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Ankeny State House Candidates Address Children, Working Families, Women, and Mental Health Issues

By Jack Schuler

Left to right: Rep. Kevin Koester, Jeffrey Meyers, Brett Nelson, Heather Matson, and Andrea Philips.

On Thursday, October 6, candidates for Iowa State House Districts 37 and 38 gathered at the Des Moines Area Community College campus in Ankeny, IA for the Ankeny Kids & Working Families Candidate Forum to address questions regarding wellbeing of children, access to childcare, minimum wage, mental health care for youths, the foster system, and other issues that affect working families. 716 more words

These Are the Best and Worst States for Working Parents

This piece originally appeared on Money.com.

The U.S. is still the only wealthy country that doesn’t guarantee paid parental leave for employees, so rights for working parents are largely won at the state level. 735 more words


Trump: No Friend of Workers

Executive Director, District Council 37, AFSCME, AFL-CIO

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump portrays himself as a champion of the financially suffering middle class and disaffected blue-collar workers. 554 more words


The Childcare Gap is Widening

Zoe Hanson, the young mother of a year old infant, was feeling down: She and her husband Scott had just moved to Pacifica near San Francisco, to an apartment in a “crumbly house,” a tract home, that, nevertheless, at $3,000 a month, was untenably expensive. 1,044 more words

How Obama’s Presidency Has Been A Victory For Working Parents

I am sad that President Obama’s time in the White House is coming to an end, he has accomplished much yet imagine how much further we might have gone together if we had never had a Tea Party Republican faction in congress, better yet no blue dog democrats, they were a huge thorn in our side during the passage of the ACA, good riddance when they were voted out. 248 more words

Picnic in the Park Welcomes Working Families and Neighbors in Ohio

City Kids Daycare opened in 1989 and provides working families in downtown Columbus and Hilliard, Ohio, with a quality preschool and daycare option that promotes parental involvement and accessibility. 136 more words

City Kids Daycare

Why the working vs SAH mother argument doesn't add up

With Mother’s Day behind us I think the best gift we mothers can gave ourselves is to stop with this ridiculous argument between so-called working and stay at home mothers. 809 more words