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Banjo Song

Last year, on Ash Wednesday, I started a new writing project “Writing for Lent,” in which I intended to write every day for 40 days. I made it for a week. 468 more words

Middle-Aged Women

Will Write for Free (but I wouldn't mind being paid)

I don’t know about you, but I’ve done a great deal of writing and editing for free. There are two kinds of free work. There’s the kind that you send in to literary magazines or online venues hoping to get published and have something to put on your CV so there’s less blank space and then there’s the Friends and Family kind. 761 more words


When to say No to a gig

I know that most of you will never want to turn down a gig, after all, who doesn’t love performing? The adrenaline, the adoration of your audience….. 603 more words


Charity Case: should you be charging?

At least a couple of times a year, I get a request in my inbox from someone looking for entertainment for a charity event. Now, I know you think, if ever there was a time for a professional artist to work for free, this would be it right? 500 more words


Is it ever appropriate to work for free?

Is it ever appropriate to work for free?

I’m so very glad you asked! As a performer, you career will be filled with people asking you to perform your act for free. 862 more words


“The work must be really good, mustn’t it? Since so many people are doing it for love?”

My friend was over from the UK doing a show here in New York City. In a chat over coffee, I mentioned to him that the bulk of the theatre work here in NYC was unpaid, that most of us were just laboring for love. 844 more words


What To Think About Doing Free Work

As a creative entrepreneur – artist, designer, actor, model, blogger, singer, freelance writer, editor, videographer, photographer (whatever it is you do) – there’ll be times you’re asked to work for free.  287 more words

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