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Sun glinted on steel, head thudded on sand, too far to hear.  Casing the black Ross Stepsun 12×50 binos, lenses shaded by leather hood, he started the long crawl backwards, elbow by elbow inching down the reverse slope, brushing his trail from the sandy ground with a horsehair whisk, souvenir of another campaign, another continent. 1,788 more words


I have always wondered that the great corporations have made no provisions for their old and worn out employees.

It seems to me that not only great railway companies, but great manufacturing corporations, ought to provide for their workmen. Many of them are worn out, unable longer to work, and they are thrown aside like old clothes. 424 more words


The great trouble with the public school is that many things are taught that are of no immediate use.

I believe in manual training schools. I believe in the kindergarten system. Every person ought to be taught how to do something – ought to be taught the use of their hands. 132 more words


In my opinion, society raises its own failures, its own criminals, its own wretches of every sort and kind.

Great pains are taken to raise these crops. The seeds, it may be, were sown thousands of years ago, but they were sown, and the present is the necessary child of all the past. 147 more words


Wages are too low in the United States.

The general tendency is to leave the question of labor to what is called the law of supply and demand. My hope is that in time we shall become civilized enough to know that there is a higher law, or rather a higher meaning in the law of supply and demand, than is now perceived. 300 more words


"Working girls"

Bonne et Heureuse année à tous et à toutes.
Je tiens à m’exprimer sur un sujet qui me tiens à cœur et dont j’ai l’impression qu’on en parle très peu. 430 more words