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Rob True: "I often stand straddled across realities" — Sean Preston

Rob True is a writer straight out of nowhere. Late to writing and delivered from an underworld, he insists that “nothing matters”, but his debut book Gospel of Aberration is already marking True out as a beacon for the lost and disturbed. 2,790 more words


Six months of anti-worker and anti-popular measures

Maduro’s economic program and the deterioration
of the real wage

Author: Omar Vazquez Heredia | Original text in Spanish: Aporrea, 22/02/2019. Photos by Oswaldo Pacheco Guzmán… 1,180 more words

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"Capitalist democracy": A Contradiction in Terms

When I was a graduate teaching assistant at the University of Maine, a student once informed me that she “cares about capitalism more than democracy.” 1,519 more words

Peterloo and Class Strategies

Movie Review: “Peterloo,” Written and Directed by Mike Leigh, 2 hours 23 minutes

How strikes were ended

The new British historical epic was released in Dallas on April 19. 572 more words


Nancy's Trouble Makin' Signs! by Leah Sellers

Linda Lou opened the Barn Door and slipped in to find her Friend, Nancy, painting Signs.
“Hey, Nancy ! What’cha’ paintin’ on those boards ?” 2,985 more words


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“Dead! What do you mean, dead?”

I bit down hard on my Double Lolly so intensely that it split in two. One of my front teeth, the one that had a jagged edge, perforated through my bottom lip, causing a solitary drop of cherry red blood to smear on the remaining portion of lollipop. 14,284 more words

Working (Class) Title

b kwik

In 40 years of writing this may be one fo the few poems I’ve actually finished. With a new living situation and a writing group, I look forward to finishing more. 117 more words