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Watch Josh Fox's new short film, Gaswork: The Fight for C.J.'s Law, here

Josh Fox, the creator of Gasland and Gasland 2, has released a new short film on the dangers of fracking jobs. The film is entitled… 354 more words

Health Impacts

What if There Was No OSHA? A Labor Day Tribute to Hardworking Employees and Their Safety

With the recent news trending around the proclamation that  Americans should be working harder and longer, it is sure to strike a reaction in many across the nation, but what about those who are already working 80 hour weeks, breaking their backs to meet production deadlines and output requirements. 226 more words

Safety & Security Solutions

Well, then


Safety presentation for my construction division safety meeting dated May and June, 2015.

And yesterday, this:


“Employees thought power was off to the fixtures.” 35 more words

Lone Worker – A Beautifully Precarious Position

Highlighting the need to provide lone workers with full assistance.

These images were collected from the amazing Tumblr account, Scaffoldage.

Using a unique perspective, each image captures the beauty behind what many dismiss as necessary eyesores. 295 more words


SoloProtect Lone Worker Safety Control

Lone worker safety is a top priority to any company that employs field workers who are out of sight, out of earshot, and out of the range of immediate assistance. 423 more words

Lone Worker Safety

Stop Work Authority: Empower Your Workers to Make the Right Safety Call

Stop , collaborate and listen, stop work if you have an affliction. Isn’t that how the song goes? In any case, stop work authority is an important aspect in any workplace. 264 more words

Safety & Security Solutions

Over Laborers' concerns, Mendota Heights district awards work to 'problem contractors'

School board members in Mendota Heights yesterday awarded construction contracts to two firms despite concerns about unsafe working conditions and poor oversight on other projects handled by the contractors. 627 more words