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The Drowning at the Edge of Europe

Over the weekend around 1,000 people lost their lives whilst feeing the horror that is being wrought by the fascist scourge of IS. Well, I say they lost their lives –in reality their lives were stolen from them. 625 more words


Stereotyping White Working-Class Voters

Analysis of the Democrats’ 2014 electoral debacle has again turned toward their chronic and worsening “problem with the white working class.” For the most part, pieces like those in… 1,133 more words


It's Oppression, Not Privilege

The notion of White Privilege is one that I have had some issues with since I first heard about it about 5 years ago. It’s a recent import into left wing, particularly liberal-left wing, political discourse from the USA into the UK. 1,104 more words


Ellen Meiksins Wood makes the case for the centrality of class struggle in any analysis of emancipatory politics and human emancipation. Check it:

“Capitalism is uniquely indifferent to the social identity of the people it exploits.

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Benefits Street, or the Road to Poverty

I got wet last Thursday, very wet.  I was standing on a picket line at my university outside the central administration protesting yet another below inflation wage offer. 1,033 more words


Dickens, Chandler and Me

Heading swiftly towards the end of the year and I find myself reflecting on some of the things from the past twelve months. In writing, at least, two stand out – doing things I’d never imagined. 390 more words