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Surviving Worker's Comp.

In my last blog, I explained how I became disabled. What I didn’t mention were my disabilities. I’m hearing impaired. This is the result of something caused by genetics. 970 more words

Social Security Backpay

“ Your Fired” Are You in the Market for a New Insurance Broker?

A Business Insurance Update

There are many ways to select a business insurance agent. Some businesses may use the bidding method, where they call many agents and have them “bid” their… 335 more words

Two costly medical actions to avoid: physician dispensing and emergency rooms

Physician dispensing

While many states have enacted laws governing physician dispensing, it is still common in post-reform states, with California, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, and Pennsylvania still seeing a large portion – 54% to 64% – of pharmaceutical costs coming from doctors who dispense drugs. 332 more words

Light v. California Department of Parks & Recreation

The trial court improperly granted summary judgment to employer defendant on employee plaintiff’s claim of FEHA-prohibited retaliation for supporting a co-worker’s complaint of sex discrimination, after she provided sufficient evidence of (1) adverse employment actions and (2) retaliatory motive.   238 more words

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Can Technology Help?

State and local governments collect a lot of health data, but as it turns out, there are many roadblocks to putting that data to its highest and best use. 586 more words

Drug Utilization Review

Workplace Injuries can be Disabling

Some of the most serious injuries Floridians suffer are those that occur on-the-job, especially in high-risk professions. The issue with many workplace injuries is that they often occur to body parts you are using to do your job, which can incapacitate you from work for an extended period of time. 1,002 more words

Workers Compensation

Continuing the workers’ comp conversation

By Kendra DePaul, BWC Other States Coverage Manager

Oklahoma: home to Will Rogers, Route 66 and CompSource Mutual Insurance Company – host of the 2017 Annual Conference of the American Association of State Compensation Insurance Funds (AASCIF). 473 more words

Ohio Bureau Of Workers' Compensation