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To Buy or Not to Buy? What's a New Mama Between Sizes to Do about Clothes?

Confused about your new mama wardrobe, especially as you get ready to head back to work?  I’m delighted to be joined today by Lani Inlander, personal stylist at… 560 more words

why this blog is called Plan B~each

I just passed the anniversary of starting this blog. I started it in 2011 as an outlet for a few thoughts I had as a mother, teacher and ex pat.  653 more words


Why I walked away from a successful city career after almost 20 years

So I did it.  After almost 20 years working in the City, I looked at the small pile of items in front of me, and marvelled at how little tangible connection there was between me and a place I had spent more time in than my own home.   1,453 more words

Career Mum

Finding yourself at 40.....

A couple of weeks ago, I watched 36, Vayathinile. A much lauded movie about a woman who at 36 battles being put down for being old. 941 more words

From The Heart...

Welcome to CareerMumStories

After almost 20 years in a successful career in the city, juggling the needs and demands of both home and work, I have decided to change direction.   69 more words

Career Mum

Keeping the kids alive

I kneeled on the floor of the supermarket this morning. Despite the wet, muddy surface. And despite the glances of the disapproving OAPs. And despite the hurried impatient office types trying to rush me through the checkout. 303 more words


She rolled her sleeves up: a threat to the mind. Ready to bypass the exhaustion and frustration of a moment in time she felt obligated to endure, she rolled her sleeves up: a threat to the mind. 95 more words