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The "not so super" working mother

After reading various blogs and articles on how to be a super working mother, I have concluded that this is simply not possible, at least not for me, at this stage of my life. 473 more words


The Ancient History of Shopping

I love to shop. I could spend all day in a mall just wondering from store to store looking at everything. I love to try on fancy dresses I will never wear, or look at purses I could never afford. 479 more words

First for everything

So I did it. I signed up for the Crossfit Open. I’ve never thought of doing a competition and I decided to sign up for the… 449 more words


Peas, Popsicles, and Pussy Cats

There was a time when I was in my mid twenties that everyone was trying to find me a husband…..and I do mean everyone! As soon as someone met me and realized I was single they would immediately list all of the eligible bachelors they knew. 683 more words

How to Duct Tape Your Wiper Blades...? In the Middle of a Snowstorm?

Snow was falling swiftly as I cautiously made my way to drive my teenage daughter to her doctor appointment. Just as we were  pulling up to the traffic light at the last turn, the windshield wiper blade broke. 1,105 more words


50 Shades of Mike....

My husband spent last night with a dominatrix. Yep…a real live dominatrix. I saw pictures of him carrying handcuffs and a whip. All this was taking place while I was at home trying to get the boys to do their homework, practice their music, packing lunches etc. 157 more words

Back to Work Transitioning

If you’re like me, completely exhausted enthralled by the amazing and shamelessly blissful privilege of being a mother, then you know there’s nothing better than staying home with your baby. 288 more words