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Quit Your Job

And go to work on you..

If your job has you feeling uninspired, empty, stuck: Quit! If it takes too much time away from you, your family or your passions: QUIT! 341 more words

Study Abroad's Effect on Career by Brendan Mahoney

a. Based on your experiences, what assets might international study yield as opposed
to someone who only studied domestically? Think about potential advantages on
resumes, during interviews and in the workforce. 299 more words

Buenos Aires

Enhancing Nevada's Workforce

The Office of Economic Development at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), creates partnerships that support economic and workplace development, attracts industry-sponsored research, and develops and protects intellectual property. 229 more words


Government Contracting and Workforce Networking

It is part of the Federal Acquisition Institutes job to work to help push the federal acquisition workforce into the future. Since their workforce is spread out throughout the world it is important for networking to happen for all and the responsibility of the FAI to help to make that happen. 27 more words

Exploring our archives – uncovering hidden collections at the Botanic Garden

Collections can only be useful if they are discoverable; that is, if we know what’s in them and where it can be found. There is much information about the… 483 more words


What it's like to be black in Silicon Valley

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Silicon Valley’s tech industry could be a lonely place for black people.

Most tech companies’ workforce heavily skew towards white male workers, with blacks making up less than 5% of the total. 1,272 more words


REBLOG: Generations in Business

I am currently writing a training for Early Childhood Administrators about working in a Multi-Generation Workforce.  This blog showed up in my feed at the perfect time.

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