranks, they can at least restore their clout by building a broad coalition to advance a worker-friendly political and economic agenda. 424 more words


Sham Litigation Violates Secondary Boycott Provisions of NLRA

The takeaway from this case is pretty simple: a union that files 14 baseless lawsuits against a company developing a grocery store engages in sham litigation and violates the National Labor Relations Act’s law against pressuring a secondary (or neutral) employer to cease doing business with the primary employer because the union has a dispute with the primary employer. 621 more words

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