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To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Expected

I’ve never understood when artists are greedy, and yet I meet so many who are. It’s ironic since essentially artists are in the business of sharing- their talents, struggles, joys, and journeys. 95 more words

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I think, we all have our pet projects & causes and as a Photographer, I know I certainly do.

I am quite happy to give some of my time & skills for free but there seems to be a growing trend these days, or even dare I say, mind set, for companies & individuals alike, to expect things for free or cheap, on a regular basis. 130 more words

How-to Start Earning A Comfortable Income As A Freelance Writer

Having real talent as a writer is generally more important than being an expert on a specific topic. Though finding work is more streamlined when you work within a few select niches, being a generalist offers flexibility and the excitement of writing a variety of content. 898 more words


Working for free? Why? are you retired and bored to death?

Working for free (but working for yourself)

Freelancers, writers, designers, photographers–there’s always an opportunity to work for free.

There are countless websites and causes and clients that will happily take your work in exchange for exposure. 296 more words


Please stop asking me to work for free.

Originally I hadn’t planned on posting this week and instead wanted to focus on my upcoming wedding this weekend, but there’s something that’s been bothering me that I need to get off my chest. 585 more words

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Why you should never work for free

It’s a very tough beginning in the world of sound work, and generally working in an industry in which most people would give their left nut to be involved at any level. 1,214 more words

There is an Art deficit...

There is Art deficit. We are lacking in creativity. Access to creativity. Platforms of creativity. Money is tight. Pinched pockets and cinched tighter then ever creating Art almost seems impossible at times. 460 more words