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$75 For You, Millions For Me, But We Appreciate You!

‘We pay $75 per day for you to work in our booth at the Olympia.’ ‘We pay $20 per photograph that we use and we give you photo credit.’ ‘We don’t pay for articles but you will get a lot of exposure.’ 325 more words

Free Exposure - Yeah Right

More following my prior posts about working for free etc. This is an e-mail exchange from yesterday. Another company trying to get free work by offering free exposure. 104 more words

The Power Of No!

In follow up to my post below about getting paid for your work and not working for free or cheap. This is a quote from top model… 31 more words

$75 Mostly Naked Booth Babe, Is That You?

I have talked with so many of you about my opinion of working for cheap or free as models for supplement ads or magazine features and more. 117 more words

I get energy off this guy

Zach Scribner works odd jobs to be able to teach at our Christian high school, which is small and resource-stretched. He prefers to save souls. 129 more words


No, you shouldn't work for free: part 1

I haven’t written for about a month, and at risk of sounding like your typical precious writer-type, not being able to come up with any ideas that had that “must get this down, quick!” spark about them was frustrating to say the least. 1,067 more words

Arts Funding

Is working for free, an incentive for clients?

How often have you given an advice or a recommendation for a prescription to a friend, acquaintance or client, for FREE? Did this, lead to any benefits for you? 259 more words
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