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Resume "Rules" Moms Should Break

No matter how long you stayed home with your children, you will still need to change the way you write your resume so you can return to the workforce. 502 more words

Working Mother

Jess Nelson

All the working mum stories we’ve shared so far have told us about the benefits of returning to work from financial gains, keeping your career on track and knowing your self-worth but none have spoken about how work can tackle loneliness. 484 more words

Working Mothers

Finding Grace in Working Motherhood

Working moms face huge challenges. The amount of roles that one has to balance is astronomical. “Doing it all” takes sacrifice, hard work, and endless motivation. 701 more words


7 Ways to spend "Alone Time" for Working Mothers

Aileen is unconsciously looking at her watch while sipping coffee in a late night meeting with her team. Being in-charged constitute both advantages and disadvantages. Her career is flourishing and she is financially satisfied with what she earns but time was getting lesser for her family. 532 more words


The Journey Back to Working Mama-hood (Take 2)

As I approach my two month “anniversary” of being back at work after our daughter’s birth, I’d like to commemorate this time with a few nuggets of wisdom the experience of being a working mother (now a second time around) has taught me. 1,231 more words


Purpose after parenthood - why we struggle with it, and what we can do about it..

Today is International Women’s Day 2018, and it feels a fitting day to talk about purpose. Purpose, that little old word that gets banded around with such ease in so many career related articles and podcasts. 1,080 more words

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Badgal BANG by Benefit

Mascaras, the thing that spark my unfathomable makeup habit. When I was 16 years old I discovered FASIO through Seventeen Magazine. The ad had someone with short stubby lashes and after applying the mascara her lashes were AMAZINGLY long. 720 more words