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A Summer Work Day

Fanning hot air into my face with one hand, clicking laptop keys with the other. A moist breeze cools the sweat on my neck, swooping up papers before a hand slaps them down. 151 more words


Foreigners welcomed to apply for jobs as designers on Nintendo’s new Legend of Zelda game

Why keep the job you have now when you could be creating Hyrule’s forests, dungeons, and monsters instead? 440 more words


Japanese company is so kind it mails out condolence gifts if it can’t give applicants a job

Getting turned down for a job hurts, but one company wants to do what it can to help job-hunters bounce back from a rejection. 502 more words


Japanese Cherry Blossom Picnic (Hanami) At The Office

Last week, my husband went to a final cherry blossom picnic — this time sponsored by his company!  So much has changed in just a few months for him.  819 more words

Weekly Rewind

How I've Changed Since Moving to Japan, Part 1: Behaviors Picked Up

Question: How does living in Japan long-term impact the affinities and attitudes of a young, introverted American girl?

Answer(s): Since moving to Japan, I’ve started… 1,236 more words


Japanese advertising agency breaks tradition by recruiting people who got held back in school

When a company ensures that everyone deserves a second chance, it’s a company worth working for. 379 more words