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"The Princely CEO's Of Corporate Larceny": Scurrilous Corporate Thieves Are Stealing Workers’ Comp

They say there’s honor among thieves, but I say: That depends on the thieves.

Your common street thief, yes — but not those princely CEOs of corporate larceny. 646 more words


The best we can

When I am not engaged in full-time work, I spend way too much time wandering around in my yoga pants, half-asleep, thinking way too much about things like clairvoyant people and time travel.  478 more words

A Minute on Child Care

Talking about child care on the University’s web site today…

About 100,000 young children in Illinois are in the child care subsidy program, or roughly 10 percent of all children under 6 years old.

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3 hidden costs of NOT having paid family leave

Much of the discussion about President Obama’s proposal for paid family leave focuses on the cost to employers and taxpayers. But what are the economic costs of… 693 more words


Judge parties by their long-term records: Labour’s proposed extra paternity leave has a proud history

We’re often told these days that parties ‘are all the same’.
At least that’s the message right-wing media feed to people.
But one way to judge political parties is by their longer-term record. 761 more words

Labour 2015

Alex Sobel: The Coalition has produced a crisis in childcare. I welcome Labour’s plans to double Sure Start places

In Coalition Britain – don’t be a family with children

• As a result of the Government’s tax and benefits policies since May 2010, households are on average £1,127 worse off. 541 more words

Tory/LibDem Policies

Fathers under pressure, says report

Fathers are struggling to balance work and family commitments – ‘throwing sickies’ and lying to their bosses when under pressure.

That’s according to the 2015 Modern Families Index… 468 more words