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Is Your Business Hiring Santa’s Helpers This Holiday?

North Bay Business Insurance update 

This is the time of year when your business will be hiring part time workers to help you manage the holiday season. 313 more words

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Los Angeles Has Highest Workers’ Comp Claim Costs in California

File this under the No Surprise folder but a new study by the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau show that Los Angeles has the highest workers’ comp claim costs in California. 189 more words

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Bradt Law Offices Case Report: Ankle Injury on a Flat, Dry Floor

Type of Case: Workers’ Compensation

Legal Issue or Dispute: Denial of ankle injury claim which occurred at work

Facts: Our client was employed with one of the mining companies in northern Minnesota. 428 more words

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We Have To Pay Our Employees What?

Many states and cities are enacting new minimum wage laws, and all will feel the impact.  Not only will the cost of goods go up, but also every business will see an increase in… 294 more words

Communicating Clearly: Helping Employees Understand and Maximize their Benefits

You’ve built a great benefits package for your employees. Congratulations – the hard work is done! Or is it? Almost as important as the work that goes into the… 506 more words

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Give Them More Than a Hard Hat

A recent ABC EyeWitness News Report mentioned that a construction worker was struck unconscious by a large chunk of concrete that fell on him while working demolition in Midtown Manhattan. 370 more words

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