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On the Road to Care Coordination: First Stop, Population Health Management

What does care coordination have in common with a highway? Or population health with an 18-wheeler?

Before I explain, let’s define these terms. Care coordination… 337 more words


Processing the Wind Farm Image

The other week I published an image similar to this.

Well for those who are interested (and quite a few people emailed me), here is the starting image. 37 more words

Digital Photography

Population Health Management is a Verb

By Joel French, CEO of SCI Solutions

One of my best friends is an orthopedist known for saying to his patients, “I take care of… 891 more words


Coming Attractions

Things have been dark on this blog for good reason.  I was on HBO’s Vinyl from May to October and couldn’t talk about my involvement on that at all from a NDA perspective. 354 more words


Stage 1 passed ...

No big deal, but thought I ought to mark the passing of the first stage: 16 more words


Ups and downs

Following my second supervisory meeting today, I was trying to think of an image which represented the flow of my studies. I settled on:

For those of you not familiar, this is a photo of a ‘standing wave’ on a vibrating string, such as that you might get on a stringed instrument. 552 more words


Slipping standards

I’d like to apologise for my last post; in fact for a number of posts in this, my new blog. I know that my writing has been slipping recently; it has lacked clarity, flow, conciseness and precision. 559 more words