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Negative Gossip Can Change How You See People

Give me a mental nod if you’ve gossiped at work in the last 24 hours.

I know! It’s hard to go through your work day without saying something that COULD be interpreted as gossip! 1,127 more words



Let’s talk about smiling in the workplace.

It’s not a topic I’ve given much thought to in the past, except that I’ve noticed that I probably smile 100% more than most of my colleagues. 1,048 more words


The Opportunity Cost for Working Mothers

So there is this consistently trending topic: women in the workplace.

Did you know that a Google search of “women in the workplace” returns 152,000,000 results in 0.63 seconds? 1,104 more words


Running in Circles

a teacher’s drive-by:
surprise observation day
(six times a school year)

always on my toes
bending them close to standards
they’ll never quite meet

but we can all hope… 22 more words


A Work At Home VA’s Tips

Surely, there’s been a lot of this kind of blog from writers who knows how to write good stuff, and those who have been doing VA work for so long. 753 more words


I found my NEW Normal and it is a moving target…….

Normal…..this is one thing that many people strive to be….then some of us like to say that we like to be a little different. I am sure you heard the term growing up….”that is not normal”. 939 more words


Staying "parcours" With My Fitness Goals

It has been several months since I blogged – back when we were in the throes of camping adventures and expenses. Since then, my brain has been cluttered with experiences, organized into clip art-like images and quips as the days fly by. 615 more words