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Japan: Emotional Rollercoaster

WARNING: this is a bit of a rant! Lots of emotional exaggeration and stuff. So if you’d like to read about something more useful, check out my other posts about Japan… 1,056 more words

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Nearly one in four Japanese adults admits to crying in the office bathroom in new survey

Heading to the office in Japan? Don’t forget your bento boxed lunch…and your tissues. 607 more words


What's it like to work for Interac?

You may be thinking about working for Interac.

Before you decide to work for Interac, consider the following:


Japan: The Interview

So, after waiting a week or two after applying for different jobs, I got a phone call one morning from one of the schools. They were calling me just to check if I had a foreign accent. 662 more words

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Here’s why you should never take “almost no overtime” at face value when job hunting in Japan

Unless your definition of “almost none” is “enough to get a side job.” Then go right ahead. 525 more words


Japan: Getting An Interview

Hello again everyone! I really hope these posts have been interesting for you, or at least that they’ll be helpful to someone.

After applying to quite a few schools and ALT recruitment companies, I waited. 610 more words

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