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Gig economy workers injured on the job should get workers’ comp protections

“On demand” or “gig economy” jobs are among the most dangerous jobs in the United States. Many on-demand businesses, however, have figured out how to avoid responsibility for worker safety and workers’ compensation—simply by labeling their workers as “independent contractors” who are supposedly in business for themselves. 576 more words

OM in the News: Human Rights and Overseas Factory Workers

After more than 1,100 deaths exposed dangerous labor conditions in Bangladesh in 2013, brands like H&M, Walmart and Gap were among the most powerful companies that pledged to improve the safety of some of the country’s poorest workers. 292 more words

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Construction managers: limiting responsibility for jobsite safety

The ways in which a construction manager (CM) defines and carries out services can have far-reaching consequences with respect to the CM’s potential liability. This is particularly true when it relates to jobsite safety. 384 more words

Safety expert weighs implications as job market shifts 'from stability to precariousness'

The nature of work is changing dramatically, and it’s creating new challenges – and pitfalls – for regulators charged with protecting workers’ health and safety. 682 more words

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If You Didn’t Come Here To Be Liked You Came To The Right Place

By Phil La Duke

NOTE: If you are reading this, thank you. The fact that you took the time to read this and maybe even reflected on these points before making a comment either here or on LinkedIn means a lot to me.

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WCAHS Celebrates California Ag Day 2016

How long does it take to adapt to high temperatures? That was one question on the trivia wheel that WCAHS brought to California Ag Day 2016 at the State Capitol on March 16th. 240 more words

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Who Knows What Ineptitude Lies in the Hearts of Workers? Doing Shadow Training Right

By Phil La Duke

“That bear kicked my ass, but that was nothing compared from the beating I took from the kangaroo” —Randy Perry

I had about six topics that I wanted to bring up this week, but in last week’s post I threatened to take on shadow training, so for good or for ill here I sit whacked out of my head on caffeine (interesting side note, I just read that more people are addicted to caffeine than any other drink, of course my source for this is the internet so who the hell…

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