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What I learned by working for free for three years

“We have this expression, Christy and I: We don’t wake up for less than $10,000 a day.”

Supermodel Linda Evangelista there, talking to Vogue in 1990 about her and Christy Turlington’s modelling mantra. 1,081 more words


Live to work or work to live - part one

Disclaimer: I knew this was going to be a weird one – I had a lot of thoughts, and when I got to 1300 words and realised I had at least a third of those thoughts still to hash out, I did the unthinkable and sent DB a draft. 1,422 more words


Serving, almost like working for free?

I just recently left a job as a server and I have to say it was by far THE MOST stressful job I have ever held. 3,180 more words

Must Be Some Nice Shirt!

I have received a few e-mails from people I know this week about an ad running for Inside Fitness Magazine looking for “Inside Fitness Ambassadors”.  All asking what I thought about it. 510 more words

On the Penguin Random House Decision

Last week, it was announced that publishing giant Penguin Random House will no longer require candidates for new jobs to have degrees – a move that seemed to be greeted all round as good news. 1,125 more words

Creatives Don't Work For Free

I was having a conversation the other day, and it went something like this:

‘blah, blah, blah … cost £400 for the plumber, but that was fair enough, although that was only the labour charge.’ 876 more words